Welcome to the Hu's On First and Hu's Asian Bistro Gift Card Fundraising Program! This is an easy way to raise money for your class, team, or group, while providing friends and family with gift cards for two of Winnipeg's most unique and best loved restaurants. Our Gift Card Fundraising Program offers you the opportunity to earn 15% of all sales from our $50 gift cards. And unlike other gift card fundraising programs, we do not require a minimum spend when redeeming our gift cards, nor do we charge an administration fee. Our gift cards are valid at both locations and have no expiry date. Hu's Asian Bistro, located at 1747 Ellice Avenue at King Edward street, will be open in early November.

Once you sign on with our Gift Card Fundraising Program, you will be provided with an informational brochure and order form for each member of your group. The group member will then pre-sell the $50 gift cards, collecting either cash, cheques, or credit card numbers as payment. At the end of the selling period, the group member will submit the order forms and payments to their teacher/supervisor/leader, who will then submit all order forms and payments to us. We will process all of the payments and then bring the gift cards back to the teacher/supervisor/leader, sorted by group member, who will then distribute the cards to each group member, along with a copy of the original order form, so that the group member knows who has ordered. The group member will then be responsible for getting the gift cards to the purchasers. As well, when we bring the gift cards to you, we will include your cheque for 15% of total sales from your group. No hidden fees, no extra charges, 15% paid directly to you! To see how profitable this can be, let us look at an example: Say your class/team/group has 25 students. And say they each are able to sell 10 gift cards. 25 members x 10 gift cards each x $7.50 earned per $50 gift card = $1875 paid to you!

If, however, you have a large group (such as a grad class), and they are each able to sell, say 15 cards, these profits quickly multiply: 100 members x 15 gift cards each x $7.50 earned per $50 gift card = $11,250!!!

If you have any questions or would be interested in receiving more information, please do not hesitate to contact Melissa Schlichting, Office Manager, at 982-7426 or email her at with “Gift Card Program” in the subject line.

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