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					160                            th                          Warrnambool
                                                           agricultural Society

Warrnambool Show
   Daily Show
Activities Program
      Friday 25th, Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th October 2013

  Interschools Ho                            Fireworks Saturday Night
   Competition and                         • Steve Cox Positive   • Professor Wallace’s
Unofficial EA Dre                            Horsemanship           Puppet Theatre
      Competitionth                        • National Shearing    • Great South Coast
         rsday 24
                                             Titles – Friday &      Food Hall
     Thu                                     Saturday               – Commerce Pavilion
                              jumping,     • Circus Challenge –   • New Event
  horses,  pony club, show
                          , photography,     Friday & Saturday      – Young Farmers
dairy, b eef, horticulture                 • Jamie & Kim’s            Challenge
          homecrafts, pou                    Mobile Zoo –         • Wannon Room
                       eece and more...
  sh earing, sheep, fl                       Friday & Saturday      Market
                          & Sunday
       Friday, Saturday

Activity                              Friday 25th          Saturday 26th              Sunday 27th
Unofficial EA Dressage – Open
Thursday 24th October – From 8.00am
Interschool Dressage –
Thursday 24th October 8.00am
Interschool Showjumping               From 8.00am
Alpaca Youth Paraders Clinic          From 10.00am         From 10.00am               From 10.00am
Alpaca’s                                                                              All Day
Animal Nursery                        All Day              All Day                    All Day
Arts & Crafts Pavilion                All Day              All Day                    All Day
Australian National Shearing
& Romney Shearing Competition         All Day              9.00am to 10.00pm
Beef Cattle                           9.00am to 1.00pm
Beef Junior Judging & Handling        Approx. 2.00pm
Bunnings Workshop                     10.00am to 3.00pm    10.00am to 3.00pm
Carnival Rides                        All Day              All Day                    All Day
Circus Challenge                      All Day              All Day
Cup Cake Decorating                   12 noon & 3.00pm     9.30am, 12 noon & 3.00pm   10.30am
CWA Ladies - Arts & Crafts            All Day              All Day                    All Day
Dairy Cattle                                               9.00am to 3.00pm
Dog High Jumping                                           Entries 1.30pm
                                                           Competition from 2.00pm
Fireworks                                                  From Approx 9.00pm
Fleece                                All Day              All Day                    All Day
Great South Coast Food
Hall & Commerce Pavilion              All Day              9.00am to 6.30pm           All Day
Great South Coast Food                10.30am & 2.30pm     10.30am, 2.30pm            11.30am
Hall Cooking Demonstrations                                & 5.00pm
Horse Events                          All Day              All Day                    All Day
Horticulture                          All Day              All Day                    All Day
Jamie & Kim’s Mobile Zoo              All Day              All Day
Junior Show Personality                                    From 11.00am
Poultry                                                    All Day
Professor Wallace’s                   3 to 4 Shows daily   3 to 4 Shows daily         3 to 4 Shows daily
Puppet Theatre
Sheep                                 9.00am to 4.00pm
Showbags                              All Day              All Day / Night            All Day
Showjumping - EA                      All Day              All Day                    All Day
Wannon Room Market Stalls             All day              All Day until 6.00pm       All day
Steve Cox Positive Horsemanship       Shows-               Shows-                     Shows-
                                      11.00am & 3.00pm     1.00pm & 7.00pm            10.00am & 1.00pm
                                      Clinics 1.00pm       Clinics 10.00am & 4.00pm
Trade Stalls                          All Day              All Day / Night            All Day
Warrnambool Wood Craft Group          All Day              All Day                    All Day
YDDP Young Farmers Teams Challenge                         From 1.00pm
Steve Cox
    Thirteen years ago Steve and family moved to
Nanneella, south of Echuca Victoria, with grand plans
to become a cattle farmer.
    But two years into their dreams the drought struck
and they were forced to “sell all their stock for nearly
nothing”. Steve had to look for alternative ways to
survive the drought, so putting his horse skills to use
began along the path of the Liberty Horsemanship.
     Steve’s passion with horses started as a youngster
in Bacchus Marsh, with the guidance of mentors such
as show jumper Jack Pattern and harness racing
trainer Alan Tubbs. Steve credits many of his skills
to his great mate and renowned horse trainer Heath
Harris, who trained the film horses in The Man From
Snowy River, Phar Lap & Racing Stripes. With Jack,              We are Jamie and Kim Lind of JAMIE AND KIM’S
Alan and Heath, Steve learnt to keep his eyes open          MOBILE ZOO, the wildlife show that comes to your
and mouth shut.                                             location. We have a huge selection of animals to present
     Aside from taking his show around the country          to the children and adults, including a wombat, dingo,
and instructing Positive Horsemanship Clinics Steve         crocodile, bettong, frogs, snakes, turtles and a lot more. Our
is the Victorian agent for the Hawkesbury River             presentation allows the public to get up close and touch the
Saddle Co. and works as a troubleshooter for the            animals while learning exciting facts about each one. We
most badly behaved of equines. “Every horse is              also include important wildlife safety tips and can answer
trainable, some just take a little more time than others.   any questions that they may have.
To teach a Horse, a trainer must be calm & assertive.          We’ve had a lifelong love of Australian wildlife with 15
To be able to read the horses body actions, if the          years experience in animal handling. All of our animals are
horse losses control, the trainer must be able to ride      hand raised by staff and are hand tame.
the wave until he flattens out again.

                                                                    Professor Wallace’s
                                                                     Puppet Theatre
                                                             Professor Wallace’s puppet theatre is one of the oldest
                                                              continuous performing acts in Australia. It’s a variety
                                                               show, combining traditional wooden hand puppet,
                                                               marionettes & modern Muppets. All performances
                                                                      include lots of audience interaction.


                      Nursing 10
                      Mothers Area




                  8            5                         Showjumping
                                                                                        horse &
  hyland Street




                      25           Information Centre

                      1                          2
public entrance                                              koroit Street                  pub
                                Rebecca Tennant Sand Area                                                                    SHOWGROUNDS
                                                    13                                                                       leGeND
                                           horse exercise area                                                          1    Public Entrance
                                                                                                                        2    Security Van

      Warrnambool Showgrounds                                                                                           3    Secretary’s Office

             Plan 2013                                                                                                  4    Sheep Pavilion & Shearing
                                                                                                                        5    Fleece Display
                                                                                                                        6    Horticulture Pavilion
             12                            12

 12                                                                                                                     7    Commerce Pavilion
                      12                                                                                                8    Toilet Block
                                                                                                                        9    Special Events - Fashion
23                              15               15                15                                                        Parade Saturday
                      22                                                                                                10   Arts & Crafts / Nursing
                                                                                                                             Mothers Area

                                15                                 15
                                                                                                                        11   Wannon Room Market
                                                 horse Floats
                                                   Vans &

                                                                                                                        12   Members Parking
                                                                                           to Members & Float parking

                                       8                                                                                13   Horse Exercise Area
& riding Judging                                                                14
                                                                                                 horse stalls
                                                                                                 horse stalls

& pony club events                                                                                                      14   Horse Stalls

                                            15                    15                                                    15   Vans & Horse Floats
                                                                               to floa

                                                                                                                        16   Cattle Pavilion
                                                                  14                                                    17   Stock Ramp
                                                 n              horse stalls
                                             llio                                                                       18   Entrance Gate for Members,
                                       Sta                      horse stalls
                                                                                                                             Horse & Cattle Exhibitors

                           19                                                                                           19   Cattle Judging Rings

                                                         cattle pavilion
                                                                                                                        20   Poultry
                                                                                                                        21   Animal Nursery

             21            20

                                                                                                                        22   Arena Marshall &
            animal                                                                                                           Horse Supervisor
            nursery   poultry                                             17
 1                                                                                                        18            23   Dog High Jump
                                                            entrance gate for                                           24   Commercial Vehicles Entrance
blic entrance                                               Members, horse &                                                 Authorised Vehicles Only
                                                             cattle exhibitors
                                                                                                                        25   St. John Ambulance First Aid
 The Great South Coast Food Hall
       Show casing some of the regions locally grown produce.

Lana’s Garden                                                 Spread
 Lana’s Garden produces a number                              Producing chutney’s, relishes, pickles and
 of handmade Rhubarb products,                                jams
 including Rhubarb and Raspberry
 Jam, Rhubarb Relish, Rhubarb
 Coulis and a savory Rhubarb Sauce.
 All products are gluten free and do
not contain artificial colours, artificial
flavours or artificial preservatives.
                                                              Deutschers Turkey’s
                                                              Daryl breeds and raises Australia’s largest
                                                              range of rare turkeys on his 80 acre
                                                              property. All breeding stock is carefully
Hampden Honey                                                 selected for type, and particularly, colour.
Hampden Honey produces pure                                   As well as breeding rare turkeys, he sells
Sugargum, Canola, or Box honey and                            turkey feathers and meat products
has Hive boxes and frames made to

Basalt Wines
Two and a half acres of Riesling,
                                                  Has a reputation for quality and food safety that
Pinot Noir, Merlot and the very
                                                  makes us a preferred supplier of dairy products with
trendy Spanish grape, Tempranillo,
                                                  exports to key markets around the world – along
to be labeled under the Basalt label.
                                                  with a strong presence in the Australian domestic
The cafe turns out stunning treats
                                                  market through our flagship Devondale brand.
from local produce to share at the
communal table or under a tree in the

Waltanna Gold                                    Plus all the stall holders of the Commerce
 Waltanna Farms - Producing                      pavilion including;
 Australia’s finest certified organic                       Therapy Equipment
 golden flaxseed products.                                  Natural Skin Care products
 WAlTANNA GOlD Flaxseed is
 pure and natural, adds a pleasant                          Walking balloons & balloon Characters
 textured nutty taste to your meal and                      Handcrafts & Gifts
 has proven vital health benefits for                       Children’s gifts
inside and outside the body as well as
                                                            Scale model cars, Trucks & Tractors
mental health.
                                                            Show Novelties
                                                            Pain management and Accessories
Irrewarra Homestead
                                                            Tea’s – Packaged
Natural bio-dynamic ice-cream and
                                                            Coffee Stall
milkshakes. Products are made on
farm from own Jersey milk. Nothing
artificial and are gluten, egg and nut
                                             Wannon Room Market & Fashion Parade
Great Ocean Road                             Visit the Wannon Room market for a variety of stalls
                                             from. Chocolates, Skin Care, Kids Clothing, Florist,
Beef                                         Quilts, Jewellery, Prints and clothing.
Fresh, locally grown, tender prime           Also on Saturday Target Stores will be hosting a
beef, delivered to your door in 5, 10        Fashion parade for all ages at 1.30pm.
and 20kg packs
                                                     Find and Win.
Visit all our pavilions and sites at this year’s 160th Warrnambool Show to Win.
What did you see at this year’s show?

        Q. What is the name of the Entertainment Horse Show and What time are they on?

        A. ____________________________________________________

        Q. What animals did you see in the Animal Nursery?

        A. ____________________________________________________

        Q. Name one of the Puppets in the puppet show?

        A. ____________________________________________________

        Q. Name two stall holders business names from the Great South Coast
           Food Hall & Commerce pavilion?

        A. ____________________________________________________

        Q. What is in this year’s Wannon Room Market?

        A. ____________________________________________________

        Q. Name a flower in the Horticulture Pavilion?

        A. ____________________________________________________

        Q. Name a Carnival Ride and a Showbag?

        A. ____________________________________________________

        Q. What is in the Glass Display cabinet 5 in the Arts & Crafts Pavilion?

        A. ____________________________________________________

        Q. What is on the main arena daily?

        A. ____________________________________________________

        Place entries in the entry Bucket at the
        Information Window near the Shearing entrance
                                    Major sponsors


            The Warrnambool Agricultural Society appreciate the support of all our
Major and Associate Sponsors, as it is only with the strong support of the business community
       that we are able to maintain the standard and status of our Show for 160 years.
     Visit our website at for a full list of all sponsors.

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