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									Sandhills Center for MH, DD & SAS Consumer and Family Advisory Committee August 19, 2008

Present: Michael Ayers Melissa Bass Stephen Cohen

Edward Daniels Carol DeBerry Elaine Hayes

Michael McNeill Betty Pankey Lori Richardson

Harvey Sturdivant Ronald Unger

Sandhills Center Staff: Mike Markoff, Al Oldham and Joni Nall Excused Absence: Avis Hall, Leann Henkel, Ron Huber, Marianne Kernan, Irma Robledo, Linda Sparkman and Tony Wilcox Absent: Debra Collins and Beth Graves Guest: Eric Fox Call to Order: Michael Ayers sitting in as acting Chairperson in Tony’s absence called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Special Announcements: An update was given on Linda Sparkman’s condition, stating she had been in the hospital for several weeks but is resting at home now. Linda’s blood pressure dropped several times which caused her to pass out. During an episode, she fell and cracked a vertebra in the lumbar area causing Linda paralysis in her legs. Surgery to fuse the lumbar was performed and Linda had to learn to walk again. She has also undergone 10 days of radiation, which she tolerated really well and is currently able to take medication orally at home now. She has a nurse which comes 3 times a week, along with a caregiver who helps with bathing, clothing and light housework. She has a “thing” as Linda called it, which monitors her daily blood pressure, blood-oxygen levels, heart rate and weight that is transmitted back to the hospital. David is doing okay, as his camp worker is with him during the day and Linda’s nephew is staying with her and helps them each afternoon/night when he returns from work. Linda requested prayers for her remission so she can return to the CFAC meetings and enjoy the good food. Betty Pankey reported she is slowly “coming along” as she recovers from the loss of her home due to a lightening strike. Betty’s son is returning home from Iran for a two weeks visit. Review of Minutes July 2008 minutes were reviewed and a motion was made by Ronald Unger to accept the minutes as reviewed and was seconded by Stephen Cohen. The motion carried.

1. Michael Markoff, SHC Customer Service/Consumer Affairs Director  Plan to Meet Contract Expectations: Joanne Peterson, SHC Planning Director was not available to report to the CFAC committee on this date as Mike Markoff presented the LME Team Work Plan to fulfill 08-09 Contract Requirements. The following was reviewed. Attachment 1  1.0 General Administration & Governance  2.0 Business Management & Accounting  3.0 Information Management  4.0 Claims Processing  5.0 Provider Relations & Support  6.0 Access, Screening, Triage & Referral  7.0 Service Management  7.2 Care Coordination  7.3 Community Collaboration  7.4 System of Care – Committee member Betty Pankey requested more information and Mike Markoff is to follow up.  8.0 Consumer Affairs & Customer Service  9.0 Quality Management  Satisfaction/Suggestions Survey: Mike presented to the committee an example of the Sandhills Center for MH, DD & SAS Anonymous Survey. Each survey card will be printed on colored paper, corresponding to each county. Once a month the following volunteers will pick up these survey cards from the SHC Access Units and bring them to the monthly CFAC meeting.  Anson Access Unit – Carol DeBerry & Harvey Sturdivant  Harnett Access Unit – Elaine Hayes  Hoke Access Unit – Melissa Bass  Lee Access Unit – Ron Unger with Stephen Cohen as backup  Montgomery Access Unit – uncertain at this time  Moore Access Unit – Michael McNeill & Tony Wilcox  Randolph (Archdale & Asheboro) Access Units – Michael Ayers  Richmond Access Unit – Betty Pankey & Lori Richardson The revised target date for the above process to begin is November 1st, as each CFAC volunteer will be personally introduced at each Access Unit.  Needs Assessment Update: Mike presented the Assessment of Service Needs, Service Gaps, and Provider Capacity Quarterly Progress Report for April-June 2008, identifying the following needs. 1. Enhancement of outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment 2. Enhancement of local community crisis management resources 3. Increase of employment opportunities and job-related services 4. Increased demand for Hispanic/Latino mental health outreach & services 5. Need for expansion of Jail Diversion Services 6. Increase consumer social supports 7. Increase Community Awareness of the role of the LME and process to obtain services 8. Address Consumer Concerns with Provider Service Availability, Quality, and Access 9. Increase availability of CAP/MR-DD services

2. Eric Fox, State Mental Health Program Coordinator

   

Discussion of CFAC Training report. Highly successful project. Comprehensive evaluation score was a 4.3 out of 5. Consumer Empowerment Team will look to secure funding to replicate in the future. Housing Needs Survey - encourage members to complete and return no later than 9/30/08 Report on LME utilization of State Psychiatric Hospital - confirms the 45% reduction in that Sandhills is ranked 22nd in per capita usage out of 25 (that's a good thing) State Psychiatric Hospitals - beds allocated / beds used: allocation numbers have increased across all age groups for Sandhills. Idea brought up for a South Central CFAC summit in Sanford sometime later this year or early next year. Sandhills, Wake and Cumberland CFACs would be invited to participate - looking to find out what topics would be of interest. The idea was well received.

3. Committee Reports The following is information regarding the “Be Your Own Boss” training which was attended by Stephen Cohen, Ron Unger and Mike Markoff. David Taylor Jr. Owner RaceCAR Waterboy, LLC (Has a DD diagnosis, seizure disorder, Cerable Paisley and has had brain surgery) Vocational Rehabilitation turned him down for VR assistance. They indicated he could not meet the requirement i.e., did not have skills to count money, handle stock, banking skills and could not operate a computer. He proved he could do all of these. He appealed the decision and won the appeal. Participated in NC DD Council Project back in 2003; a week long training concerning “How to write a business plan”. He obtained CAP waiver services to assist him with the process of setting up his own business selling bottled water at NASCAR races and other events. They set him up in a booth/tent and paid for his wheelchair accessible van, (equipment). He has staff to assist him. His business has been up since 2006. Currently he has his staff do the bulk of the work as he spends his time traveling around the country speaking at conferences once per month. He still attends several NASCAR events annually. He has written a booklet identifying the “25 steps to start a business” written for individuals who have a developmental disability”. It costs $50.00. To obtain it please e-mail him. Since his business is an LLC he can make up to $55,000.00 per year, (the money goes to business) and he can withdraw funds when needed. His Medicaid and social security is not affected since it is an LLC, (Limited Liability Company). Examples of other people who have opened up their own business:  One person bakes cookies at their group home and sells them to hotels where MH/DD/SAS conferences are held.  Another person purchases pocket books at discount stores and sells them for profit. (She makes $30,000.00 per year)  Another person sells balloons and gift cards at MH/DD/SAS conferences.  Others work at hourly rates at nursing homes, (hired by family members) to meet with the individuals who live there and just talk to them or play games with them or read to them etc.. All individuals who are eligible to receive VR services can set up their own business.

4. Hand-outs included in this Months’ Packet:           SHC CFAC meeting minutes dated July 15, 2008 CFAC Quarterly Report dated 4/1/08 – 6/31/08 LME Team Work Plan to fulfill 08-09 Contract requirements Example of Sandhills Center for MH, DD & SAS – Anonymous Survey Assessment of Service Needs, Service Gaps and Provider Capacity (March 2008) MHA/NC Releases Series of CDs in Spanish on MH and Wellness dated 7/29/08 Notification of Endorsement Action NCDHHS Housing Needs Survey, 2008 NCDHHS Memorandum re: Special Implementation Update #46: Legislative Changes to Community Support Services dated 7/18/08 State CFAC meeting minutes dated July 10, 2008

7. Adjournment A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Edward Daniels and seconded by Stephen Cohen. The meeting was adjourned at 7:30. Next CFAC meeting will be held September 16, 2008.

Respectfully Submitted

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