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									Erin	Leitten	|	Designer/Art	Director                            631-374-9542                755	Hancock	Place
                                Lindenhurst,	NY	11757	

Graphic Designer
	   Attentive,	actioning,	accomplished	graphic	designer	with	small	advertising	and	marketing	agency	experience.	Capable		
	   of	developing	brand	identity,	designing	ad	campaigns,	corporate	and	sales	collateral,	direct	mail,	social	media,	content	
	   creation,	copy	writing,	websites,	email	landing	pages,	blasts,	banner	and	web	marketing	materials;	for:	b2b,	trade	and	
	   consumer	markets;	with	an	expertise	in	travel,	hospitality,	outdoor	and	food.	Natural	ability	to	process	direction	and	
	   motivate	creativity	in	colleagues;	thus	producing	effective	marketing	strategies	and	ad	campaigns	which	achieve		
	   return	on	investment.

Accomplishments                                                                                                             Skills
•	Executed	creative	designs	and	strategic	solutions	for	all	media	including;	print,	                          Mac	and	PC	Platform
	 outdoor,	web,	interactive,	social,	radio	and	on-line	video.                                              Server/FTP	Management
                                                                                                                 Font	Management
•	Collaborated	with	stakeholders,	executive,	marketing	and	sales	teams	in	the	
	 conception,	visual	development	and	execution	of	projects.
                                                                                                      Analytics/Excel	Spreadsheets
•	Integrated	brand	guidelines	and	industry	leading	style	standards	while	contributing		                  PowerPoint	Presentations
	 to	and	applying	forefront	design,	advertising	and	marketing	trends.                                                  Acrobat/PDF

•	Spearheaded	agency	social	media	case	study	to	introduce	clients	to	the	medium.
                                                                                                                  Adobe	Photoshop
•	Collaborated	in	business	development	and	client	relations’	efforts,	including	rfp,	              Scan,	Retouch,	Color	Correction
	 pitch,	presentation,	marketing	strategy,	budget,	and	project	schedule.                                     Photo	Shoot	Direction
                                                                                                        Digital/35mm	Photography
                                                                                                               Digital	Video	Editing

Professional Experience                                                                                   Studio	and	Flash	Lighting

•	BCA	Marketing	Communications	|	New	York,	NY	|	‘06	—	‘10	                                                               Illustrator
	 Graphic	Designer:	Multi-tasked	eight	product	brands,	domestically	and	                                                   InDesign
	 internationally	traveled	for	on-site	presentations	and	public	relations	events.	                                    Quark	XPress
                                                                                                     Pre	and	Post	Press	Production
•	New	Media	Design	|	Farmingdale,	NY	|	‘05	—	‘06	                                                   Desktop	Publishing/Typesetting
	 AD	Intern:	Concept	collaboration,	team	direction,	design	and	completion	of		                         Mechanical	Ad	Specification
	 non-profit	campaign.	Awards:	Gold	BOLI	2006	
                                                                                                             Front-end	Web	Design
•	Cameta	Camera	|	Amityville,	NY	|	‘03	—	‘05	                                                                   Adobe	ImageReady
	 Web/Graphic	Designer:	Designed	HTML	eBay	web	pages,	managed	e-commerce.		                                    Dreamweaver/HTML
	 Photo/Video	Retail	Sales:	digital,	35mm	and	lens	specialist.                                          CSS/Cascading	Style	Sheets
                                                                                                             Actions	and	Behaviors
•	Western	Suffolk	BOCES	|	Dix	Hills,	NY	|	‘02	—	‘03	                                                             Email	Distribution
	 Photo/Ad	Art/Video	TA:	Supportive	instruction	in	three	technical	vocations.                               Database	Management
                                                                                                                    Email	Tracking

Education                                                                                                             Copy	Writing
•	Farmingdale	State	University	|	Farmingdale,	NY	                                                                 Content	Creation
	 Bachelor	of	Technology:	Visual	Communications	|	‘03	—	‘06                                                          Storyboarding
                                                                                                           Sketch	and	Composition
•	School	of	Visual	Arts	|	New	York,	NY	                                                                        Mechanical	Mock-ups
	 Continuing	Education:	Photography,	Advertising/Marketing	‘03	—	‘05,	‘07,	‘09                           Print	and	Web	Typography

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