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									A Christmas Carol (Andrews) : This adaptation on a Charles Dicken’s Christmas Classic reminds us all of the joy of giving and about God’s ultimate gift in Jesus. A Christmas Carol (Focus): It wouldn't be Christmas without Mr. Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, and Tiny Tim- - and that's no humbug! Vividly bringing Dickens's characters to life, this family radio drama highlights the timeless struggle between earthly gain and eternal treasure; and will challenge us all to examine our hearts and where our treasure lies. A Classical Kids Christmas: In this unique collection of stories and songs, we’ll follow the Three Wise Men as they set out for Bethlehem; meet Saint Nicholas (no, not Santa Claus!); and experience the traditions of Christmas around the world. We’ll also learn the real reason to celebrate this Christmas season. A Day in a Manger: Join Matthew and Melissa as they try and get into the Christmas spirit even though they have just moved to a new town and don't know anyone. It's "A Day in a Manger" during Christmas Festival on HIS KIDS RADIO. A King is Coming to Town (new for 2007): Come along to the little town of Rumor Mill, USA, where this morning the whole town seems to have gathered in the town square. What sparked all the excitement? A sign, posted anonymously, declaring “A King Is Coming To Town!” Just who this King is, no one seems to know. Is it King Tut, King Kong, or the King of Rock & Roll? Drew and Ellie have the answer, as they want to tell the real story of Christmas. A Lamb’s Tale: Listen as Snowflake the Lamb tells of her amazing story the night she wondered off from the flock. It's the kids musical "A Lamb's Tale" and it's coming to HIS KIDS RADIO! A Mary Christmas Music Special: One of our favorite artists, Mary Rice Hopkins, will join us for “A Mary Christmas Music Special”. We'll be highlighting her Christmas album, "Mary Christmas" which includes such fun holiday songs as "Never Wanna Grow Up," "Joseph and Mary Blues" and "Grandpa's Hands." A Very Veggie Christmas: It's a caroling party at Bob's house…and everyone's invited. It's the "Very Veggie Christmas Radio Special" coming during Christmas Festival on HIS KIDS RADIO. Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber put a new spin on holiday favorites including "Feliz Navidad" and "Go Tell it On the Mountain". And be sure to check out the Big Vegetable Medley...you'll probably want seconds of this one.

All I Want for Christmas (new for 2007): All Lindsay wants for Christmas is…everything she sees! And while she’s pouting over her mother’s true words about why we celebrate Christmas, Lindsay finds some new friends - cool “toy” friends - that come alive to her. Together, Lindsay, Miss Glamour Doll, Chucko the fluffy teddy bear, the action figure Captain Courage, and the ever popular Jack-In-the Box tell the story of the first Christmas and discover the true meaning of the season. Angel Alert: The word "angel" means "messenger," and what better way to spread the message at Christmas time than with angels! In Angel Alert!, a group of angels is waiting to be told when to go to earth and make the grand announcement. As they wait for the call, they review God's faithfulness through His promises and some of the prophecies about the Savior's birth. The musical is full of worship and plenty of celebration, since the angels understand the love God has for His people in sending His Son, Jesus, to earth. Angels Aware: Michael the archangel calls a meeting of all the angels in heaven to announce God's plan for sending His Son to earth. They are all shocked to learn that God is going to go to earth as a BABY!! "Angels Aware" will be heard on this year's Christmas Festival on HIS KIDS RADIO. Behind the Carols (Moody): Like so many hymns, many Christmas carols have a unique story behind them. “Behind The Carols” brings favorite carols to life. Dramatic sketches throughout the musical reveal some of the background of the authors and composers of history’s most memorable carols. Bows of Holly (new for 2007): It’s Christmas, and Holly, a young girl with a compassionate heart, has launched a toy and food drive for the needy. It’s for a good cause and her heart is in the right place, at least at first. Once she begins to get a lot of publicity, she starts to lose focus on the real reason she's doing it. Then, when some street kids steal everything she’s collected, Holly’s “gifts” start having strings attached. Candy Cane Lane: Everything about a candy cane from it's color to its shape reminds us of our Savior's love and that's why we celebrate. Join us for a special presentation of "Candy Cane Lane" a Christmas musical just for you on HIS KIDS RADIO. Christmas at Hope Central: Come meet a whole new gang of friends at Hope Central as they work on their Christmas paegant and their friendships! It's "Christmas at Hope Central" and it's coming up on HIS KIDS RADIO. You won't want to miss it!

Christmas at the Ranch: Saddle up and get ready to join a true cowboy Christmas with the second oldest cowboy band in the land! "Christmas at the Ranch" is a radio special full of western favorites, classic and original Yuletide music wth a heaping helping of the Wranglers unique brand of bunkhouse humor. A live performance from the Flying "W" ranch packs all the bootslapping fun and entertainment one hour can hold. Don't miss this merry combination of music and humor next on His Kids Radio. Christmas Comes To Lonestar Gulch: Why do we celebrate Christmas? The musical, "Christmas comes to Lone Star Gulch" reminds us that the reason we celebrate this wonderful holiday is to remember Jesus' birthday. You won't want to miss it on this year's Christmas Festival. Christmas Crosstalk (2006): Tired of your run-of-the-mill talk shows? Looking for a talk-show host who dares to bring you topics that you really care about? This Christmas, Beth Layhem and her cast of quirky guests gather to discuss what Christmas really means to them on Christmas CrossTalk! As the action unfolds, each character will remind you of a real person from the original Christmas story. The takeaway message is that Christmas is not just another holiday; it’s a time to celebrate the truth that God sending Jesus to earth was the greatest expression of love ever given to us! Christmas S.O.C.C.E.R. Team: When the kids come dressed for The Christmas S.O.C.C.E.R. Team sign-ups, they quickly realize they have fouled out! This 'S.O.C.C.E.R' stands for the Society Of Christmas Carolers Emergency Rescue, a team of senior singers who strive to save Christmas carols from extinction. Being good sports, the kids agree to share their songs about Jesus' birth and learn some of the favorite carols of the older generation. The final score is a tie when the kids realize worshipping Christ is the goal of all Christmas music. Christmas Time (new for 2007): Go inside the heads of kids as they examine how much time is spent preparing for Christmas. Parents spend countless hours running from mall to mall and from store to store trying to find the perfect gifts for the family. Christmas Time reminds us of how much time God spent planning the first Christmas so that we could all get the greatest gift of all - Jesus. Christmas: Where, When, & Why (2006): Gabe Messenger has a unique essay assignment from his English teacher: to interview people and ask them about their favorite Christmas memory or tradition. That’s when Gabe and his dad head to Tan N. Baum's Christmas Tree Farm - run by Tan, his brother, Dan, and their sister, Nan - which is sure to be a terrific place to gather stories from people coming to buy their Christmas trees. While at Tan N. Baum's, Gabe bumps into two school friends, Holly and Ivy, and, together, they interview a crazy mix of characters, hear many different tales of Christmas, and make some very special memories of their own.

Ebenezer Jr.: You've heard of Ebenezer Scrooge, but have you heard of Ebenezer Jr,? Come along for the ride as Ebenezer Jr. learns important lessons about Christmas and about life. "Ebenezer Jr." or "Christmas is not Humbug" is coming up next on HIS KIDS RADIO. Fear Not Factor: The mission is clear- the time is now! Get set for the most spectacular and adventure of all time as Mary, Joseph, and a few simple shepherds in Bethlehem encounter the wonder of the Fear Not Factor! Under the command of Michael the archangel, the Heavenly Army has been commissioned to wing flight to earth and unveil God's most unexpected, miraculous and perfect plan. However, only one angel- the anxious and thrilled Gabrielhas been selected to make the actual announcement of the 'Fear Not Factor' to a few special people. Free Gift: The truth that the most valuable gift on earth, salvation, is absolutely free, yet some people still refuse to accept it, is the basis of this delighful children's Christmas musical. Listen as two angels, disguised as department store clerks, try to get the filthy rich Van Smythe Sisters, the frantic Ms. Ima Rush and the busy company president Mr. Bigginton to accept a free Christmas present. Good King Wenceslas: "Good King Wenceslas" is a Christmas musical all about a King who lived in the 10th century in Europe. It's based on the true story of a kind and generous King. Christmas Festival on HIS KIDS RADIO and "Good King Wenceslas". Great Late Potentate:

Greatest Gift of All: Join Zack, the ringmaster, and all his circus friends as we learn about "The Greatest Gift of All" a musical created by Greg Gulley especially for kids. HIS KIDS RADIO is happy to bring this special to you during Christmas Festival! Hotel Bethlehem: Hotel Bethlehem is bubbling with excitement and a feeling that something wonderful is about to happen! Created by Pam Andrews and arranged by Steven B. Taylor, this innovative children's musical provides a new slant on the Christmas Story through entertaining drama and fun, easy to learn songs. Music, scenes, narration, and production notes are included in the songbook. Plus, supporting products are available like CDs, an instructional video, and a helpful resource kit with ideas for lesson plans, group activities, and choreography.

How The Grouch Found Christmas: Join a Sunday school class on their traditional field trip and find out who is the grouch and why he is so grumpy! "How the Grouch Found Christmas" is coming to HIS KIDS RADIO. You won't want to miss it! I Wish You Jesus: Follow Grandma and Grandpa up to the attic for lots of stories, laughs and even a few wishes along the way. You'll not want to miss out…"I Wish you Jesus" is coming up on HIS KIDS RADIO. It All Happened In the Country: Listen in as Daniel and Chelsea, two city slickers, get stranded in the country and find out there is more to Christmas than the hustle and bustle of presents and decorations. With the help of Cora May, Cousin Luther, Uncle Yule and Granny, they learn the story of Christ's birth and how It All Happened in the Country - the countryside of Bethlehem. Journey To The Center of Christmas: Journey to the center of Christmas with Zoar, Jennifer, Holly and Captain Josh as they try to find the real meaning of Christmas. It's a spacey christmas story as the gang meets up with Professor Dr. J. Ingle Bell and learn much more then they expected. "Journey to the Center of Christmas" is on the way, on HIS KIDS RADIO. Joy To You and Me: The angels brought such joyful news to the shepherds on the hillside that night so long ago, and the joy keeps ringing in our hearts. This delightful musical will put a smile on the faces of everyone who listens. Little Drummer Boy: Michael, the little drummer boy, attends Calvary Christian School, where he plays in the band. The students are all getting ready for the Christmas parade under the direction of their new music teacher, Mrs. Newman. Through her help, and the help of the school janitor, Mr. Jenkins, Michael realizes that he needs a “tune-up” and that we are all God’s instruments of praise. Mayhem in Bethlehem (2006): Tune in as the Nosy News Network presents, “Mayhem in Bethlehem: A 30 Minutes Special Report.” Get to know Noah Lott, Vesta Gates, Freddie Factoid, Lorna Limelight, Randy Looney and more as they investigate the “who, what, when, where and why” of the Christmas story. As our skeptical Nosy News reporters get closer to Bethlehem, they discover the truth in Jesus’ amazing birth.

Miracle on Main Street (2006): Today more and more communities are struggling with the word "Christmas." Where mangers once stood and carols were sung, Christ is continuing to be dropped in favor of "holiday" celebrations. This enlightening children's musical reaches directly to the heart of this matter, and from the voices of children comes the ultimate truth -- a Christmas without Jesus is like giving a present with no gift inside. Mr. Brooks Goes To Bethlehem: Take an incredible journey from Philadelphia to Bethlehem with Phillips Brooks, writer of the favorite carol, "O Little Town of Bethlehem." Based on a true story, Mr. Brooks Gods To Bethlehem tells the story of Pastor Phillips Brooks and his rediscovery of the true source of happiness. The delightful songs and touching story make this children's musical a memorable journey to the heart of Christmas. O Little Town of Bethlehem (Moody): The city of Bethlehem is the stage for the telling of this Christmas drama. Recorded on location in Bethlehem, the city comes to life in the minds of listeners. Learn what Bethlehem is like today, and visit some ancient places that have a significant part in the traditional Christmas story. Odyssey’s Caroling, Caroling: As a special Christmas treat, Whit and Connie take several kids from Whit’s End on a wonderful sleigh ride through Odyssey and out to Tom Riley’s farm. Along the way, they meet up with Bernard, Eugene, and Dale Jacobs. They all learn several new holiday songs (including one by Eugene called “Seasonal Felicitations”) and rediscover the “reason for the season”: Jesus. Odyssey’s Joy to the World: On The Way To Christmas (Focus): Once Upon A Time In Bethlehem: Lucy and her Nanny snuggle up on the couch for their traditional reading of a very special book - the Christmas Book. Find out just what's so special about this time in "Once Upon a Time in Bethlehem," a Christmas Festival presentation on HIS KIDS RADIO. Operation Christmas Child: Spend your Christmas at Fort Faithful with Sergeant Smarter and Unit 12-25, Special Forces as they embark on a special mission called Operation Christmas Child. But just who is this "Christmas Child" and what's inside the many gifts they must deliver? Plane Truth About Christmas: Stuck in O'Hare? Why not share? That's the theme of this delightful Christmas musical. Listen in as a family stranded in an airport decides to share the true meaning of Christmas with others by putting on a Christmas pageant.

Primetime Christmas: Red Boots/Puzzle Club: Santa Bowed At Christmas: Join us for “Santa Bowed At Christmas” as we meet a man who cannot find the joy of Christmas. Of all men, he is the village Santa at the local store where the kids have gathered to bring their lists, hopes and dreams for a wonderful holiday. As they gather to sit on his knee, they soon realize this man's joy has been replaced by loneliness. It's not long before they forget about the presents they've come to ask for, and they put their energies together to share with him the greatest gift of all - the gift of God's love - that was born in a stable long ago that first Christmas. Sendin’ Out Love: The Crossmark Christmas Card Factory is ready to premiere its new line of cards entitled “Sendin’ Out Love” which focuses on the love of Jesus. Dave Duckworth, a member of the Board of Directors, shows up to dash their plans…he doesn’t want Christ in the Christmas cards because he feels it is an outdated theme. Will the workers be able to convince Dave Duckworth to change his heart and mind? Will he ever learn the true meaning of Christmas? Shine, Jesus Shine: The Bethlehem Project: The Bethlehem Project features the traditional Christmas story with a fresh twist. The Bethlehem Kids and the Shepherd Kids don't get along until they find the same Savior. Several kinds of music, including country, calypso, and 50’s rock and roll tell a familiar story in a new and engaging way. The Gift Goes On: This musical stems from one of the best-loved Christmas songs of all-time. Once upon a silent night, God gave a priceless Gift in the form of a Baby! Over two thousand years later, He invites you to join the heavenly chorus and celebrate this Christmas because The Gift Goes On still today! The First Leon: In this wonderful musical, you will get to see the Christmas story through the eyes of Leon. Ever since he discovered that his name spelled backwards is Noel, he's felt called to tell the world the true meaning of Christmas. But when he tries out for every role in the annual pageant, he finds that he's the only one who doesn't get a part. Now Leon understands better than anyone how Mary and Joseph must have felt when they heard the words, "No room" that night in Bethlehem.

The First Noelle: Set in Heaven just before Jesus birth, this is the story of Noelle and her angel friends who learn that worship is offering back to God the gifts Hes given them. The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree: Join Bob and Larry and the rest of their veggie friends for a fun-filled musical that helps us remember the real reason for the Christmas season. You’ll hear great music from the Boyz in the Sink, Blind Lemon, Madame Blueberry and more, as our veggie friends get ready for an incredible performance that you won’t soon forget! The Inn Caper: The Mighty Messenger’s Big Adventure: The Mighty Messengers' Big Adventure is a wonderful Christmas musical for children of all ages. The musical provides the scriptural setting of the Christmas story along with some unique perspectives. The Missing Magi: The MK Christmas Special: The Mystery of the Manger (new for 2007): Jane Blonde, an investigative reporter for The Morning Star newspaper wants the facts…just the facts! Her questions and searching make headline news on Christmas morning. As she observes rehearsal for the Christmas Eve pageant, the children teach her through their songs that, like the Wise Men, we’re all searching for the truth of the Gospel. The Next Noel (new for 2007 – sequel to The First Leon): Leon is again the center of the action, only this year, he is directing the Christmas pageant. He has big expectations for the program. However, the closer the cast gets to opening night, the more wildly overstated and ridiculous Leon's ideas become - and more importantly, the more the program becomes all about Leon's initiative instead of God's miracle at Christmas. Through a series of unfortunate events, Leon realizes that humble worship is exactly what our response should be at Christmas and all lifelong. Three Wise Men and a Baby: It’s a fun Christmas pageant - Jungle Jam style! The Jungle Jam gang gets a front-row seat to the birth of the baby Jesus in Bethlehem’s manger. Ticket to Christmas: Twinkle and the All-Star Band: ‘Twas Light Before Christmas:

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