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					Andrew D Foote                                   +4552323841

2006-2009 The Evolutionary Ecology of North Atlantic killer whales. PhD thesis,
University                 of                 Aberdeen,                   UK.

2002-2005 Correlates of Variability in Killer Whale Stereotyped Call Repertoires. MSc
thesis, University of Durham, UK.

Post-doctoral Employment
January 2010 - Present, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Centre for GeoGenetics,
University of Copenhagen.

Peer-reviewed publications

Deecke, VB, Nykänen, M, Foote AD, Janik, VM (2011) Vocal behavior and feeding
ecology of killer whales (Orcinus orca) around Shetland, UK. Aquatic Biology

Vilstrup JT, Ho SYW, Foote AD, et al. (2011) Mitogenomic phylogenetic analyses of the
Delphinidae with an emphasis on the Globicephalinae. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 11:65

Foote AD, Hofreiter M, Morin PA (2011) Ancient DNA and marine mammals: Studying
long-lived species over ecological and evolutionary timescales. Annals of Anatomy
(Invited Review)

Foote AD, Morin PA, Durban JW, Pitman RL, Wade P, Willerslev E, Gilbert MTP, da
Fonseca RR (2011) Positive selection on the killer whale mitogenome. Biology Letters,

Foote AD, Vilstrup JT, de Stephanis R, et al. (2011) Genetic differentiation among North
Atlantic killer whale populations. Molecular Ecology 20:629-641.

Rehn N, Filatova OA, Durban JW, Foote AD (2011) Cross-cultural and cross-ecotype
production of a killer whale ‘excitement’ call suggests universality. Naturwissenschaften

Morin PA, Archer FI, Foote AD, et al. (2010) Complete mitochondrial genome
phylogeographic analysis of killer whales (Orcinus orca) indicates multiple species.
Genome Research 20:908-916.

Foote AD, Similä T, Vikingsson GA, Stevick PT (2010) Movement, site fidelity and
connectivity in a top marine predator, the killer whale. Evolutionary Ecology 24:803-814.

Foote AD, Newton J, Piertney SB, Willerslev E, Gilbert MTP (2009) Ecological,
morphological and genetic divergence of sympatric North Atlantic killer whale
populations. Molecular Ecology 18:5207-5217.
Andrew D Foote                                     +4552323841

Bolt HE, Harvey PV, Mandleberg L, Foote AD (2009) Occurrence of killer whales in
Scottish inshore waters: temporal and spatial patterns relative to the distribution of
declining harbour seal populations. Aquatic Conservation 19:671-675

Foote AD (2008) Mortality rate acceleration and post-reproductive lifespan in
matrilineal whale species. Biology Letters 4:189-191

Foote AD, Osborne RW, Hoelzel AR (2008) Temporal and contextual patterns of killer
whale (Orcinus orca) call type production. Ethology 114:599-606

Foote AD, Nystuen JA (2008) Variation in call pitch among killer whale ecotypes.
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 123:1747-1752

Foote AD, Griffin RM, Howitt D, Larsson L, Miller PJO, Hoelzel AR (2006) Killer
whales are capable of vocal learning. Biology Letters 2:509-512

Foote AD, Osborne RW, Hoelzel AR (2004) Whale-call response to masking boat noise.
Nature 428:910

SCOS 2010
Marine Scotland 2010
Marine Scotland 2009
SCOS 2007
IWC 2007

Planet Earth
Encyclopedia of Marine Tourism

Invited presentations
Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission, Anchorage, USA (2007).
Southern Resident Killer Whale Symposium, NOAA, Seattle, USA (2006)

Teaching Experience
Ecology tutor and ecology and zoology practical class demonstrator at Durham
University and supervised a student (James Whiteford) for his dissertation thesis for
which he received a first class mark. At Aberdeen I supervised a MSc student project
(Harriet Bolt) which resulted in a first class mark, three government reports, student prize
winning international conference poster and a peer-reviewed publication. I co-supervised
an MSc student (Julia Vilstrup) and two Batchelors students at the University of
Copenhagen, all of which were awarded a maximum score of 12, Julia’s project resulted
in the submission of a first author peer-reviewed publication for her and she contributed
to two other papers for which she is a co-author. Most recently I co-supervised a MSc
student from the University of Bangor, UK, which has also resulted in the submission of
a peer reviewed paper.
Andrew D Foote                                  +4552323841

Grants and Awards
£500 Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society 2002 & 2003
£1,000 PADI Project AWARE 2003
$500 American Cetacean Society Puget Sound Chapter award 2003
$10,000 Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA 2005,
£22,500 6th Century Scholarship Aberdeen University 2006-2009
£40,000 Carnegie Trust 2008
£2,000 Scottish Natural Heritage 2008
£10,000 Marine Directorate, Scottish Government 2008
£9,000 EU Genetime Grant 2009
£10,000 Marine Directorate, Scottish Government 2009
NERC grant, following the award of A4 status, to carry stable isotope analysis at SUERC
facillity 2009
£1,000 Systematics Research Fund, Linnean Society 2009
£10,000 Marine Directorate, Scottish Government 2010
Euro 2,000 European Science Foundation (ESF) Frontiers of Speciation (FroSpects)
exchange grant 2010

Reviewer for Animal Behaviour, Animal Cognition, Biodiversity and Conservation,
Biological Conservation, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Ethology, Journal of
Heredity, Journal of Zoology, Mammalian Biology, Marine Biology, Marine Mammal
Science, Molecular Ecology, Proceedings of the Royal Society Series B.

Society Membership
Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) student member since 2002
European Cetacean Society (ECS) student member since 2002
Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM) student member since 2005
SMM UK student chapter member since 2003, committee member 2007-2008, hosted
and organized the 2008 annual meeting

Media coverage includes reports in Nature (Research Highlights), Science (Random
Samples), New Scientist, Scientific American, New York Times, The Independent, Daily
Telegraph, The Times, Planet Earth (NERC magazine), BBC1 for whom I have acted as a
Scientific consultant, BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service and CBC radio.

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