The Society of Friends of the Jewish Museum in Prague

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					The Society of Friends of the Jewish Museum in Prague

Become part of a team of an institution that takes care of the unique monuments and the living legacy of Jewish tradition and culture!

The SocieTy of friendS of The JewiSh MuSeuM in Prague aims to help preserve and to provide the broadest possible access to the unique monuments of Prague’s Jewish Town. Joining the Society of Friends will familiarize you with the richness of Jewish history, the attraction of Jewish traditions and the uniqueness of Jewish art. Being a member, you will be invited to special cultural and social gatherings and you will get to meet interesting people, establish new contacts and make new friends. You will have unlimited free access to the permanent exhibitions of one of the largest Jewish museums in the world and to the temporary exhibitions at the Robert Guttmann Gallery. You will be able to freely attend the evening programmes at the Jewish Museum’s Education and Culture Centre and you will receive free tickets to concerts at the Spanish Synagogue, among other advantages. Joining at a higher membership category will enable you to visit the Jewish Museum’s depositories that are closed to the public and to meet major artists and personalities that support the Museum. An independent institution that takes care of the monuments of one of the oldest and most important centres of Jewish life in Europe, the Jewish Museum in Prague (JMP) is consistently the most visited museum in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1906 in response to the extensive redevelopment of the area of Prague’s Jewish Town and with the aim of preserving monuments that were irretrievably disappearing. The largest expansion of the Jewish Museum’s collections occurred during the Second World War, when selected items confiscated by the Nazis from Jewish communities in Bohemia and Moravia were deposited there. The Jewish Museum is also a memorial to the victims of the Shoah from Bohemia and Moravia. The Jewish Museum has significantly contributed to the development of Jewish culture and to the furthering of education about Jewish history, Jewish customs, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. You too have an opportunity to influence the future of this institution, which is unique in terms of its history and the character of its collections.

The Jewish Museum in Prague provides the following services to members of the Society of friends:
> Tours of monuments and permanent and temporary exhibitions > Specialized library services for professionals and the general public > Access to basic Judaic literature and special software in the Reference Centre > Evening programmes on Jewish topics at the Education and Culture Centre > Consultation for specialists and the general public on issues related to the persecution of Bohemian and Moravian Jews during the Second World War > Museum publications, CDs and publicity material > Social events attended by prominent people

Membership categories and privileges

MeMber cZK 1,000
> > > > > > > > > > Free admission to permanent exhibitions Free admission to the Robert Guttmann Gallery Invitations to private views Email invitations to evening programmes at the Education and Culture Centre + free admission to three programmes each year Sending of monthly news by email Sending of the Museum’s quarterly Newsletter by email Two free tickets to any concert at the Spanish Synagogue One free catalogue accompanying an exhibition at the Robert Guttmann Gallery 10% discount on items sold by the Museum 10% discount for four people at the Lamborghini Pasta Café in Vězeňská Street

faMily cZK 1,500 (2 adulTS + 4 children)
> Same advantages as a Member + > Email invitations to Sunday workshops for children organized by the Education and Culture Centre + free admission

friend cZK 5,000
> > > > > > Same advantages as a Member + 3 free tickets to the Museum for another person 1 free ticket to the Old-New Synagogue Sending of the Museum’s quarterly Newsletter by post Free tickets for two persons to three concerts at the Spanish Synagogue Free catalogue for each exhibition held at the Robert Guttmann Gallery

donaTor cZK 20,000
Same advantages as a Friend + 5 free tickets to the Museum for another person Guided tour of the Museum’s exhibitions Specialist guided tour of a Museum depository, library or restoration workshop > Meeting with curators and the Museum management > > > >

PaTron cZK 50,000
> > > > Same advantages as a Donator + Yearly gift Quarterly lunches with the Museum director Invitations to VIP meetings with catering

corPoraTion froM cZK 100,000
> individual agreement / same advantages as a Patron + > VIP events for members of the company’s management

honorary MeMberShiP
> Same advantages as a Patron

how to become a member
Fill in an application form that is available at the Museum’s Reservation Centre or downloadable at, sign approval to the gathering of data and pay the relevant contribution at the Museum’s Finance Department or by bank transfer.

JEWISH MUSEUM IN PRAGUE U Staré školy 1 and 3, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic tel.: +420 221 711 511, fax: +420 221 711 584 e-mail: RESERVATION CENTRE U Starého hřbitova 3a, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic tel.: +420 222 317 191, fax: +420 222 317 181 e-mail: Open daily except Saturdays and Jewish holidays summer: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., winter: 9 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. EDUCATION AND CULTURE CENTRE OF THE JEWISH MUSEUM IN PRAGUE Maiselova 15, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic tel.: +420 222 325 172, +420 224 819 352, fax: +420 222 318 856 e-mail:

The membership card is non-transferable. It can be picked up at the Reservation Centre or delivered by post.

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