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September, 2006

Finance Committee keeps watch
By Edward Hopkins Did anyone notice the lights during worship on Sunday? Did anyone notice the temperature in our house of worship (besides complaining about it being too cold or too hot)? Did anyone consider the beauty of the prelude and all the other musical offerings that graced our worship and helped to bring us into God‘s glorious presence? Did anyone ever wonder how the bulletin gets organized, typed into a computer, copied on a copy machine, and folded? I suspect that everyone would notice if the sanctuary were dark and stiflingly hot on Sunday mornings! I guarantee that everyone would be singing the blues if there were no musicians and no accompaniment for our time in worship. I know from personal experience that the congregation enjoys having the order of service, prayer concerns and calendar items typed carefully, printed, and folded in the bulletin each Sunday. However, all of these grand aspects of church that we depend upon and take for granted—each week, each day, each month, each year—cost money! And those of you who live in the material world know that each month things cost more money. Thank goodness that there is a committee at Hinton Avenue that

does not afford itself the luxury of taking our material needs for granted! The Finance Committee is responsible for making sure each year that we have a budget that is prepared against the congregation‘s pledges. The Finance Committee is responsible to see that the bills are paid on time, that there is always adequate money to support the mission and ministry of the church, and that the staff is compensated. You may not be aware and you may not care, but the Finance Committee has met every week for four weeks. The meetings have been long, hot and difficult because the decisions are complex and much hangs in the balance. The Finance Committee must review each committee‘s funding requests, based on its goals and objectives, and then attempt to allocate fairly the anticipated revenues for 2007. Out of this grinding crucible will emerge a funding plan. It is not until the church completes a STEWARDSHIP drive and the members of the congregation have a chance to consider and submit their pledges for giving to the Lord for 2007, that the Finance Committee can prepare a true budget for 2007. CONSECRATION SUNDAY is set for October 8, 2006. This day is especially important because it reminds the family of God at Hinton Avenue that when we joined the church, we promised that we would never take the ministry of the church for granted, but would underwrite the work of the church with our prayers, our presence, our gifts and our service.

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Finance Committee keeps eye on the budget September is Stewardship month Troop 37 goes to camp Handbell practice resumes Project Transformation ends Thanks to many! Grocery card update Training to welcome newcomers Charge Conference set News from Seminaries Habitat for Humanity buys park Young Explorers club to form Sunday school training offered Lay Speaker training District Conference coming in September District Mission to Turkey Creek ”Way to Praise” Conference Leadership Training District Youth news


After the Consecration Sunday work is done, the Finance Committee will have two weeks to finish the 2007 budget before it is presented for approval by the ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD in a called meeting on Sunday, October 22. Then, pending no further changes, the Finance Committee will present the budget for a vote at CHARGE CONFERENCE, Saturday, October 28, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. I just thought you should be aware.



When you think eptember, think

clouds, I shall recall the covenant between myself and you and every living creature, in a word all living things, and never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all living things. When the bow is in the clouds I shall see it and call to mind the eternal covenant between God and every living creature on earth, that is, all living things.” Watch for the rainbow that will show up in the sanctuary to remind us of God’s eternal covenant of love for all living things. Then, watch for large pot. The pot will remind us of the gifts we promised to bring to God as our faithful response to His unfailing love for us.

who would get the food and take to the cook and help cook, two fire guards who would stay to keep an eye on the fire (if our meal was being cooked with a Dutch oven), there was also two clean up people. At the end of every day, we had retreat. This is when the boys that aren‘t the cook or fire guards, if there was a fire, would put on their uniforms and head down to see the lowering of the flag. At this time the troops do roll call and can get awarded the ‗Troop of the Day‘ for a good camp inspection. On one of the days we earned the ‗Troop of the Day‘ award, and we got to put our troop number on the oar. On the last day of camp, we were awarded the Scout Master and Senior Patrol Leader shoot at the rifle range and Troop of the Day. Our troop won ‗TROOP OF THE WEEK‘ for our outstanding scores on the camp inspection, and we got to take the oar home with us. There was also a camp fire with performances done by the scouts. Troop 37 sang the Spongebob Squarepants theme song. The whole camp was hooting and hollering with us. Even the staff was up with us singing and dancing! It was a great way to end the week. (Troop 37 went to Goshen from July 9 to 15).

September will be a month of Stewardship! We will hear sermons on September 3 and 10 on the nature and importance of Christian giving, and then on September 17, Bob Donnelly and the Stewardship Committee will lead us through an intriguing exercise designed to help the congregation focus on giving as an act of faith. The Bible text, which will be at the heart of our Stewardship journey, will be Genesis 9:12-17:

Troop 37 earns ―Troop of the Week‖ at Camp Goshen
This year, Troop 37 went to Goshen instead of Camp Shenandoah. Our camp was Marriot; Marriot is one of the six camps in Goshen. Marriot is an extremely large camp. Getting to the merit badge classes was tough on the first day because of the way everything was spread out over Goshen. After a few days, scouts were getting to their classes on time. The weather was sunny for the first day of camp, but after the first day it poured down. That never put us down – we still had fun getting to classes and by playing cards! The biggest change between Camp Shenandoah and Camp Marriot was the cooking. For our meals we had to cook our own food. The cooking was fun. We had to take on the responsibilities of getting our food, cooking it, and serving it. The first day the meal was on the camp. We got turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and green beans. But after that, we had to cook our meals. Everyday there would be a cook

The Hand Bell Choir will resume practice every Sunday after worship in September!

“And this,” God said, “is the sign of the covenant which I now make between myself and you and every living creature with you for all ages to come: I now set my bow in the clouds and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. When I gather the clouds over the earth and bow appears in the Page 2

The Hinton Herald

2006 Project Transformation Is Complete
By Donita Ahearn After 7 weeks of day camp, the five interns have left town for a break before the college year begins and the 30 students are taking a break as well. The day camp attendance averaged about 20 children per day. They had 3 field trips during the summer and interfaced with many volunteers from HAUMC and surrounding churches. The students read one hour per day to maintain their skills throughout the summer months. The members of HAUMC were very generous with their time and skills, with over 20 people participating is various capacities. Rev. Hopkins led a weekly worship service for the students including teaching them about communion. With God‘s help, our students will remember their worship experiences and seek to learn more about faith in the future. Thank you to the congregation for supporting this mission.

For some time now, HAUMC's Building Committee has been offering Giant and Kroger grocery store gift cards as a way to buy your groceries while benefiting the church's Building Fund. These cards are available in $10, $25, $50 and $100 denominations (other amounts by request) and work just like any other gift or debit card. You simply purchase your card at face value; the grocery store gives the Building Fund a rebate on every card sold.

To Carolyn Hope and her helpers in making Vacation Bible School a success, and to Lindsay and Sandi Walton for writing the VBS materials. To Frances Marshall for assistance in getting various classes/groups to provide refreshments each evening for VBS, including a monetary gift, and to Novella and Sonny Mawyer (and helpers) in making the ― Old Fashion Indoor Picnic‖ fun and exciting. To all those who provided the delicious food for the ―Old Fashion Indoor Picnic‖. To F.L Marshall for his patience and endurance as he has spent months painting the trim work in the halls of the church

Now, what worked great for your own personal grocery shopping can work even better as a thoughtful gift for others. Gift cards are available following worship service from (or by calling) Bob Braden (973-9501) Purchase yours soon helping to build Hinton Avenue's future. We also get rebates from FoodLion on purchases, ask Bob about how you can make this happen as well!

To Wayne Snyder for representing Hinton Avenue at a recent Habitat for Humanity design meeting.

How can we be a more welcoming congregation?
By Edward Hopkins The Virginia Annual Conference is willing to help local congregations (the people called Methodist on Hinton Avenue) become more welcoming to newcomers, strangers, seekers, and folks in the community. The Igniting Ministry effort of the Conference was designed to help congregations who 1) don‘t know how to invite effectively people to come to their church, or 2) who lack a comprehensive plan to welcome and follow up with visitors who do come.

Grocery Store Gift Cards Make Great Gifts All Year
Are there some people you have trouble buying for? You can never find the right gift? What about those in need for whom you'd like to do a little something special?
September, 2006

To Doni Ahearn and Vicki Bibb for co-chairing Project Transformation. To all those who fed the interns of Project Transformation. To all the readers of Project Transformation.

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To address these and other issues that keep congregations from truly being welcoming congregations, the Conference will offer ―Living Our Promise‖ training on October 7, 2006 Discovery UMC on the Richmond District. This training is for churches ―who want to understand how to be more effective in their outreach.‖ It will provide practical information and real inspiration. This training will offer participants three tracts: Starting Out: Basic Welcoming Training Moving On: Advanced Welcoming Skills Living Up: Creating a Unique Identity Churches may send a team of three or more and participate in each of the tracts. The event costs $40 per church and $10 for each participant. This price includes materials and lunch! I have a wedding on October 7 and will not be able to participate. However, I am absolutely convinced that this event will be of enormous benefit to our congregation. We need to send a team to represent Hinton Avenue and to glean as much information as we can! Please let me know very soon if you would like to be instrumental in helping Hinton Avenue become a more welcoming and inviting congregation. Registration begins at 8:30a.m. and the event itself opens at 9:00 a.m. It will end at 3:00 p.m.

Brenda Biler, the Charlottesville District Superintendent, will join us for this important gathering is ―Claiming Our Identity,‖ and will be based on John 6:35, ―Then Jesus declared, ‗I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.‖

Charge Conference is set for Saturday, October 28, 2006 at 10:00 a.m.
The elected members of the Administrative Board are expected to be present at this important event. Anyone else is welcome to come and listen to the summary reports from last year‘s ministry, and to the vision statements that will shape our ministry into the future. Charge Conference is the annual crucible of accountability that reminds us who we are and what we are to be about.

though I have only been here a few days, it is already proving to be a wonderful experience. I have already met a few of my fellow students who have without hesitation sought to assist me in anyway possible. I have also enjoyed getting to know my roommate, Michael Hunt who is from Baltimore. Even though he is Baptist, he is an alright guy. I would like to express my thanks again for the gift of the New Interpreter‘s Bible set. I have had second year students express much jealousy and envy over my possession of a complete set. I have a feeling they will be well-worn when my time here is finished. I am very excited about classes starting on September 5th, but I am enjoying the downtime I have between now and then to get everything in order before the real work begins. I missed not worshiping with you on Sunday, and I hope you know that Hinton Avenue is in my thoughts and prayers. I wish I could express to you just all that I feel as I am set to begin this journey, and I hope you will get some glimpse of that in the coming months from these little blurbs of mine. I would love to hear from you all, so if you would like to write or email, or even pick up the phone and call me, here is that information: Haden Conrad 1703 Clifton Road, C-3 Atlanta, GA 30329 Email: or Phone: 404-251-9899 I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you will keep thinking and praying for me. Your thoughts and prayers
The Hinton Herald

Letters from southern seminaries
(The following letters were written by Haden Conrad and David Vaughan as their first installment in a series of newsletter articles to chronicle their experiences as a seminary student at Candler School of Theology and Duke Divinity. Haden joined Hinton Avenue on June 5, 2005. He served as our Mission Chair, led a mission team to the gulf in April, and was our worship liturgist every Sunday until he left for Atlanta. David served as the Youth Minister at HAUMC from his second year at UVa until he completed a year of graduate study) Greetings from Haden Conrad.

Charge Conference advisory
Be advised: Our Charge Conference is set for Saturday, October 28, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. Dr.
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I am beginning to settle into new surroundings here in Atlanta. Even

have strengthened me to do this thing that I have been called out to do. I wish you all many blessings and true peace. Greeting from David Vaughan! Life in Durham is still a bit chaotic, with boxes piled high and books waiting to be read, but it's been one blessing after another. I came down a week early to participate in Project BRIDDDGE (Building Relationships in Durham through Duke Divinity Graduate Education), a pre-orientation program that connected incoming students with various work projects, historical sites, and community leaders in the area. After a brief rest to unpack more of the apartment and a return trip to Charlottesville to lead youth group, I attended Duke's 3-day orientation, complete with chapel worship, academic lectures, course registration, and lots and lots of new people (did you know that 2004 PT intern Cory is a second-year student here?). Now with classes starting on Tuesday, August 29 things are sure to get even busier and more interesting. April and I both want to thank you once again for your unending support and encouragement as we begin this new chapter in our faith journey. We look forward to sharing the joys and struggles of seminary life with you over the next three years! Email David at

Habitat to transform community
By Edward Hopkins Habitat for Humanity has purchased the Sunrise trailer park on the eastern side of Belmont with a vision to convert the area into a multi-use, multi-income development. This model hopes to accommodate existing residents, provide housing for Habitat partner families, and purchase opportunities for new residents. Plans haven‘t been finalized, but at least half of the homes in the new development will be Habitat-subsidized ―affordable

to displace the trailer park‘s residents, but to get as many as possible to move into the new housing. In May, Habitat purchased Southwood Mobile Home Estates, a 371-unit trailer park in Albemarle County. Plans to convert the 100acre trailer park to a similar ―mixedincome‖ community are in their infancy, and Sunrise will serve as a trial run for the larger project. Wayne Snyder, who attends Hinton Avenue regularly and who has worked on several Habitat Homes, participated recently in a design meeting for the ―Habitat for Humanity Sunrise Court‖ held at Clark School. Wayne writes: ―I think the intent of

housing,‖ Some of the housing will be owned by families with a gross income between 25 percent and 50 percent of the area‘s median between $16,000 and $32,000 per year for a local family of four There will also be several rental units available for elderly residents currently living in the trailer park. For these units, the rent cannot exceed 30 percent of the occupants‘ income. In addition, there will be housing for families that earn between 50 percent and 100 percent of area median income Construction on the project is about 18 months away. Habitat has raised about $700,000 toward an estimated $2 million it will spend on land, site development and architecture fees for the project. Habitat officials said the idea isn‘t

the meeting was to solicit early design inputs from the current residents of Sunrise Court and the surrounding Belmont neighborhood. There looked to be about 10-15 families represented, and the meeting was really well organized. HFH has hired two design firms, and it was clear to me that this was not their first rodeo [Wayne is from Texas]. They did an outstanding job giving everyone an opportunity to make an input, and to make any concerns that they had known. From every group, there were inputs that the design firms had not yet considered. ―Construction is currently scheduled to begin in July 2008, so this is a project that won‘t have much of the typical HFH volunteer involvement until then. ―It turns out that I was the only church or service organization
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September, 2006

representative, aside from the HFH folks. I think the HFH and the design firm folks were pleased that that someone from a neighborhood church was there.‖

Young Explorers club to form
3rd to 5th graders invited
By Edward Hopkins Attention all kids in the third through fifth grades! The pastor would like to help you get organized for fellowship, fun and learning. Beginning in September, probably on Sunday afternoons and probably at 3:30, the Rev. Hopkins will gather children in the 3rd to 5th grade together for a social hour based on the best-selling book by Dr. Henrietta Mears, What the Bible is All About for Young Explorer.

Classes Offered: A. Basic Lay Speaking – B. Advanced: Lay Speakers Preach October 28th & 29th, Emmanuel UMC, 401 N. Main St., Amherst, VA, Phone 434-946-7624 Classes Offered: A. Basic Lay Speaking - B. Advanced: Lay Speakers Lead in Worship Classes are from 9AM to 5PM on Saturdays and 2PM to 5:00PM on Sundays. Advanced registration is requested so that students can complete workbook projects prior to class. Please contact Frank Lasley, District Director of Lay Speaking Ministries, 1015 Campbell Rd., Keswick, VA 22947-2117 Phone: 434-295-3126 E-mail: All classes are ten hours. The basic class is $15. The advanced class is $25, includes additional charges for extra-required course workbooks. Fees cover books and lunch. Registration Deadline One Week prior to the class you wish to attend! Please tell anyone who is interested and get them to sign up!

Sunday school training offered
By Ann Davis, Director of Children's Ministries & Discipleship Virginia Conference Two Sunday School training events will be offered September 9 and 10. Entitled ―Faith Journeys,” these events are being sponsored by the Virginia Conference Board of Discipleship and have been made possible by funds received from the annual Christian Education Sunday offering. The training events are scheduled for Saturday, September 9 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. at St. Matthews UMC in Annandale, and Sunday, September 10 from 2 to 6:30 pm at Wesley UMC in Colonial Heights. Each of these events will feature a key note address and individual workshops in Sunday School for children, youth, and adults, including teacher training, teaching children to use their Bibles, workshop rotation Sunday School, Off-time, Off-site Sunday School, Teaching the Liturgical Seasons, and Biblical storytelling. The cost is only $10 per person (lunch on the Saturday dates is available for an additional cost). 0.5 CEU is available at the Saturday events. For more information or to register, visit the conference web site at under Events and link on the date, or call the Office of Children's Ministries and Discipleship at 804-521-1153 or 1-800-768-6040 ext. 153.
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District to offer Lay Speaker training at three venues
Frank Lasley District Director of Lay Speaking Ministries The Charlottesville District is pleased to offer Lay Speaker Training in three areas of the District in October. The Lay Speaking Ministries Basic Course, along with three Advanced Courses will be offered. October 14th & 15th, Culpeper UMC, 1233 Oaklawn Dr., Culpeper, VA, Phone 540-825-0764 Classes Offered: A. Basic Lay Speaking – B. Advanced: Lay Speakers Lead Bible Study October 21st & 22nd, Salem UMC, 840 Salem Church Rd., Palmyra, VA, Phone 434-589-2411

District Conference comes early
The Charlottesville District will convene for a conference on September 10, 2006 at 3:00 p.m. at Aldersgate UMC on Rio Road., Dr. Brenda Biler, the Charlottesville District Superintendent, oversees the ministries of 53 churches with more than 14,000 members and more than 5,000 worshiping each Sunday. The work of the District is
The Hinton Herald

held accountable at the District Conference. The folks who should attend the District Conference are:  All ordained clergy,  licensed local pastors,  diaconal ministers, and deaconesses related to that district  a church lay leader,  chairperson of the church council or its equivalent body,  church school superintendent,  president of the United Methodist Women,  president of the chartered United Methodist Men from each local church in the district  the lay member of the annual conference from each charge  three members at large, one of whom shall be a youth, elected by each charge conference  the chairperson of the district Council on Ministries or the equivalent body,  the district stewards  the district trustees  the district treasurer  the district lay leader and associate lay leaders  the president of the district United Methodist Women  the president of the district United Methodist Men  the president of the district United Methodist Youth  the president of the district United Methodist Young Adults  the district coordinators of children, youth, young adult, adult, and family ministries  other district coordinators and directors  five youth members elected by the district youth council  five young adult members elected by the District Council on Ministries (or equivalent Body)

District mission team to return to Turkey Creek
A mission team will be going back to Turkey Creek in Gulfport in January, 2007. This team will be led by Phil and Shirley Hunsicker and is sponsored by the Charlottesville District Board of Missions. The tentative date for this trip is January 20-28. Contact the Hunsicker‘s at 540-948-4621 or Al White, the coordinator for the Turkey Creek area of Gulfport, will be coming for a very short visit to the Charlottesville area. He will be staying in Madison with the Hunsickers. Depending on the 2007 hurricane season, he plans to be in the area late September or early October. He will bring us up to date on all that is happening in the Gulfport area. The need for more teams is still great.

Leadership Training
By Brenda Biler One of the delights of life is discerning what new thing God is doing in our midst. The Creator is always full of surprises and invitations. I pray that at least 10 persons from each congregation on the Charlottesville District will join me for a morning of worship, learning, and fellowship on November 18, 10:00-12:30, St. Paul’s UMC in Staunton. The theme of the Bi-District Training Event is, One with Each Other, One in Ministry. Brochures will be available at District Conference. Please help to get the word out to your congregation. God has deeply blessed this district with a variety of gifts and opportunities to share the love of Christ. Let us be willing to be one with each other and one in ministry. The Charlottesville District recently said goodbye to it long-serving Administrative Assistant, Sue Porter and hello to Linda F. Truslow. Linda is an active member of Rhodes UMC. Her hours are 9:003:00, Monday thru Friday and her email address is

―Ways to Praise‖ Conference
Floris United Methodist Church and All for the King Music are sponsoring a conference on encouraging interactive worship at Floris UMC, September 30, 8 AM-5 PM. This worship seminar is for pastors, worship leaders, lay leaders, musicians, and A/V technicians – as well as anyone interested in worship and praise. Discounts are available for groups of 5 or more. Participants are eligible to receive .5 CEU‘s. To register or to learn more visit and click on ―Ways to Praise‖ icon.

District Youth News
The Charlottesville District Youth Fall Retreat is scheduled for September 8-10, 2006 at Westview on the James with the John Ivins Worship Band.

September, 2006

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Presiding Bishop, Charlene Payne Kammerer District Superintendent, Brenda Biler Pastor, Edward Hopkins Youth/Children Director, David Vaughan (e-mail)

Secretary, Frances Marshall (e-mail)

Music Directors, Michael Latsko and Babs Fickes (e-mail) (e-mail)

Custodian, Bill Miller Sunday School for all ages, beginning at 9:45 a.m. Worship begins at 11:00 a.m.

Nursery Provided for Sunday School and Worship Come join us for worship this Sunday!
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