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					In What Ways Is Facebook Advertising Beneficial?
Social media started off for teenagers and for people looking to start a romantic
relationship. Now, it has evolved into a very powerful business tool. Facebook has become
the most visited social networking website in the world. Research shows that the average
Facebook user spends over 8 hours on Facebook every month. Majority of the users are
online from their mobile devices. The number of people that use Facebook and the extent
to which they use it makes it a very competitive market tool. On a daily basis, there are at
least 3.2 billion items that are liked or commented on. Facebook advertising if tapped
efficiently can help business owners make a lot of profit.

How does Facebook target the right audience?

Advertising on Facebook provides a 5 fold return as it strategically targets the audience. All
user profiles on Facebook are based on the interests that they have. They like pages that are
related to their fields of interests and that gets added up to their profile. When a Facebook
ad is created, the advertiser has the option of choosing keywords that are of interests to a
target group. This way, the ad gets displayed to those people who have already shown an
interest in the subject of the ad before ever setting their eyes on the advertisement. The ad
will reach those people who are looking for the product or service that the advertiser is
providing and they have a higher chance of responding than others. Facebook also allows
geo-targeting of an audience as well. The advertisement can be limited to a single country
or its range can be expanded to other countries based on the setting.

What are the advantages?

As Facebook is a well-renowned website, people tend to trust and believe the
advertisements on the page much more than in other cases. Internet ads have proven to be
deceiving on a number of occasions. Therefore, gaining the trust is a huge advantage.
Another advantage of facebook advertising is the longevity of the ad in the minds of the
people. If an ad is seen on Facebook, people have the option to click on it and be directed to
the website of the brand or company and go over their products or services. If the website is
engaging, then people will not forget the brand or company and when the company’s
products or services are required, then those who have seen the ad will seek them out.

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