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Gifts for Eid




Intermediate 
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Advanced Aims and Objectives To consolidate vocabulary for gift items and members of the family. To learn and use the greeting‟ Eid Mubarak.‟ To rehearse Q & A : What is it? It’s a…. Maxaay tahay? Waxa weeye… What do you want ? I want …….. Maxaad doonaysaa? Waxaan doonayaa …… What is your favourite ……? My favourite …… is ….. Maxaad ka heshaa ……? Waxaan ka helaa… waa… Do you like …….? I like/ I don’t like……He/she likes Ma Jeceshahay ..? Waxaan Jeclahay/ma jecli…. Wuxuu jeclyahay/waxay jeceshahay..? What are you going to do? I am going to …… Maxaad samayn doontaa? Waxaan samaynayaa … To give a short talk about someone. Vocabulary for family, clothing, colours. Simple Questions & Answers. Resources / equipment A – Powerpoint – Characters with gifts B - Interview card blank C – Interview card filled in example D – gift cards E – pictures of people f - True/ false cards G - True/ false grid Props (gift items): shoes, hat, scarf, watch, necklace, perfume, toy car, sunglasses, and sweets; a box for each item Puppet character, Bahal, masks of his family and friends.  Recognise words for gift items

There are 2 Eid celebrations held annually by Moslems. It is customary to give presents (often clothes or money), and to visit relatives.

Prior Learning


Teacher Pupils



10 mins

Introduce the context for today’s learning. It is Eid and Bahal is planning to buy presents for his family, friend and teacher. Waa Eid, Bahalna wuxuu qorshaynayaa inuu soo iibiyo hadyado qoyskiisa, saaxiibkii iyo macallinkiisa. Learn the greeting for Happy Eid: Eid Mubarak We are going to find out what Bahal is going to buy and whether the characters get what they want. Waxaynu soo ogaanaynaa waxa Bahal u soo iibinayo iyo in qof kasta helayo waxa uu rabo. Teacher holds up an item and demonstrates The Q & A „What is it? It’s a …..‟ Maxay tahay? Waa….. Teacher holds up each item and asks Q Children reply together „It’s a …..‟ waxay tahay….. Children reply individually. Gift items: shoes, hat, scarf, watch, necklace, perfume, toy car, sunglasses, sweets;


Teacher On IWB, show picture of characters with the gift they would like to have for Eid. They are wearing a T-shirt in their favourite colour. Remind children who each character is. We are going to interview each character and talk about them. Waxaynu waraysan doonaa qof kasta kana hadli doonaa iyaga. Demonstrate Listen to children while they are practising and provide appropriate support and encouragement. Pupils Children work in pairs, choose two characters and take turns to be the character or interview them. Fill in Interview sheet: Name …………………. Magac…….. What do you want for Eid? I want …….. Maxaad rabtaa Eidda? Waxaan rabaa…… What is your favourite colour? My favourite colour is ….. Midabkee ka heshaa? Midabka aan ka helaa waa ….. Do you like …….? I like/ I don’t like…… Ma jecshahay …? Waan jeclahay/Ma jecli.. What are you going to do? I am going to visit …… Maxaad samayn doontaa? Waxaan soo booqanayaa…. Children practise both interviews with their partner and then volunteers present to the class.

Resources A – Powerpoint – Characters with gifts B - Interview cards, blank C – Interview card filled in example D – gift cards E – pictures of people Somali speaking children


Have some prepared cards to support any children who are struggling.

Introduce Bahal. And have a „conversation‟ with him. ‘Where are you going?’ Halkee tegaysaa? ‘He’s going shopping. He’s going to buy Eid presents.’ Wuu soo dukaamaysanayaa. Wuxuu soo iibinayaa hadyaddihii Eidda. What are you going to buy for …….. Maxaad u soo iibinaysaa….. Bahal makes a series of statements which may be true or false about the characters and their gifts. I am going to buy …… for …….. Waxaan u soo iibinayaa….. He/she likes …. Wuxuu jeclyahay/waxay jecshahay Bahal gives each character his/her present. Teacher rehearses: Here is a … Halkan waxaa….. I have a ….. Waxaan haystaa…. It’s a ….. Waxay tahay ….

Children hold up true/false cards or put a tick or cross on a grid: Eg. Father Mother Picture of item Picture of item

A – Powerpoint – Characters with gifts

 

E - True/ false cards F - True/ false grid

Children share cards, each with a picture of one of the gifts on. They take turns to say what it is using one of the phrases rehearsed. Swap cards and repeat. Use sentences to respond as a class or individually, supported if appropriate.

D – gift cards

10 mins

Bahal holds up different gifts and rehearses today‟s questions.


Ask someone at home what their favourite Eid,birthday or Christmas present was and report back in Somali using the talk frame: “This is my……… His/her favourite present was………” Tani waa ………. Hadiyadii ugu jeclaa/ ay ugu jeclayd waxay ahayd……