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2013 Alumni Weekend email - alumni UBC


									Hi Everyone,

On behalf of UBC Alumni Affairs, we want to extend our appreciation and thanks for volunteering for
UBC Alumni Weekend 2013!

Alumni Weekend only comes together with the help of all our wonderful volunteers and hosts, and
never more so than this year with over 4000 pre-registered guests. THANK YOU for the important role
you played in the success of the day!

Whether you were helping out with registration, the Attractions Challenge, tours, educational sessions,
transportation, wayfinding or at the Will Stroet or Rick Mercer feature events, your time, effort, and
excellent guest service is truly appreciated. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed yourself!

Each year, we try to make Alumni Weekend even better, and we’d love for you to share any feedback or

It would be great to hear about how you found out about the opportunity to volunteer for Alumni
Weekend, what you thought about the application process and orientation training, as well as the
information received on the day of the event.

Also, please feel free to mention any day-of observations or comments you received from Alumni
Weekend attendees. This information is invaluable to helping us plan ahead for next year and in
improving the overall guest and volunteer experience.

Thank you again for all you did to make this year’s Alumni Weekend a tremendous success. We hope
you will be a part of our Alumni Weekend volunteer team again next year!

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