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					Simple PHP RSVP v1.8
Robust event & guest management package

Thank you for purchasing my script. This will be the user guide file you should follow for the installation
and configuration of this script.

Simple PHP RSVP is a simple, robust and powerful guest invitation and event management platform.
Powered by PHP and backed by Mysql, this all-in-one package allows you complete control and
expandability of your events and guests. The reserve form contains a web 2.0, user-friendly interface for
your guests to sign up and reserve their place at your event. The admin panel provides a back end to
control and monitor all the activity taking place. Also, various forms of validation have been included. The
interface is packed with features that make it easy for anyone to run. Whether you have one event or 2,000,
Simple RSVP script is the only script you will ever need.

•   Re-designed graphic user interface

•   Re-written code, more efficient and well organized

•   Reduced size, making the script light weight.

•   New configuration file for accurate portability

•   Brand new event and guest table

•   Table pagination

•   Table search

•   Table sort

•   Bulk removal

•   Bulk email

•   Export to CSV file

•   HTML email response

•   More functional admin settings

Step one : Upload
•   Upload all files to your web server via FTP.
Step Two : Configure Mysql Database
•   Depending on your hosting provider your Mysql creation may differ. This instructional is for the

•   hosting provider go Daddy because it’s very popular

•   Log into your account, and select the hosting account you wish to configure

•   Once inside hosting “manager” you should find “Databases” -> “Mysql”

•   Click on “Mysql” once the page is loaded, on the top of the page it should say “Create Database”,

•   click this

•   Fill out the information area

•   Be sure to write this down because you will need them for later!

•   Once the DB is created, click manage via “php my admin”

•   Log in with your account details.

•   Once inside “php my admin” on the top of the screen you should find “Import”

•   Click import, then the next screen you should see an input box.

•   Click browse, and find the sql dump I have provided in the “root folder”

•   Click the “simplersvp.sql” file and at the bottom of the page it will allow you to submit.

Step Three: Admin Configuration
•   Inside the folder you downloaded from code canyon, locate “Admin”

•   Once inside the “Admin” folder, locate “lib” folder

•   Inside the “lib” folder locate the “functions” folder and click “config.php” file

•   Right click this file and open w/ notepad or Dream weaver

•   Once you have this file open, fill in your Mysql credentials from step two.

•   The first part is a constant variable, which you do not modify!

•   The second part is a string which you fill in your credentials

•   If you used my sql dumps for the installation you do not have to modify the table constants below

•   the Mysql credential information.

•   Once you have changed the credentials to match your DB configuration, save the file and re-upload

•   this file to the server inside the admin->lib->functions folder. Make sure you overwrite the existing

•   file!
Step Four: Reservation form installation
•   Now that you’ve completed the most important steps we can now begin to install the necessary

•   code to get the RSVP form working.

•   If you are using my template I have supplied than you can skip these steps

•   Insert this line of code at the very top of the page before the <HTML> tag

•   <?php include("admin/lib/functions/functions.php"); ?>

•   The file path must be relative to the admin folder

•   Once you have this code inserted into the very top of the php page

•   Insert these two lines of code in between the <head></head> tags

•   <script type=”text/javascript”
•   <script type=”text/javascript” src=”admin/assets/js/rsvp.custom.min.js”></script>

•   The file path must be relative to the admin folder

•   Now that you have these included place this code above your form

•   <form name="form" id="form" action="admin/lib/validation/register.php?validationtype=php"
•   Now that you have the basic elements in place you can begin building your form.

•   These are constants they must stay in order for validation to work correctly.

•   First name input field must have : name=”firstname”

•   Last name input field must have : name=”lastname”

•   Email input field must have : name=”email”

•   Guests input field must have : name=”guests”

•   Phone input field must have : name=”phone”

•   Event list is a part of a function and must have : name=”event” w/ the function call

•   Congratulations, you have now completed the installation of simple PHP RSVP, you can now style
up your form or use my template!

•    Ajax Success Message – In order to change the default ajax success message. You need to open
    the file file you downloaded from code canyon. Go to admin > assets > js and open rsvp.custom.min.js.
    Click this file and find the line, var $success = "Thank you for registering to our event";//This is your
    ajax success message .Insert your message inside the “ ”. Save the file, then re-upload.
•    Ajax Redirect – In order to change the default ajax success message. You need to open the file file
    you downloaded from code canyon. Go to admin > assets > js and open rsvp.custom.min.js. Click this
    file and find the line, var $redirect = ""; //Place redirect url here. Place the full url of the location you
    would like to redirect the user. Save the file, then re-upload.

Further Help
If you have followed this guide you should not have any problems installing and configuring this script.
However, there are always exceptions and I understand. If you need further help please feel free to
message me via code canyon. I do have a couple scripts on the site and I get messages from other
users. So please allow for 1 business day for a response at the most. I will try to respond to all users
within a reasonable time frame. Once again, thank you for your purchase and best regards.

- JRD89 [Jordan Prybylski]

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