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									Joint Meeting of the Czech Astronomical Society and the Astronomische Gesellschaft

Annual Scientific Meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft
From Cosmological Structures to the Milky Way
Praha, Czech Republic, September 20 - 25, 2004
CONFERENCE LOCATION AND DATE The conference will take place at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University (Address: Thákurova Street 7 Praha 6 – Dejvice) near the metro stop “Dejvická” (green line A) from Monday, September 20 to Saturday, September 25, 2004 For supplementary information you can also visit the Internet page of the Astronomische Gesellschaft

Organization of the conference is secured by ICARIS Ltd., Conference Management Nám. Dr. Holého 8, 180 00 Praha 8 Czech Republic VAT Number: CZ 471 24 482 Phones: +420 284 828 479, 284 828 481 Fax: +420 266 312 113 E-mail:


Riccardo Giacconi, Washington, USA Štěpán Kovář, Praha, Czech Republic Joachim Krautter, Heidelberg, Germany Martin Šolc, Praha, Czech Republic

Galactic Centre Andreas Eckart, Cologne, Germany The Search for Life in the Universe Pascale Ehrenfreund, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Cosmological Structures behind the Milky Way Renée Kraan-Korteweg, Guanajuato, Mexico Tides, Gas Striping and Star Formation in the Evolution of Galaxies Jan Palouš, Praha, Czech Republic Cosmology with Clusters of Galaxies Peter Schuecker, Garching, Germany

Day Monday September 20 Tuesday September 21 Morning AG-Vorstand AK-Geschichte Opening I Karl Schwarzschild Lecture Opening II Afternoon AG-Vorstand AK-Geschichte Poster View MV 1 Splinter Splinter Highlight 1 Highlight 2 Excursion Astronomical Prague Splinter MV 2 Evening Welcome Party


Wednesday September 22

Review 1 Poster Presentation

Festive Dinner Public Talk (in Czech)

Thursday, September 23

Friday, September 24 Saturday September 25

Review 2 Highlight 3 Review 3 Highlight 4 Hot Topic Review 4 Highlight 5 Highlight 6 Review 5 Closing Teachers’ Meeting

The conference will be held at the Faculty of Civil Engineering (Address: Thákurova 7, Praha 6Dejvice) and at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Address: Technická 4, Praha 6-Dejvice) from Monday, September 20 to Saturday, September 25, 2004 The buildings are situated in the area of the Czech Technical University (ČVUT) in Praha 6 – Dejvice, within a walking distance from the underground terminal Dejvická (line A). The area of the meeting can be reached easily from the international airport Praha Ruzyně (in about 20 minutes by rather cheap and reliable public bus transport and in about 15 minutes by rather expensive taxi-cabs), from all main railway stations (adjacent to metro lines) and also by car.

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, with more than 1.2 million inhabitants is a thousand year old town, rich in its beauty and in its unique history since ancient times. For one thousand years, Prague has been the seat of kings, emperors and presidents. The flavour and beauty of the town are given not only by its location, but also by its unique collection of the artistic monuments from various ages, as well as by its modern life and progressive development. Prague, the centre of industrial, cultural and scientific life, is known for its famous cultural events. The participation at the conference will offer you an opportunity to reveal the real beauty of the town.

Official conference language is English. Translation service will not be provided.

The space assigned to a poster is 1,5 m (width) x 1,2 m (height). It will be possible to fix the posters by pins. Pins will be available at the place. Posters be prepared should be easily understood in the absence of the author(s). The content of each poster should be clearly divided into sections including introduction, problem definition (or aim of work), work summary, results, and conclusion. General guidelines are: Legibility: The poster should be readable from a distance of at least 2 meters Heading: A heading label including the title, author name(s), and the primary author address should be included. The recommended lettering size is 2 cm. Titles: All figures and tables should be titled.

An informal “Welcome Party” will take place after registration on Monday, September 20, 2004 at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The Festive Dinner will take place on Wednesday, September 22, 2004. The price for the dinner is 1200 CZK.

You should register by sending the attached Registration Forms to ICARIS Ltd., Conference Management, Nám. dr. Holého 8, 180 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic,

by June 30, 2004.
On the basis of your Registration Form you will receive personal identification number. All your personal information and correspondence will be held under this number. It’s very important to save it.

The full registration fee is 3.800 CZK per person and the registration fee for the members of the Astronomische Gesellschaft is 3.200 CZK. This fee entitles participants to attend the conference sessions and to receive all printed materials. It also includes morning and afternoon refreshments during the conference, the informal Welcome Reception on Monday evening. The registration fee for undergraduate and graduate students is 1.600 CZK. Please apply in writing along with the Registration Form, including a (compulsory) letter of recommendation from an academic supervisor. The registration fee for accompanying persons is 1.000 CZK per person. This fee covers morning and afternoon refreshments during the conference, the Welcome Reception, as well as the service charge for the arrangement of the accompanying person’s program. The service charge does not include fees for excursions. Czech official currency is Czech Crown (CZK). For example on June 2, 2004, the official exchange rate was 1 EUR = 31,465 CZK and 1 USD = 25,624 CZK.

Full fee Members fee Students’ fee Accompanying persons’ fee before June 30, 2004 3.800 CZK 3.200 CZK 1.600 CZK 1.000 CZK after June 30, 2004 4.500 CZK 3.800 CZK 2.000 CZK 1.000 CZK

Breakfast is included in the accommodation fee. Coffee or tea will be served during morning and afternoon coffee breaks and more refreshments will be available at the restaurant at the conference site. Lunches will be served in the student’s canteen from Tuesday till Friday. The price is 800 CZK for 4 lunches.

Press Conference – from 9 to 12, Monday September 20, 2004, room No. 205, the building of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Národní Street 3, Praha 1. Working group “History Workshop” – from 9 to 18, Monday, September 20, 2004, room No. 206, the building of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Národní Street 3, Praha 1. Public Lecture (for the Frantisek Nusl Price) – from 18 to 21, Wednesday, September 22, 2004, room No. 206, the building of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Národní Street 3, Praha 1. Workshop for Teachers – from 9 to 14, Saturday, September 25, 2004, room No. 206, the building of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Národní Street 3, Praha 1.

ICARIS Ltd., Conference Management will make arrangements for hotel reservations of participants. To secure a hotel reservation, please, mark the corresponding hotel in the enclosed Registration Form and send the corresponding amount (for the whole stay or a one-day deposit according to your preference). In case we do not receive any payment for your accommodation by June 30, 2004, we have to cancel your reservation, however we are able to tolerate a delay of 14 days, therefore is in the Registration Form given also the last possible limit of July 15, 2004. Since there are only limited numbers of rooms, reservations

will be made on the "first come - first served" basis. In case we are not able to fulfil your order (due to overdrawn capacity of the required hotel) we will book your accommodation in another hotel of the same price category. The fixed prices of the accommodation are given in CZK (Czech Crowns). Breakfasts are included. All hotels are located within a good connection with the conference site. Distance to meeting site (min.) 5 10 15 20 Single-bed room (CZK) 1500 2500 1450 2200 Double-bed room *** (CZK) *** 30 1150 Double-bed room (CZK) 1880 3200 1900 2650 Double-bed room ** (CZK) 800 Triple-bed room ** (CZK) 1050 Four-bed room ** (CZK) 1400

Hotel Masarykova kolej *** Denisa *** Krystal *** Zlatá Praha *** Hostel Paťanka (**)

Krystal Hotel Address: José Martího 2, Praha 6 Distance from the conference site: approx: 15 minutes (tram) A modern hotel in a quiet district Dejvice, not fat from the underground station Dejvická (line A), all rooms have a bathroom and TV. Parking is available in the place. Masarykova kolej Address: Thákurova 1, Praha 6 Masarykova kolej is located in the resident district of Prague 6, very close to the city centre. All rooms have their own shower, WC, TV. Paťanka Boarding House Address: Paťanka 4, Praha 6 Distance from the meeting site: approx. 15 minutes (bus) Paťanka was originally a wine merchant home-stead, surrounded by slopes of vineyard. It has been rebuilt and reconstructed. The boarding-house lies in a quiet and peaceful area but is still very close to the city centre. Zlatá Praha Hotel Address: Na Zavadilce 8, Praha 6 Distance from the meeting site: approx. 20 minutes (bus) This recently reconstructed hotel is placed in a quiet area. All the rooms are furnished in a good taste and equipped with TV satellite channels, phone and bathroom. It is easily accessible from the downtown and the airport.

Denisa Address: Národní obrany 33, Praha 6 Distance from the meeting site: approx. 10-15 minutes (walk) This modern hotel is situated in a quiet district Dejvice, just a few steps from the metro station Dejvická, one stop from Prague Castle or 3 stops from the Old Town of Prague. The hotel was recently reopened after complete internal reconstruction and offers high standard of tourist services. It is three stops from the Old Town Square. Safe parking is available in underground garages nearby – in the Diplomat hotel (subject to additional charge). The hotel provides a full range of supplementary tourist services such as currency exchange or transfer and sightseeing arrangements.

This tour is planed for Wednesday afternoon, before the dinner. The price is 100 CZK. Participants who like to take part in the excursion are asked to fill in the registration form.

Tours are planned to various interesting sites. The price for each excursions is not included in the registration fee. Participants who like to take part in an excursion are asked to fill in the registration form. Prague Castle – Tuesday, September 21, 2004 (morning) This hilltop cultural monument with numerous historical sights has been the seat of the rulers of the Czech lands for more than a millennium. During the tour you will learn the history of the Castle and see the most famous buildings (e.g. the Golden Lane, St. Vitus Cathedral). A walking tour, 3-4 hours with a guide. Minimum 15 persons. Price: 600 CZK Lesser Town & Charles Bridge – Wednesday, September 22, 2004 (afternoon) This is one of the most important medieval and baroque cities with its famous palaces. You will have a chance to admire the picturesque Nerudova Street – a part of the King’s Way leading up to Prague Castle, Lesser Town Square and its baroque pearl – the famous St. Nicolas Church, and the former Jesuit College. The tour continues on to the palace where you can find The Infant Jesus of Prague who is famous for his miracles. You will visit Kampa Island, lying between the Vltava River an Certovka Channel. You will have a chance to see The Knights of Malta Order. Walk ends on the imposing Charles Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in Europe, built in 14th century. A walking tour, 3-4 hours with a guide. Minimum 15 persons. Price: 600 CZK Old Town Square and Ungelt – Thursday, September 23, 2004 (morning) During this walking tour you will see the unique architecture of the Old Town Square, the famous Astronomical Clock, the gothic Church of our Lady before Teyn and the adjoining Ungelt area. A walking tour, 3-4 hours with a guide. Minimum 15 persons. Price: 900 CZK

Participants are asked to fill in the Registration Form properly. Put down your requests and count the final sum of your payment. Choose the way of payment you prefer. If you decide to pay by credit card, please, fill in the special form. In this case the form should be returned by fax or post, because a signature is necessary. The organizers will distribute a Confirmation of Payment and Hotel Reservation. There will be indicated the accepted amount and the eventual overpayments or outstanding balances. This document will

be distributed as a PDF file by E-mail. All participants will need their personal identification number for a good orientation in this file. This number you will receive on basis of your registration form. The early payment in Czech crowns must be received by June 30, 2004. The accepted forms of payment are:  by international money transfer or bank transfer made directly to the bank in Prague quoting the name of the participant: Bank: HVB Bank Czech Republic a.s., Nám. Republiky 3a, 110 00 Praha 1 Account name: ICARIS Account number: 504 738 0058 Bank connection (Swift Code): BACXCZPP Bank code: 2700 IBAN: CZ0527000000005047380058 All payments (the fee, accommodation and excursion) must be free of bank charges to the receiver, i.e., all bank charges for effecting the international money transfer must be met by the remitter, including those imposed by the beneficiary's agents (HVB Bank Czech Republic a.s., Prague). This must be explicitly stated when authorising the international money transfer order.  by cheques directed to ICARIS Ltd., and sent in a registered letter to ICARIS Ltd., Conference Management (see cover for address). Bank charges arising in connection with the clearance of your cheque have to be paid after arrival at the registration desk.  by Visa, Eurocard/MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and JCB. Please provide your credit card information in the appropriate place in the Accommodation and Payment Form which you will receive according your registration form and send this information to ICARIS Conference Management not later than by June 30, 2004. We point out that an additional charge of 5% from the total sum will be required when the payment of the conference fee, accommodation and of the excursion will be realised using a credit card.  Participants who want to pay their conference fee by bank transfer and want to save bank charges have the possibility to pay their conference fee in EURo (normal fee 120 Є, members fee 100 Є, students fee 50 Є, accompanying persons fee 30 Є) to the following account: Volksbank Duelmen, BLZ 401 631 23, Kto.-Nr. 310.330.401 All payments must be received by June 30, 2004.

Notification of all cancellations must be sent in writing to the ICARIS Ltd., Conference Management (address, phone, fax and E-mail connections see on the cover). Cancellations received before July 20, 2004 will receive a refund of the conference fee, less an administration charge 1000 CZK. Cancellations received after July 20, 2004 will not receive a refund, but the printed conference materials will be mailed to the non-participant. It is possible to delegate a substitute person instead of a cancellation. Cancellation of the hotel booking (accommodation) before July 31, 2004 - you will be refunded the whole amount, if cancelling later, the price for one night will be charged.

Participants who need a visa to enter the Czech Republic should contact the Czech Embassy or the Consulate well in advance of the Conference dates. Please indicate in the Registration Form if you will need an invitation letter for the visa.

Registration & early payments Hotel payments (at least 1 day deposit) Information on payments & hotel confirmation (by e-mail) Distribution of the Last Announcement with final program June 30, 2004 June 30, 2004 in the beginning of September 2004 in the beginning of September 2004

ICARIS Ltd., Conference Management Náměstí Dr. Holého 8 180 00 Praha 8 Czech Republic Phone: +420 284 828 481; +420 266 312 113 E-mail:

For more information you can visit also the internet page, of the Astronomische Gesellschaft

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