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Thursday 11 January 2001 South Lambeth Tate Library, 180 South Lambeth Road, London SW8 1QP
Present: A list of all those present is appended to these minutes Apologies: Jill Gregson, Louise Peachey, Octavia Findlay, Eileen Finch, Cllr David, Mary Walwyn and Jack Payne.
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INTRODUCTIONS All present introduced themselves and stated the organisation they represented.


MINUTES OF LAST MEETING The minutes of the meeting held on 2 November 2000 were received and noted.


MATTERS ARISING It was noted that the issues of nominations to the Clapham and Stockwell Partnership Board would be dealt with as an agenda item for the meeting. This would also be the case for Health Issues. Urban II bid Announcement of outcome was expected before Christmas – now delayed. Meanwhile project meetings being planned so that everyone can be ready to take this forward if good news is received. On the issue of the Youth Forum. Charlotte Evans informed that developments were taking place to bring various groups together and that ideas would be welcome on methods to progress that matter further.


DEVELOPMENTS IN PRIMARY HEALTH CARE IN STOCKWELL Dr. Balacz conducted a presentation on Primary Health Groups in the Stockwell area and the developments that were currently taking place within the Stockwell area. Those present at the meeting were informed that Primary

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Care Groups (PCG’s), had been set up with a view to promoting the health of the local community. This would be done through a variety of initiatives such as developing health and community services, commissioning services in secondary care, and identifying the health problems of an area. PCGs’, Dr Balacz informed, was a Sub-Committee of the Health Authority and consisted of seven general practitioners, two nurses, one Health Authority representative and one lay member. The priorities that had been established by the Group were Heart Disease, Mental Health, Youth and Inequality. To assist in health promotion in the area the Group had appointed a Community Liaison Officer and had undertaken a number of School visits to Primary Schools in the area. A Portuguese Needs Assessment had also been conducted. There had been a number of initiatives on Sexual Health Matters regarding young people and Drug Misuse. Dr Balacz reported that the Government would be setting up Primary Care Trusts in April 2001 which would be responsible for purchasing and providing all services and would replace PCG’s. The meeting was informed that the new PCT’s would be less independent than the current PCG’s though there would be greater involvement from lay members. Dr Balacz then focused on the Portuguese Needs Assessment. The aim of the assessment was to ascertain the size of the population and its problems and needs with a view to formulating a way forward. (a) Size of the Population—It was noted that estimates on the Portuguese population as a percentage of total population varied from 1.4%, as quoted in the Census to the more realistic estimate of 10 % which was based on case handling by GPs and the electoral register. Dr Balacz emphasised that the population was not homogenous and that the Portuguese speaking community encompassed Brazilians, Angolans, Mozambiqueans as well as those from Portugal. A distinction was also made between transient groups and those who had been in the UK for a number of years.

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(b) Problem—The study had identified a number of problems that were associated (not exclusively) within the Portuguese-speaking community-such as language barrier, difficulty encountered in accessing health care facilities, female social isolation, domestic violence, drink problems associated with the elderly and the drug misuse amongst the homeless. (c) The way forward—A number of initiatives had been proposed by the Study such as ascertaining the real number of Portuguese speaking inhabitants and establishing Language classes. Greater support was also required in helping the group access health care services. Dr Balacz then introduced Simon James of the North Lambeth PCG. Simon James informed the meeting that he had been working predominantly in the Walworth Road/Springfield Road and Larkhall Estates. The PCG had secured £10,000 from Guy’s and St Thomas’ to undertakes a need assessment in the area. The Needs Assessment had been undertaken from March to May 2000 and the report had been published in the Autumn of the same year. The purpose of the study had been to identify needs with a view to prioritisation which could then be used to lobby health authorities. The study, the meeting was informed, had established three priority areas in the sphere of provision of services to the young, the needs of the Elderly in the Springfield Estate and the needs of the ethnic minorities and refugees. In summarising the findings of the Survey, Simon James acknowledged that circumstances had changed and therefore some of the proposals put forward may not be relevant. An example of this was the use of the Eurotower as accommodation for asylum seekers. Simon James reported that one of the proposals that was currently being put forward by the PCG was the development of a new facility in the area. This would be done in consultation with the community. To assist in this process a community co-ordinator, Bimpe Oki had been recruited. The consultation would, however, have to be in accordance with the National Plan for Health, which had been set by central government.

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George Wright, the Chair, thanked both Dr Balacz and Simon James for their informative presentation. Members of the public were invited to submit questions. Further clarification was requested on the National Plan. Dr Balacz informed that the National Plan sought to reorganise the NHS by linking the provision of health services and making them less compartmentalised. The Plan would also set targets for partnership working and there would be changes in the management of general practitioners. It would also lead to an increase in consultants and changes to the role of nurses in the profession. An inquiry was made as to whether there would be additional funding for areas that had specific health issues. Dr Balacz informed that whilst there would be additional funding in problem areas it would not be significant. Dr Balacz was asked if the PCG had intentions of visiting secondary schools in the future. Dr Balacz informed that whilst current focus was on primary schools efforts, it was hoped that efforts could be made in the future on targeting secondary schools. Councillor Melville commented on the informative nature of the presentation and the continuos need for the dissemination of such information. To achieve this, it was suggested that the health initiatives be linked to the Masterplan. Dr Balacz agreed to note the comments. A general discussion ensued and it was recognised that greater efforts would be required to ensure that the Portuguese speaking community registered with the census. To assist in this it was agreed that Lambeth Council would be approached to provide translating services during the time of the census. The importance was emphasised when Dr Balacz informed that funding was linked to the figures arrived at in the census. On a final note, George Wright inquired if homeopathy would be included in future health initatives. Dr Balacz informed that due to the amount of pressure facing GP’s homeopathy was not yet seen as priority. 5. REDEVELOPMENT IN STOCKWELL

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Sheree Bennett-Development Control and Alan Vinall Strategic Planning of the Planning Department of Lambeth Council outlined the relationship of the Stockwell Masterplan and the work of the Planning Department of the Council. Alan Vinnall informed the meeting that his work focused primarily upon the Unitary Development Plan which governed planning development in the Borough. He reported that the next Unitary Development plan would come in force in 2003/4 and that consultation with the local community would be taking place in April-June 2001 and would last 6 weeks. Alan Vinnall informed that the purpose of the consultation was to ascertain the views of the community on the manner in which development should take place within Lambeth. The format of the UDP would also be the subject of review and one of the aims, the meeting was informed, was the creation of a shorter and more concise UDP which was easier to use for the public. On the relationship between the Stockwell Masterplan and the UDP, the meeting was informed that the Masterplan was being considered by Lambeth Council and that the Masterplan would be a material consideration for planners when considering planning applications In addition, it was envisaged that the Masterplan would feed into the consultations involving the future UDP and into S106 agreements where environmental improvements were being sought. Despite the influence that the Masterplan would have, it was noted that the UDP would remain the primary source of guidance for Lambeth Council as it was a statutory obligation. An explanation was given of the UDP process. The meeting was informed that after the consultation in June 2001, a draft UDP would be prepared and put on deposit at the end of the year. Finalisation would take place in 2003/4 after consultations with Central Government. Sheree Bennett informed that she was involved in Development Control which dealt with the more day to day issues relating to planning applications. Sheree

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Bennett reiterated the fact that the Stockwell Masterplan would now be material consideration when dealing with planning applications in the Stockwell area and the impact the document would have as a source of guidance when negotiating s106 agreements. George Wright, the Chair then invited those present at the meeting to submit questions. A question was asked on the implementation of the s106 agreement at the development at Vauxhall Park. On a general note on s106 agreements, an inquiry was made on who decides upon the s106 agreements and how the money was to be spent. Sheree Bennett answered that there was no written policy on the formulation and implementation but that plans were underway to provide a London wide framework on such agreements. On the payment of monies, the meeting was informed that the planning department was responsible for funds being available and spent in order to implement s106 agreements. On general inquiries, the meeting was informed that it was hoped that there would be greater community involvement in the s106 agreement process. One of the ways was through objections to original applications which would then be translated into such agreements. Another way was through the use of guidance documents such as the UDP and the Stockwell Masterplan. The meeting was also informed that a dedicated officer had been allocated the task of checking all current s106 agreements and ensuring that they were being or had been implemented. It was also noted that s106 agreements could encompass health service issues. It was emphasised that whilst past practice on s106 agreements had been dictated by the Council it was hoped that future s106 agreements would involve the community. On an inquiry on Lambeth Council’s policy on affordable housing, Alan Vinall informed that any development with over 15 properties would need to ensure that 25% of the development consisted of affordable housing. On access to the UDP it was noted that the cost of the document was £17. The meeting was informed that copies of the document were available in local libraries and on the Internet.

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Councillor Melville stated that the planning process tended to be reactive and that greater steps were required to engage the community at an earlier stage. The meeting concurred with this view and added that many people felt that the planning consultation process was flawed in that people were consulted late in the day when the matter had already been decided. Councillor Bottrall concurred and stressed the importance of taking the Masterplan into account when considering all planning application and involving the public at an earlier stage. An example that was cited was an application for the conversion of three shops in Lansdowne Way into flats and how it conflicted with the Masterplan’s aims of encouraging businesses. Alan Vinall responded that although the new UDP would not be implemented until 2003/4, steps were being taken now to engage the community more effectively. Sheree Bennett referred to examples of public attendance Planning Applications Committees that had been influential in the determination of applications. An inquiry was made noting that there were some instances where decision making was not in the hands of the Council and where only observations were being made. The example that was cited was traffic control. A general discussion ensued in which it was agreed that representatives from the Highways Department would be invited to a future meeting. The question and answer session concluded with updates on individual planning applications in the area. George Wright thanked the two officers for their presentation and answers for questions that had been raised. Contact Points: Sheree Bennett, Team Leader, 020 7926 1197 Alan Vinnall, Team Leader, 020 7926 1212.

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THIRD NOMINATION TO THE CLAPHAM AND STOCKWELL TOWN CENTRE BOARD George Wright, Chair, informed that after elections in March 2000, two of the three places had been filled on the

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Clapham and Stockwell Town Centre Board. Nominations were now required for the third member. The meeting was informed that three nominations had been received: Ms Christina Pinto-A Felicia Oldeay-B Cecile Nobrega-C Christina Pinto was not present at the meeting. The meeting was addressed by the two other candidates after which votes were cast for the three candidates. Result: Ms Christina Pinto-2 Felicia Oldeay-11 Cecile Nobrega-18 No Vote-1 It was agreed that Cecile Nobrega would be appointed on to the Clapham and Stockwell Partnership Board.


STOCKWELL SUMMER FESTIVAL George Wright, Chair informed that the Lambeth Council had been approached with a view to holding a festival in Stockwell. As a result, it had been advised that the festival be held in South Lambeth Road after appropriate Road Closure Orders had been made. The meeting was informed that the Council was considering the setting up of a Festivals and Carnivals budget and that funding could also be obtained from the Stockwell Community Grants Fund. It was envisaged that the event would be held on a Sunday afternoon in July. In order to organise and co-ordinate the festival, it was proposed that a sub-group be created. An inquiry was made on the extent of the road that would be closed, as the closure would affect roads subject to the diversion. George Wright responded that the extent of the closure had not been finalised and that he was open to suggestions.

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Suggestions were made to include Vauxhall Park and to possibly hold the event during school term time when attendance at the event would be greater. 8 ANY OTHER BUSINESS Edith Holtham reported that refurbishment on the interior of the library would take place on 23 January 2001 and that a grant of £15,000 had been secured for the external renovation of the library. Funding for a new signage and materials for the internal redecoration had been approved by the Town Centre Board. George Wright informed that Marie Burns’ contract had been extended to the end of March 2001 in order to undertake funding work in relation to the Masterplan. Further to the last Stockwell Partnership Meeting, George Wright informed that the two gymnasts wishing to compete in Canada had secured funding in the region of £860 and were competing in Canada. George Wright informed that funds had been secured form the Clapham and Stockwell Shadow Partnership Board to alleviate cashflow problems experienced with the employment of a SRB co-ordinator for Stockwell. 10. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting of the Board will be held on Thursday 15 March 2001 at 7.00 pm in the South Lambeth Tate Library.

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[19 January 2001] Bill Basra, Democratic Services Officer Tel. 020 7926 2510 Email: Victoria Ratcliffe Town Centre Development Officer Clapham & Stockwell Town Centre Office Tel: 020 7926 0765

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