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Optional excursion programme for June 20, 2010 is offered as follows:



1. PRAGUE - HISTORICAL CITY - COACH AND WALKING TOUR LASTING 2 HOURS. Short basic introduction to Prague. BY COACH - National Theatre - Charles Bridge – the National Museum – the National Theatre – the Old Town Square BY FOOT - Prague Castle area - St. Vitus’Cathedral

2. GRAND CITY TOUR OF PRAGUE - COACH AND WALKING TOUR LASTING 3,5 HOURS. BY COACH – the National Museum - Vyšehrad – the National Theatre BY FOOT – one hour tour through Prague Castle with visiting of the world famous St. Vitus Cathedral and Golden Lane.


3. KONOPIŠTĚ CASTLE - COACH TOUR LASTING MIN 4 HOURS. Lovely hunting castle lies approx. 45 km outside of Prague. The castle is famous for its fascinating collection of historical weapons, furniture, tapestries, paintings. It was founded in the 14th century and in 1887 it was renovated by the successor to Habsburg throne Francis Ferdinand d´Este, who was assassinated in Sarajevo 1914.

4. KARLŠTEJN CASTLE - COACH TOUR LASTING 4 HOURS. The most outstanding medieval castle built 650 years ago. The castle was founded by the Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV for the safe keeping of Coronation Jewels and relics of saints. This castle is situated about 35 km southwest of Prague.


5. KARLOVY VARY (CARLSBAD) - COACH TOUR LASTING 9,5 HOURS. This world famous spa has been known for its 12 medicinal mineral springs and you will get the chance to taste them. The best known is the VŘÍDLO – SPRUDEL which springs its curative water to height of 12 m. In Karlovy Vary you can also find historical and modern colonnades and locally manufactured glass and porcelain. Taste delicious local wafers and traditional “Becher” liqueur produced from herbs. Lunch included.

6. KUTNÁ HORA - COACH TOUR LASTING 5 HOURS. This town was founded in the 13th century and it was the most important town in Bohemia after Prague. The city was famous due to its prosperous silver mining. The Bohemian kings had their residence in the city and it was the mind for the “Prague Penny”. Kutná Hora was declared a world heritage and has been protected by UNESCO. The tour will go through St. Barbora Cathedral, Ossuary, Wallachian Court.


7. KONOPIŠTĚ CASTLE + KARLŠTEJN CASTLE - COACH TOUR LASTING 8,5 HOURS, WITH LUNCH. In this all-day trip you will visit two unique gems among the castles in the Czech Republic, which lie in the vicinity of Prague. First we shall visit the Konopiště Castle, which lies some 45 km out of Prague. The castle was founded in the 14th century and it is well renowned for its fascinating collection of antique weaponry and furniture. After the tour we shall continue westwards to the historical Karlštejn Castle. Roman emperor and Czech king Charles IV had this gothic monument build as a depository for the crown jewels and relics of saints. Guide service, lunch and entrance fees included.

8 A. VLTAVA RIVER CRUISE - COACH AND MAINLY BOAT TOUR LASTING 1,5 HOURS. Unforgettable excursion with the view for panorama of Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, the National Theatre, the hill of Petřin, green copula of St. Nicholas Church. All sights will be explained on the board by the guide. 8 B. CRUISE ON THE VLTAVA RIVER WITH DINNER AND MUSIC - COACH AND MAINLY BOAT TOUR LASTING 3.5 HOURS, FREE PICK UP IN THE HOTEL AND BRING BACK TOO!!! An unusual opportunity to see Prague by 3 hours steamboat ride, where an excellent dinner will be served on a board followed by musical entertainment and dancing . Dinner is included in the price. 8 C. A WALK THROUGH THE PRAGUE CENTRE + CRUISE ON THE VLTAVA RIVER WITH LUNCH AND MUSIC - COACH, WALKING AND MAINLY BOAT TOUR LASTING 3,5 HOURS An unusual opportunity to see Prague by 3 hours at first by foot and then steamboat ride, where an excellent lunch will be served on a board followed by musical entertainment. Lunch is included in the price. 9. FOLKLORE EVENING WITH MUSIC AND DINNER - LASTING 4 HOURS. FREE PICK UP IN THE HOTEL AND BRING BACK TOO!!! We take you through Prague by night into a style wine cellar, where you can enjoy to the full not only the traditional Czech cuisine, beer and wine. Let you enjoy the folk programme with live music at the same time.


10. TEREZÍN - COACH TOUR LASTING 5 HOURS. The town of Terezin was founded at the end of the 18th century by Emperor Josef II., originally as an ingenious system of the military fortresses for the protection of the Kingdom. During the World War II. it was completely changed and converted into a Jewish ghetto and the concentration camp by Nazis. Entrance fee included

11. JEWISH PRAGUE - TOUR LASTING 2,5 HOURS. A trip through Jewish history. During this walking tour you will see the only Central European Jewish town-quarter that survived the holocaust. You will stroll through the Old Jewish Cemetery, visit some of the six surviving synagogues and Kafka's house. Then you will walk through Maiselova Street and reach the Old Town Square where your journey terminates. The price includes admission to the Jewish Museum and the Old Jewish Cemetery.


12. EXCURSION TO STAROPRAMEN BREWERY Excursion including a tasting a well known Czech beer at one of breweries located in Prague.

(Possibly also an excursion to Velké Popovice Brewery near to Prague.)

In case of interest, please contact for prices Event Accommodation Manager. Owing to an expected touristic traffic at the time of the Event, please take on your mind that all programme must be booked and paid prior to the Event. Minimum persons per team required: 10 persons. Wishing you a pleasant stay in Prague, Vladislav Petras Chairman of the Organising Committee Old-Prague Ham - International Rugby Veterans Event
For any more information, please, feel free to contact Secretary of the Event: