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Natalia Ehwald was born in Jena in 1983 She started playing the


									Natalia Ehwald was born in Jena in 1983. She started playing the piano at the age of five. After four years of training at the school for the musically gifted “Schloss Belvedere” in Weimar with Prof. Sigrid Lehmstedt, she became a student at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki with Prof. Erik T. Tawaststjerna when she was only 16 years old. Since 2002, she has studied with Prof. Evgeni Koroliov in Hamburg and found further inspiration in master classes with Bernard Ringeissen, Arie Vardi and Ragna Schirmer. While she was studying in Weimar, she won prizes in national and international competitions like the Czerny Competition in Prague and the Grotrian-Steinweg Competition in Braunschweig. Her first piano recitals and concerts as soloist with orchestra in Germany and Switzerland also took place during this time. These were later followed by further successes at competitions, such as the first prize at the international Greta Erikson Competition in Sweden, first prize and the Special Prize of the Menuhin Foundation at the Robert Schumann Competition for Young Pianists in Zwickau. She holds a scholarship for her studies in Hamburg from the Oscar und Vera Ritter Foundation. In 2002, she received a scholarship from the „Hans und Eugenia Jütting-Stiftung.“ Most recently, Natalia Ehwald was awarded the Prize for Special Creativity at the International Seiler Competition in Greece and the second prize by the Cultural Society of the German Business and Commerce Association. In 2007, she gave her debut performance in the USA. In 2009, she will perform with orchestra and play recitals in China. Reviewers and jurors emphasise the soulful, poetic execution, the beautiful sound and the great musical energy and intensity of Natalia Ehwald’s playing.

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