; It has taken forty years between the first Matriculation ceremony
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It has taken forty years between the first Matriculation ceremony


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									THE BATTLE AXE OF THE LORD* Oyewale Tomori Vice Chancellor Redeemer’s University Redemption City Km 46 Lagos-Ibadan Expressway The Registrar, The Bursar The Librarian The Dean of the College of Humanities The Dean of the College of Management Science The Dean of the College of Natural Sciences Members of the University Senate Heads of Departments Academic and Administrative Colleagues Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media Our Unique Second Set of Matriculating Students First it is glory and adoration to the Lord Almighty who has made this day for His pleasure and purpose. It is the day the Lord has made and we are glad in it. To Him alone belong adoration, appreciation, dominion, gratitude, honour, power and worship. He has surrounded us with His mercy and embraced us with His glorious Majesty since our University opened her doors to the first set of students in October 2005. Last year, 476 students took the matriculation oath, today; more than 590 students will take the oath. It is indeed the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our eyes. Each matriculation ceremony is unique and special. Last year, when 476 students took the matriculation oath, we described the ceremony as significant in the history of our esteemed University, because it was the first of such and many future exercises. This year, more than 590 students will take the oath at a landmark matriculation ceremony of consolidation and confirmation of Redeemer’s University, as a University that will contribute to the social, spiritual and technological transformation of our country. I wish to congratulate our second set of matriculating students for reaching this stage. As the number 2 set, you will receive double portion of anointing, blessing, care, Divine favour, love, success and DISCIPLINE. The Amen to the last word is _________________________________________________________________________ * Speech delivered at the second Matriculation and Admission ceremony for students of the Redeemer’s University, at the University Auditorium, 24 January 2007

not as loud as for the others, yet you will need to be disciplined, if you are to succeed far above your predecessors and achieve the objective for coming here. This why I wish to briefly share with you a story from the Bible. You will find the story in the book of .Judges from Chapter 13-15. It is the story of Samson. Samson was born at a unique time in the history of the people of Israel. He was born for a purpose, but he did not fully achieve the purpose for which he was born because of indiscipline. As I narrate the story of Samson, I want you to reflect on the current situation in our beloved country and your future role in transforming the country to a country with vision and admirable moral standard. The Bible tells us that Samson was born at a time when the children of Israel did every (imaginable and unimaginable) evil in the sight of the Lord and they were delivered into the hands of the Philistines to suffer for forty years. Then the Lord decided to take pity on His children, and Samson was born. The circumstances of his birth, as well as the purpose are clearly defined in Judges 135. For, lo, thou shalt conceive, and bear a son; and no razor shall come on his head: for the child shall be a Nazarite unto God from the womb: and he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines. Let us go to the end of Samson’s life and see if he accomplished the purpose. In Judges 1628, hear his prayers: And Samson called unto the LORD, and said, O Lord GOD, remember me, I pray thee, and strengthen me, I pray thee, only this once, O God, that I may be at once avenged of the Philistines for my two eyes. The man who was born to save Israel, could not even save his own eyes, but ended up avenging his eyes and dying with infidels in the rubble of a shrine and the midst of the enemies of God. What happened to Samson? How did a Moses, a Joshua, a Samuel, an Elijah, an Elisha, end up as a sad, blind, lonely, uncelebrated hero who committed suicide? Indiscipline, yes indiscipline was the undoing of Samson. Not many people start life with Samson’s credentials. Born as a result of God’s plan to “begin the deliverance of Israel from the hands of the Philistines”, he was endowed with enormous physical strength to enable him accomplish God’s purpose. But what did he do with his gift and talent God gave him? He wasted his strength on practical jokes and escapades. In his indiscipline, he violated his vow and God’s law on many occasions. He refused to listen to the advice of his parents. He was controlled by sensuality, jumping from one harlot’s bed to another, He confided in the wrong people, and used his gifts and abilities unwisely. The man who was ordained to safe his nation, the battle axe of the Lord became a corn grinding machine in an enemy camp. ______________________________________________________________________ * Speech delivered at the second matriculation and admission ceremony for students of the Redeemer’s University, University Auditorium, 24 January 2007 2

Our country is in much the same state as Israel was in the time of Samson. Today, we are a nation in the throes of decadence, a nation in the turmoil of corruption. A nation where vice is victory, where nasty is nice, where sadism is sweetness, where stealing is saintly, where brutality is basic, where malice is magnificent, where arson is acceptable, where looting is our first love. No segment of our society is free from corruption. Corruption roams freely in the corridors of our Ministries. It has a place of honour in the bedroom of our leaders, from the lowest to the highest level of our government. Indiscipline and falsehood are to be found in the sacred and whitewashed sepulchres of our churches and citadels of worship. Our edifices of learning and our universities are breeding grounds for the same societal ills we are charged to correct. Here at RUN, it is not every one in who has imbibed the vision we set out to achieve for our nation. But let me take this opportunity to warn anyone within the Redeemer’s University, who thinks he or she can derail us from our vision, anyone who sees RUN as another island of decadence and corruption; that the day of reckoning is close by, and like Samson, he or she will end up shamelessly grinding corn in enemy camp. The battle axe of the Lord Almighty will be unleashed on all who will delay or destroy the achievement of the vision of RUN, because it is the Redeemer’s own University. The weapon of our warfare will be the FINGER OF GOD in His righteous indignation. To our matriculating students, if you think that your coming to RUN is only to earn a degree and a university certificate, let me borrow some words from the Bible and say that “you are of all men and women, the most miserable”. Better than your certificate is a far greater purpose, a loftier target, a bigger task, a higher purpose, a more enormous obligation, a divinely appointed mission, a more glorious calling and a reserved ending in the heavenly mansion with the Lord Jesus Christ. You are to be the battle axe of the Lord. You are His weapon of war. You are the axe and the weapon to break in pieces the nations and kingdoms of evil. You are the hatchet to remove the corrupt men and women whether old or young. You are the missile of the Lord to scatter the kingdom of the depraved and the self-indulgent. You are the warhead of the Almighty being nurtured to annihilate and decimate the degenerate and immoral leaders. You are the weapon of the King of kings who will render the crooked and shady officers in our educational institutions impotent. You are the thorn in the flesh of the fraudulent and deceptive government officials. You will see the end of the counterfeit and false pastors and preachers entombed in the inner chambers of our churches. The Almighty God who brought you here has provided you with what you require to ______________________________________________________________________ * Speech delivered at the second matriculation and admission ceremony for students of the Redeemer’s University, University Auditorium, 24 January 2007 3

be the battle axe that will transform this country, shake the very foundation of evil, and the national institution of iniquity. Just as the Lord equipped Samson to save the people of Israel, so He has equipped each of us. However, if we are not to end like Samson, we must steer clear of indiscipline; we must obey the injunctions of the Lord completely. We must control our sensualities, and restrain our inordinate desires. We must put ourselves under the constituted authority of God our Creator and Maker. Let me advise you to read the Students Handbook thoroughly. Indeed meditate upon it, consider it and work and walk within the guidelines set in the book, and you will accomplish your objective I wish to conclude by sharing with you some of the words I shared with your seniors. Your journey has just started. Matriculation is simply a ceremony for the enrolment of students in a college or university. The word matriculation has its origin in the Medieval Latin word, MATRIX. The word matrix itself is defined as 1. A mould in which a thing or a person is cast or shaped 2. A place in which a thing or a person is developed 3. A rock in which gems are embedded Therefore, from the root word, you can see that matriculation does not end here with this ceremony. It is much more than the frivolous ceremony we have made it in this country. It is more than the needless and uncalled for bastardisation of a solemn academic exercise that Nigeria has reduced the matriculation ceremony to. Matriculation is a continuing process by which you as a student of the Redeemer’s university will be MOULDED, SHAPED AND CAST into a reliable citizen of Nigeria, as well as a dependable, truthful and sincere Nigerian. The Redeemer’s University will become the place where your hidden talents will be discovered, and your known talents fine tuned, so that you will become an embodiment of the gifted, brilliant, endowed and capable person, who will go out to make Nigeria proud, uplift the African continent and positively impact on the entire world. By the time RUN completes her matriculation process, each of you will become a rock in which gems are embedded. What gems are we talking about? In you will be embedded the precious and prized characteristics of decency, honesty, humility, integrity, probity, tender caring nature, uprightness, virtue and just plain goodness

______________________________________________________________________ * Speech delivered at the second matriculation and admission ceremony for students of the Redeemer’s University, University Auditorium, 24 January 2007


So my friends and my future colleagues, as you proudly don the Redeemer’s U niversity academic gowns,  do not stain it with shame,  do not mutilate it with indignity,  do not tear it with infamy,  do not dishonour it with ignominy. My future colleagues,  wear our academic gown with pride,  wash it with the soap of reputation,  launder it with the detergent of excellence  place on it the badge of honour and integrity,  treat it with respect and admiration If you must contribute to make Nigeria a country we can be proud of, you must hear the song, and dance to the music of Nigeria of old. You must hear the voice of Nigeria: The silent voice of sanity The quiet voice of probity The mumbled voice of honesty, The calm voice of decency The still voice of honour The hushed voice of reason The tranquil voice of integrity The serene voice of virtue The soothing voice of Godliness I hear it, do you? Let the voice of my old Nigeria become in you the voice of the new Nigeria! Thank you. Oyewale TOMORI

______________________________________________________________________ * Speech delivered at the second matriculation and admission ceremony for students of the Redeemer’s University, University Auditorium, 24 January 2007


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