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					                              National Association for Developmental Education
                                                              Meeting Minutes

Conference Call Meeting: Wednesday, January 19, 2011, 1:03 PM CST – 3:10 PM CST
Type of Meeting: NADE Executive Board Conference Call Meeting
Meeting Facilitator: Marcella Davis
Officers Present: President Marcella Davis, President-elect Jane Neuburger, Vice President Joyce
Brasfield Adams, Treasurer Jeanine Lewis, Secretary Betty Black
Guests Present: Dr. Karen Patty-Graham, Immediate Past President, Dr. Rebecca Goosen, Incoming
President-elect, Patrick Saxon, Incoming Treasurer

I.     The meeting was called to order by President Marcella Davis on Wednesday, January 19, 2011
       at 1:03 PM CST.

II.    Adjustments to the Agenda – There were no adjustments to the agenda.

III.   Reports
       A. President –See End of Document for Detailed Report
       B. President-elect –See End of Document for Detailed Report
       C. Vice President – See End of Document for Detailed Report
       D. Treasurer – See End of Document for Detailed
       E. Secretary – See End of Document for Detailed Report

IV.    Approval of Minutes – President-elect Neuburger moved that the 1/12/11 minutes be
       approved as submitted. Vice President Adams seconded the motion. The motion carried.
       Secretary Black will send the approved minutes to the EA to post on the NADE website.

V.     Conference Action Items
       A. 2011 Conference Issues
          1. Leadership Handbook Progress – The Leadership Handbook is nearing completion. It will
             be sent to Secretary Black to organize and have printed for the Leadership Congress.
          2. Annual Report Progress – There are a few reports still needed for the Annual Report to be
             completed. Upon completion, it will be sent to Secretary Black for printing.
          3. Leadership Congress
             a. Location – Vice President Adams will send the names of the rooms that have been
                assigned to the Leadership Congress to President Davis so she can complete the
                Leadership Congress Agenda.
             b. Chapter Program Plan – President-elect Neuburger is preparing the activities and
                scheduling for the chapter portion of the Leadership Congress. She is considering a
                rotating station type of setup for the participants. She will complete the plans and send
                them to the Board for review.
             c. Additional Persons at Leadership Congress – The Board agreed to offer invitations to a
                few additional members to attend the Leadership Congress.
             d. Leadership Congress Materials – The Leadership Congress materials will be collected
                and printed by Secretary Black.
              e. Resolutions Report – Karen Patty-Graham reported that of the four approved
                 Resolutions, two are ready to be presented at the conference during the Business
                 Meeting. The other two are being considered for presentation. Karen Patty-Graham
                 will print copies for distribution at the Leadership Congress and the Business Meeting.
              f. Registration Report – The Registration Report continues to reflect good numbers.
              g. Contingency Plan if Hotel Rooms Filled – Vice President Adams has requested a
                 contingency plan from Experient in case the Wardman Park Hotel rooms are booked to
              h. Other
                  1. Cultural Heritage Event – Vice President Adams reported that the second
                      installment has been paid to cover costs for the Cultural Heritage Event.
                  2. National Exhibits Chair – Vice President Adams reported that the National Exhibits
                      Chair will submit her letter of resignation to President Davis. The Board will begin
                      to search for a new National Exhibits Chair. President-elect Neuburger sent a
                      suggested name to Vice President Adams and Conference Manager Patty-Graham.
                  3. Future Conference Team Meetings – President Davis is reviewing the Board
                     Schedule of Meetings to find a time to meet with the 2013 Conference Team and a
                      joint meeting with other future conference teams.
        B. Future Conference Issues – President-elect Neuburger moved to accept, with corrections, the
           2012 Call for Proposals, the 2012 Exhibitor Call for Proposal, the 2012 Call for Proposals for
           Readers, Moderators, and Volunteers submitted by the 2012 Conference Team. Vice
           President Adams seconded the motion. The motion carried. Vice President Adams will
           notify the 2012 Conference Team of the motion approval. Conference Manager, Karen Patty-
           Graham will send the corrections to the 2012 Conference Team.

VI.     NADE Document Review
        A. NADE Policies & Procedures Handbook Revisions – President-elect Neuburger moved to
           accept the NADE Policies & Procedures Handbook revisions. Treasurer Lewis seconded the
           motion. The motion carried. Secretary Black will have fifteen copies printed for distribution
           at the conference.
        B. NADE Conference Planning Manual Revisions – Vice President Adams and Conference
           Manager Patty-Graham will have the NADE Conference Planning Manual revisions ready to
           present to the Board at the next conference call on January 26, 2011.
        C. Calendar of Responsibilities – President Davis requested that the Board review the Calendar
           of Responsibilities and make revisions as needed.

VII.    NADE Business Items
        A. Chapter Reports – President-elect Neuburger has notified the individual winners of the
           Membership Growth Campaign and received thank you notices from each. She will request
           photographs from the winners to be shown in the Recognition Power Point at the conference.
           The winners will also be recognized during the Business Meeting at the conference. The
           chapter winner of the Membership Growth Campaign has not yet been identified.
        B. SPIN Issues – President-elect Neuburger made the motion to approve the renewal of the Wiki
           SPINs that were requested in their submitted budget and in addition to approve SPIN Wikis
           for the English and TRIO SPINs. Vice President Adams seconded the motion. The motion
           carried. President Davis will notify the SPIN Coordinator and the Executive Assistant of the
           motion approval.

VIII.   Items for Future Discussion
        A. NADE Conference Planning Manual Revisions
        B. Executive Assistant Items: New Website Progress Report
       C. Chapter Reports: Grants, SWADE Lost Check
       D. Committee Issues
       E. Certification Council

IX.    Closing
       A. Conference Call – The next conference call will be January 26, 2011 at 1:00 PM CST.
       B. Adjournment – Vice President Adams moved to adjourn the meeting. Secretary Black
          seconded the motion. The motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 PM CST.

                                    President’s Activity Report
                                          Marcella Davis
                                       January 3 - 18, 2011

Committee/SPINs Correspondence:
     Communicated with the SPIN Coordinator re: conference issues, Annual Report, Wiki spaces,
     Communicated with the Committee Coordinator re: conference booth, Recognition Power Point,
        Annual Report, plaques, PD Committee, etc.
     Communicated with Political Liaison Committee Chair re: Advisory Council presentation,
        invitation to join Board for NGA meeting at conference
     Contacted CAS representative regarding issues for conference meeting
     Wrote letter of appointment for new NADE Digest Co-Editor, Mickey Hay
Certification Council:
     Added Certification Council description to Committee/Council list in NADE PPH
Document/Form Reviews:
     Reviewed minutes from January 3 and 12 conference call meetings
     Reviewed PPH
Chapter Activities:
     Communicated with President-elect regarding chapter issues related to conference
     Responded to KADE listserv regarding online initiative in Kentucky
Political Advocacy/Educational Initiatives:
     Communicated with the office of Dr. Walter Bumphus regarding NADE Conference participation
     Communicated with NGA representative, Travis Reindl, and arranged a meeting with Board
        during conference
     Contacted Sue Cain regarding content of Leadership Congress presentation – invited her to join
        NGA meeting/sent her assistant registration information
NADE Board Business—fiscal, other:
     Signed and mailed checks for payment of NADE bills
     Communicated regularly with fellow NADE Board members
     Prepared agenda for the January 12 and 19 meetings
     Facilitated Board votes on a variety of issues
     Communicated with NADE 2011 Conference Co-chairs
     Revised Board schedule for 2011 Conference
     Continued to draft outlines of all Board meetings/events for 2011 Conference
     Wrote letters to new 2011-2012 Board officers
     Compiled information for the Leadership Handbook
     Compiled information for the Annual Report
     Mailed NADE display board for update
      Communicated with Honolulu Community College re: request to use NADE motto in Learning
       Skills Center
Executive Assistant:
     Communicated with EA re: website links, membership, registration, email blast
NADE Publications:
     Wrote and submitted NADE Newsletter article/requested contact with reciprocals for ads
     Communicated with Digest Co-Chair regarding formatting responsibility reassignment
Reciprocal Organizations:
     Communicated with FACE Director regarding meeting at conference
     Communicated with CLADEA Chair re: NADE Digest description as text reference
International Connections:
     Communicated with International Committee Chair regarding contacts with all international
       conference attendees from previous years/ fee waiver transfer issue

                           Activity Report from the NADE President-elect
                                          Jane Neuburger
                                        01/03/11 – 01/19/11
Chapter Items:
Chapter Grants & Chapter Development Committee
    Notified DEAM of grant approval for Type A and Type D.
    Notified MDEC of Type D and Type A chapter grants approval.
    Worked with NCADE on chapter grant.
    Finalized membership requirements for CalADE grant; notified CalADE of approval of the Type
      D grant.
    Processed Type B Grant Reimbursement from ArkADE
    Checked with each chapter for Political Liaison; forwarded updated list to K. Van Waggoner
    Maintaining chapter website and conferences list. Continuing maintenance.
    Maintaining chapter list of contacts. Continuing maintenance.
    Maintaining chapter list of grant requests, outcomes reports, and requests for reimbursement.
      Continuous maintenance.
    Sent multiple communications to chapters
    Received Chapter Activity Reports from: OKADE; LAANE; IDEA
    Missing Chapter Activity Reports from: ArkADE (Nov.), NWADE, WVADE.

Certification Council Items:
    Participated in Certification communications relative to certified programs, plaques, and Institute
        for NADE 2011

Election Committee:
     Sent 2012-2013 Call for Nominations form to Elections Committee Chair; confirmed that she will
        bring 100 copies to the conference. Treasurer will bring another 100.
     Sent Nominations form to EA and to Secretary for archives.

Executive Board Items:
    Sent list of certificate recipients to Betty
    Registered for ATP; NADE representative and Exhibitor
        Reviewed Leadership Handbook
        Created reimbursement forms for Town Hall panelists
        Wrote draft letter for the 2012 conference website
        Sent photo for the 2012 conference website
        Followed-up with Dr. Glenn DuBois on meeting time Thursday; awaiting response.
        Worked with VADE officers on the above.
        Communicated regularly with other Board members
        Reviewed PPH
        Reviewed Strategic Plan
        Read minutes and activity reports, emails
        Reviewed Board Conference Schedule
        Informed VA Vice Chancellor of one day conference fee waiver
        Wrote draft letters for the Individual and Renewed Membership Growth Campaign winners
        Created Budget Reimbursement Form for Membership Growth Campaign winners

                                         NADE VP Report
                                       Joyce Brasfield Adams
                                        January 3 – 19, 2011

Conference 2011

               Reviewed room block pick up and forwarded to Board
               Reviewed registration numbers
               Forwarded hotel space allocation grid to Board
               Communicated with conference co-chairs on conference planning progress
               Participated in conference call with Abby Kusturko, Conference co-chairs, and
                conference program chairs
               Reviewed and edited Board rooming list

Conference 2012
           Communicated Board approval of Logo with revisions

Conference 2013
            Communicated approval for conference co-chair to attend Advisory Council meeting and
              Leadership Congress

               Reviewed Board Minutes
               Submitted VP annual report
               Submitted article for newsletter
               Reviewed PPH
               Communicated with National Exhibits chair
               Communicated with Conference Manager
               Communicated with Board through phone calls and emails
                                    TREASURER’S REPORT
                                        Jeanine Lewis
                                       NADE Treasurer
                                       January 19, 2011

       Participated in NADE Board conference call, January 12, 2011
       Reconciled December 2010 banking statements for S&T Bank and Chase Bank
       Communicated with S&T and Chase Banking personnel regarding transition of incoming NADE
                Treasurer to have financial authorization of all NADE accounts
       Sent communications to newly elected President-elect and Treasurer regarding identification
                materials for signature status at S&T Bank and Chase Bank
       Provided W-9 forms and vendor registration forms to Virginia Tech University and
                University of Central Arkansas
       Contacted Hartford Insurance Service Center to direct a Certificate of Insurance to
                New York College Learning Skills Association (NYCLSA) for an upcoming conference
       Placed order to 4imprint for 1000 NADE ink pens to be shipped to Goodyear, AZ
       Arranged for NADE corporate credit cards to be issued through S&T Bank for the new 2011
                NADE Board
       Organized computer files and budget codes for transition to newly elected treasurer
       Participated via email with the NADE Executive Board

       Made the following payments:
           o CLADEA, $500.00, Membership Dues for 2011
           o TADE, $1,000.00, Type A and Type B Chapter Grants
           o Treasurer Jeanine Lewis, $758.22, Board registration to NADE 2011 reimbursement

                                 NADE Secretary Activity Report
                                       January 19, 2011
                                         Betty Black

       Daily checking and answering NADE Board email
       Maintained frequent communication with EA
       Sent approved 12/2-5/10 and 12/15/10 minutes to EA to post on NADE website
       Transcribed NADE minutes from 1/3/11 and sent to Board for review
       Corrected 1/3/11 minutes and sent to Board for final review
       Sent NADE Bookmark to EA for processing
       Sent NADE Fact Sheet information to EA for processing
       Sent past Budgets to EA to be posted on the NADE website
       Completed and ordered Business Cards for new Executive Board officers
       Sent Nomination Form to EA
       Purchased certificates and supplies for completing conference documents
       Started printing appreciation certificates for conference presentations
       Printed password labels
       Sent webinar information to EA to post an email blast
       Worked on Strategic Plan formatting
       Ordered flowers and sent sympathy card
       Working on conference documents
      Prepared for the January 19, 2011 conference call meeting
                Emeritus Cabinet Chair/CLADEA Representative Activity Report
                                        Karen Patty-Graham
                                     January 3-January 18, 2011

Past President
    Reviewed NADE Board documents and letters, as requested
    Provided input to NADE Board, as requested – forwarded copies of pertinent articles, responded
       to emails
    Participated in January 12, 2011 Board conference call, at Board’s request
    Worked on chart of VIP host responsibilities for NADE 2011

Emeritus Cabinet Chair
   Updated Emeritus Cabinet contact information and Past NADE Board information; sent to Board,
      Emeritus Cabinet members, and Executive Assistant
   Updated Emeritus Cabinet Leadership Directory on the NADE website
   Provided Emeritus Cabinet information for NADE 2011 conference program
   Completed and submitted Emeritus Cabinet Annual Report
   Corresponded with chairs of approved resolution committees (Gerry McBroom, Kaylene Gebert,
      Heather Hewer, and Mickey Hay) and worked on formatting of final copies
   Communicated with Emeritus Cabinet regarding request for volunteer to maintain In Memoriam
      data and communications

CLADEA Representative
   Completed and submitted CLADEA Representative Annual Report
   Reminded CLADEA Chair of CLADEA meeting at NADE 2011(2:00-5:00, Thursday, Feb 24,
     2011 in President’s Suite)

Conference-Related Activities
    Reviewed various conference-related documents and emails; provided information and questions
       for clarification, as possible
    Communicated with 2012 and 2015 conference planners
    Worked with Certification Council Chair to prepare certification plaques; provide information to
       programs regarding Award Luncheon items; provide reviewers and potential reviewers with
       location of reviewer training; determine size limits for Certification Institute
    Worked on CPM revisions

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