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					        Pan-African Animal Welfare Alliance (PAAWA) Conference 2013
                        1st – 5th September 2013 Nairobi, Kenya

Call for Papers: Animal Welfare and Development

         Key Theme: Mainstreaming Animal Welfare in Africa’s Development”

The Pan African Animal Welfare Alliance (PAAWA) Conference Organizing
Committee invites submissions for proposals for paper presentations and
workshops/interactive sessions for the 1st International PAAWA 2013 Conference
scheduled for September 2013


In a continent under the weight of development and economic challenges, animal
welfare can sometimes be considered of a lesser priority within the broader
Development agenda. This is not just the case in Africa, but around the world.

For example, when the United Nations agreed on a Development Framework in the
year 2000, known as Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) not a single mention was
made of the relationship between animal welfare and human development. The
Millenium Declaration, a UN Blueprint for Development, makes no reference to the role
that animals play in development.

This ignores the vital importance of the role of animals in our lives and our societies,
including the well documented interdependency between animals and human
livelihoods. Indeed key sectors of the economy around the world-including tourism,
transport and work in rural areas, social care and therapy, and security still rely largely
on animals. Animals are central to the preservation of the ecosystems.
For wholesome development to be realised, communities must acknowledge the
importance of animals to social and economic development, and incorporate the values
of animal welfare. Stumbling blocks to this realisation present themselves in the lack of
unity; lack of correct information and training; and lack of supportive policy and
legislation throughout the continent.

A lot of good work and reports have come from many African countries about the
milestones being achieved for animal welfare in the continent, and how these have
positively impacted on community livelihoods. Despite this body of evidence and
recognition, there is still little support for either Animal welfare programs or
organizations that support animal welfare.

The ongoing discussion for the next Development framework that will replace the
MDGs again makes no reference to Animal welfare. Neither does it credit animals for
some of the progress in development that has been realized over the past fifteen years,
especially in Africa and Arab countries. It is therefore evident that there is need for
Animal Welfare partners and organizations to closely link their work with that of other
human development partners. This is especially so in Africa where Animals- both
domestic and wild- are critical to the lives and livelihoods of many people.

This conference will therefore seek to bridge the gap between animal welfare and
development while also learning from their peers on case studies and best practice for
effective linkages between Animal Welfare and Human Development/Livelihoods.

The Conference Organizers invite papers that address these and any other related
issues under the proposed sub themes.
These sub themes are issued as guidance only and should not be considered as the
main topic for any papers. However presenters should try and confine themselves to
addressing some of the challenges within the sub themes.
While the sub themes have been grouped into three categories, paper presentations
should not necessarily reflect this order or division.
However, only papers that clearly articulate the above issues by presenting real cases,
studies or experiences, and which offer concise and bold recommendations and
solutions will be accepted.
Papers submitted as research or case studies should have been conducted not more
than three years ago.
Please note that submission of a paper will be considered as expression of an interest
to attend the conference. All papers accepted must be presented personally by the
Authors or at least one lead author. Participants not able to present their papers in
person will have their papers published but only accepted as Poster presentations.
This sub themes cover the following broad areas:
   1. Farm Animal Welfare
   2. Welfare of Animals used in Educational Experiments, Research and Testing
   3. Companion Animals Welfare
   4. Working Animals Welfare
   5. Wildlife and Habitat Welfare
   6. Animal Welfare Policies and Legislations Advocacy
   7. Animal Welfare Education
   8. Marine Animals welfare
   9. Welfare of Birds
   10. Welfare of Animals used in Entertainment

The Sub-themes are:

      Contribution of animals/animal welfare to the socio-economic development of the

      How as animal ‘welfarists’ PAAWA members can challenge/work with different
       cultural and religious practices which impact animal welfare?

      The role animals play in moulding human behaviour and habits

      Animal welfare in law and policy: Case studies in South Africa, Tanzania and

      Addressing animal welfare challenges in Africa in terms of population and
       disease control

      Factory farming and commercial fisheries: the growth of industrial production
       and its impact on animal welfare

      Good agricultural practice and animal welfare: Opportunities and challenges
       posed by emerging agricultural practices and technologies (such as genetic
       engineering) to sustainability of community livelihoods and animal welfare in

      Use of technology in tackling poaching: Case study of South Africa.
       Enforcement of animal welfare legislation/anti-poaching legislation that
        resulted in an improved welfare situation and how/if this affected local
        community? – Case Study

       Eradicating the use of animals in Research and testing: Case study of India

       Striking a balance between economic needs in Africa and animal welfare:
        Thoughts on best practices Africa can adopt in catering for the welfare of
        animals and at the same time meeting numerous and diversified needs of an
        ever-growing human population.
       Climate Change and animal welfare: How the rise in the frequency and severity of
        droughts and flooding incidences in Africa impacts on animal welfare

       Any other presentations dealing with            substantive    issues   whereby
        development impacts upon Animal Welfare.

Please send abstracts of between 250 and 350 words to Conference Secretariat email: by 21st June 2013
Also include a short summary (no more than 300 words) of the main idea of your
proposal. Should your proposal be accepted, this will appear in the Conference
Program and will provide the information other delegates use to choose session
attendance. Absolute limit of 30 words.
The conference organizer will require all accepted papers to be later summarized into
50 words for a 15 word title.
All papers received will be peer reviewed.
Please note that all proposals and presentations must be in English.

Call for Abstracts...28 May
Deadline for Submission of Abstracts...21st June
Notification of acceptance of abstracts...30 June
Submission of Full Papers...10 July
Notification of Acceptance...22 July
Submission of Final Version of Papers...5 August
Early bird Registration of presenters...5August

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