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I. IS IT RIGHT FOR WOMEN TO PASTOR CHURCHES? THE BIBLE SAYS: ISA 3:12 I TIM 2:11-14 I COR 14:34-37 I TIM 3:2 FROM THIS WE LEARN: 1. It is unacceptable for women to run divine institutions. Isaiah was condemning Israel when he said women ruled over them. Isa 3:12 2. Women are to learn in silence and with subjection. How can they if they are the pastor. I Tim2:11 3. Women are not to teach or usurp authority over men. How can they if they are the pastor? I Tim 2:12 4. Women are not to speak in church. How can they if they are the pastor? I Cor 14:34-35 5. Pastor is to be the husband of one wife – not wife of one husband. I Tim 3:2 II. BUT WERE NOT THE COMMANDS OF PAUL MEANT FOR THE SITUATION IN CORNITH? THE BIBLE SAYS: I COR 14:36-37--the commands of the Lord I COR 1:2--to all in every place I TIM 3:15--that they may know how to behave thyself in the House of God I TIM 2:13-14--Adam first, then Eve I TIM 6:14--keep this commandment until His appearing FROM THIS WE LEARN: 1. All commands of the Lord are to be obeyed by all Christian and every church. I Cor 14:36-37 2. All who are truly spiritual will acknowledge and accept the commandments of the Lord. I Cor 14:36-37 3. Teachings of I Timothy are general instructions about church order to be obeyed by all church leaders in every church until Christ returns. Ch.3 gives instructions for leaders and wives. I Tim. 3:15 is on how to behave in church. 4. Paul refers to the original order of creation--Adam was created first-then Eve. Since order of creation has not changed, neither must order in culture change. I Tim 2:13-14 5. Paul commands that his instructions be kept until Christ’s coming. I Tim 6:14 6. Paul’s instructions are not just for those in Corinth. I Cor 1:2 III. BUT DOES NOT THE BIBLE TEACH THAT NOW THERE IS NEITHER MALE OR FEMALE IN THE LORD? THE BIBLE SAYS: GAL 3:28-- neither male nor female EPH 6:5-8-- servants to obey masters I TIM 6:1-2 --do them service I PET 2:18--servants be subject to your masters FROM THIS WE LEARN: 1. Christians are free in Christ but not free from earthly positions & responsibilities. Gal 3:28 2. While Gal 3:28 teaches that there are no servants or free men in Christ, it does not mean all distinctions are done away with. Neither has original order of creation been dissolved. IV. BUT DID GOD NOT USE WOMEN TO LEAD MEN IN THE OLD TESTAMENT? THE BIBLE SAYS: JUDGES 4:4-5--Deborah, a prophetess judged Israel JUDGES 4:8--if thou wilt go with me JUDGES 4:9--not be for thine honor … sell Sisera into the hand of a woman FROM THIS WE LEARN: 1. Men of Israel are very weak. Barak, captain of army, refused to do to battle unless Deborah went with him. 2. Deborah reminded Barak that this was not natural. It would be a shame on his name. 3. When men are weak and fail to lead, God uses dedicated, brave women.

V. WHAT ABOUT THE DAUGHTERS OF PHILIP? WERE THEY NOT PROPHETESSES? THE BIBLE SAYS: ACTS 21:8-9--four daughters of Philip ACTS 21:10-11--Agabus came to Paul ACTS 2:18; 1 TIM 2:12--free to fortell, but not to teach or usurp authority 1 COR 14:37--if any think himself a prophet, let him acknowledge the commandments of the Lord 1 COR 14:32-spirit of prophets subject to the prophet FROM THIS WE LEARN: 1. While women are free to prophecy – tell forth the good news, it does not mean that they may teach men or take positions of authority in the church. Acts 2:18 & I Tim 2:12 2. When God wanted someone to prophecy to Paul, even though Philip had four female prophetesses, God sent a man from another city to Paul. Acts 21:10-11 3. No doubt gifts are given to both men and women in the church, but the Bible places restrictions upon the use of these gifts. I Cor 14:37 4. God places a number restrictions for the use of gifts, and reminds that each person in responsible to keep spiritual gifts in line with those restrictions. I Cor 14:32 VI. BUT WHAT ABOUT GOD’S BLESSINGS UPON SOME WOMEN PREACHERS? THE BIBLE SAYS: PHIL 1:15-16--some preach Christ – not even sincerely ISA 44:28-45:4--Cyrus greatly used as a shepherd–though not even saved ISA 55:11--My word shall not return unto me void I TIM 5:14--I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give non occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully. FROM THIS WE LEARN: 1. God sometimes blesses His Word regardless of character, motives or condition of those who deliver it. Phil 1:15-16; Isa 44:28-45:4 2. God’s Word will do its job when released. Isa 55:11 3. God’s will for women is clearly stated. I Tim 5:14

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