Murata Machinery Introduces Two Powerful New 33-Ton Turret Punch Presses

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					         Murata Machinery Introduces Two Powerful New 33-Ton Turret Punch Presses

(1888 PressRelease) Murata Machinery adds two new turret punch presses to its Motorum line, the M3048TG and the

Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC-SC - Murata Machinery USA, Inc., a world leader in the manufacturing and design
of highly productive metal fabrication machinery and automation, has added two new 33-ton turret punch presses to its
Motorum line. The M3048TG and M3058TG incorporate 33-ton, servo-driven ram drives that combine speed and
power with greater tool availability and flexibility.

"Muratec invented the electric turret punch press and now the M3048TG and M3058TG continue the Motorum's
evolution with a resourceful blend of speed and power," said Cary Teeple, Sales Manager of Murata Machinery USA,
Inc.'s Fabrication business unit. "Both have a new 33-ton servo-driven ram and use large turrets for greater on-demand
tool availability and indexable multi-tools for ultimate flexibility."

Both the Motorum M3048TG and M3058TG are available in either Wiedemann or Spring Style tooling. The powerful
ram drive delivers heavy-duty, 33-tons of punching force at 510 hits per minute. In addition to their power, the new
33-ton machines are environmentally friendly, with servomotor drive mechanisms that use energy only while

The latest machine and tooling technology reduces post processes while supporting tapping, forming, marking,
deburring, and various automation options. Two-piece, heavy-duty frames with a pyramid-base design also provide
rigid stability even at maximum tonnage.

These punch presses incorporate a powerful new Fanuc control with Murata's Intelligent Control Interface. This touch-
screen interface increases efficiency, minimizes setup time, assists the operator and increases productivity.

From its headquarters in Charlotte, NC, Murata Machinery USA, Inc. specializes in applications, service and sales of
machine tools. The company's Fabrication business unit, formerly Murata Wiedemann, supplies mechanical and servo-
driven turret punch presses, lasers and automation for those machines. Muratec fabrication machinery is available
through its distributor network throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

For additional information on Murata Machinery USA or its products, call
800-428-8469 or visit