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					Montana APCO Chapter Meeting Tuesday, April 21, 2009 – 12 noon Montana Law Enforcement Academy, Maple Conference Room 2260 Sierra Road East Helena, MT Attendees: Jake Boltz Susan Bomstad Kimberly Burdick Jason Ledford Amy Heser Becky Berger Mark Denke Jim Thomas Dale Osborne Montana Highway Patrol Missoula 911 Chouteau County Sheriff’s Office Cascade County 911 Cascade County 911 State of Montana – 911 Program Sanders County 911 Montana Law Enforcement Academy Montana Highway Patrol (via tele-conferencing)

Secretary/Treasurer Dorothy Gremaux was unable to attend the meeting. There were no minutes to approve, so we will approve them at the next meeting. Becky Berger moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report prepared by Susan Bomstad. Jim Thomas seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously. TRAINING AND STANDARDS COMMITTEE Jim Thomas reported on classes at MLEA. We need to have reciprocity with other states for our Public Safety Communicator Basic class. PSC Basic will eventually need to expand into a two-week class. The camaraderie and the ability of the students to network is beneficial. Jim talked about Limited English Proficiency to add to the PSC Basic curriculum at MLEA. Becky is on the committee for standards for the Language Line. Possibly could have a subscription state-wide? Discussion on Government Emergency Telecommunications service (GETS), making 911 lines a priority when phone lines become congested and Telephone Service Priority (TSP), which dictates what order the telephone companies restore services when they are down. There is a PSC Basic course beginning on May 31st. The next one is in August. There is a Supervisor course scheduled in July. Jim would like to have an advanced course for managers of larger PSAPs. What subjects should be offered to groom the next PSAP managers? Jim is developing curriculum for the new Rural Crisis Supervisors course. MLEA teaches plain text for clarity and interoperability among agencies. Kim praised the Suicide Prevention class. Jim talked about emotional survival for dispatchers. He also encouraged PSAP managers to attend the Executive Leadership class at MLEA. The course is 4 weeks, in one week increments. Becky will mention it at the PSAP managers meetings coming up in May.

Kimberly spoke about the Public Safety Communications course, an on-line professional certification through Montana State University – Great Falls that she is instructing. She uses audio, video and power point. The next class will be held completely on-line, which will open up the course to the rest of the state. Students must go through background and fingerprint checks and have 32 hours of observation in their local dispatch center. Upon successful completion of this online course, students may challenge MLEA’s PSC Basic course. CONFERENCE COMMITTEE The 2009 Montana APCO conference will be held at the Holiday Inn Parkside in Missoula on October 28 and 29. Two separate pre-conference Active Shooter classes will be held on October 26th and 27th and a one-day Telecommunicator Emergency Response Team (TERT) member course will be held on October 29th. (Since this meeting, A TERT Team Leader class has been scheduled for October 30th also.) Jason Ledford will be in charge of the classes and presenters – possibly ask Warren Hebert to give the keynote presentation? - he is an excellent motivational speaker. It was suggested that we could include the Suicide Prevention class at our conference. Cliff Peck, MT APCO’s CCAM will take charge of the vendor registration and coordination this year. Susan will handle the hotel facilities and catering. Kimberly is handling the pre- and post- conference classes. There is an Active Shooter class in Hamilton on May 28th. LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE Susan reported that HB31, which would provide 20 year retirement for Public Safety Dispatchers didn’t pass out of the House State Administration Committee. The vote was straight down party lines, all the Democrats voted in favor and the Republicans voted against the bill. Becky led a discussion on keeping up the momentum, because we are definitely going to the 2011 legislature with the same bill. We won’t give up! We need to send thank you’s to the people that testified in support, keep up with the MACO, MSPOA, Public Employees Retirement Board meetings, interim committees and newsletters. We can extend invitations to legislators to visit PSAPs in their areas. Becky volunteered to make a list of legislators and the areas that they represent for each PSAP and a letter to invite the legislator to the dispatch center. Also, we will add a link to “How to Contact Legislators” on the MT APCO website. 9-1-1 COMMITTEE Susan and Kimberly plan to attend the TERT Team Leader course at the APCO North-Central Regional Conference in LaCrosse, Wisconsin on April 26th. Our objective is to get the TERT program started in Montana this year. TERT is an APCO/NENA venture, a program to deploy teams of PublicSafety Dispatchers inter- or intra-state to assist with disasters. Participants who take the classes can be designated as Supervisor, Leader, Dispatcher, etc. The standards for TERT are out for review, accessible through the TERT link on the Montana APCO website. The free TERT Awareness Level on-line training course is also accessible via the MT APCO website. MFAC COMMITTEE Dave McGinnis and Ray Hetherington are no longer the Montana APCO frequency advisors. Dale Osborne and Jack Spillman submitted their resumes for the frequency advisor positions. Becky moved that the Chapter recommend Dale Osborne and Jack Spillman for these positions, Mark Denke

seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Dale and Jack will hold regular MFAC committee meetings and provide committee reports at the Chapter meetings. ` OLD BUSINESS ByLaws The Montana APCO bylaws are outdated and need to be updated (basically need to be re-written). The International APCO bylaws will be re-written at the annual conference in Las Vegas in August. We will mirror the new National APCO bylaws (once we know of the changes). Kimberly will post the bylaws on the website. New Business Becky volunteered to chair the Nomination/Elections committee and facilitate the upcoming 2009 elections. Jason Ledford, Mark Denke and Jake Boltz volunteered to sit on the committee and assist. Susan will e-mail the constitution and by-laws to Becky for the rules that must be followed. Susan and Kimberly have been appointed to APCO International’s Professional Communications Human Resources Task Force (PRO-CHRT). PRO-CHRT will gather information, study, and prepare reference materials for human resource issues such as professional recognition, certification requirements and retirement eligibility across the country. One of the required meetings will be held at the International APCO annual conference in Las Vegas in August. Kimberly’s expenses as National Executive Council Representative are covered by the Chapter. Susan asked that the group consider MT APCO paying for her expenses to the annual conference, since her agency has always paid her travel expenses and allows her work time to be spent on APCO projects. She feels that it would be inappropriate to ask Missoula County to pay for her to attend a second APCO conference in 2009. Mark Denke made a motion that Montana APCO reimburse Susan for her expenses to the International APCO conference in Las Vegas, including travel, registration, hotel at convention rate and out-of-state per diem. Becky seconded the motion and all present voted in favor. Becky asked that we allot time at our Chapter meetings for reports from MT APCO representatives who represent APCO in organizations and councils such as the State 911 Council and Interoperability Montana. The date for the next chapter meeting will be announced.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Bomstad, President Montana Chapter APCO