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									Abigail Adams

1744: Abigail Smith is born 1740’s: much sexually based discrimination and little to no education for women; “Nabby” and sisters taught to read and intellectually blossomed 1759: Admitted to membership in father’s (who was the minister) church 1763: Smith and Adams bond over their mutual interest in matters of the minds and falling in love, facing obstacles such as finance and smallpox inoculation along the way 1764: John and Abigail marry- no place for single women in America July 14, 1765: Successfully delivers baby- common for women to have a series of pregnancies due to the high mortality rates and prevalence of disease with little hope for a real cure; Stamp Act riots July 14, 1767: John Quincy Adams is born during the time of “Republican Mothers” which constituted a way to rationalize discrimination by bridging the gap between home and state; Townshend Revenue Act April 1768: Adams’ move to Boston and become caught in the surge of revolution; Adams writes the “Boston Instructions” protesting the presence of troops and seizure of his John Hancock’s boat, Liberty 1770’s: Abigail became effective head of the household and assumed the extensive responsibilities of being a single parent

March 5, 1770: A mob throws snowballs and bricks at the red-coated “lobsterbacks” and soldiers fire a volley into the crowd  Boston Massacre 1773: Abigail meets Mary Otis Warren who helps shape her own ideas about American independence  believed that Britain was violating rights of colonists December 16, 1773: Boston Tea Party August 1774: Adams left home to represent Massachusetts at the Continental Congress in Philadelphia 1774-1775: British commander in Boston, General Gage, turns city into an armed camp and Abigail leads family back to the Braintree farm April 19, 1775: British soldiers marched to Concord to seize a stockpile of ammunition the colonists had gathered June 17, 1775: Battle of Bunker Hill, refugees come pouring to Braintree July 4, 1776: Declaration of Independence signed; Mercy and Abigail discuss the idea of petitioning the Continental Congress on behalf of women’s rights (“Remember the ladies”) 1776: Groups such as The Association and “Daughters of Liberty” contributed to success of Revolutionary War cause October 1777: Saratoga campaign is won by the rebels February 13, 1778: Adams leaves with Franklin to be American representatives in the negotiation of a treaty of alliance with France 1779: Adams comes home briefly only to leave on November 3 when Congress calls Adam to be primary negotiator of peace with Great Britain 1780: Benedict Arnold is caught for treason

September 3, 1783: Peace of Paris obtained June 20, 1784: Abigail sails to Europe May 1785: Adams’ move to London where John is the American ambassador 1787: Shay’s Rebellion 1788: Adams’ return to Massachusetts February 1789: Adams elected vice president 1796: Adams becomes president, Abigail assists administrative staff 1797-98: XYZ affair July 14, 1798: Alien and Sedition Act regarding the curbing of the influence of foreigners and to suppress the voice and constitutional rights of critics of the administration 1803: John Quincy becomes Massachusetts senator 1809: John Quincy becomes first ambassador of America to Russia War of 1812 1818: Abigail contracts typhoid fever, dies on October 28

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