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					Home Insurance Tips for 2014
Whether you are looking to purchase homeowners insurance in Palm Desert or the surrounding area,
you should know right now that it’s not a luxury, nor is it something you want to skimp on. Buying home
insurance in Palm Desert isn’t as big a decision as buying your home, but you are going to want to
protect your investment, whether it’s a starter home or a vacation home. Below are a few tips that will
help you get not only the right coverage, but will also help you save a little bit without sacrificing what
you need.

Security and disaster protection
Before going any further with the financial aspects of insurance and ways you can save money, let us
also remember that a lot of these tips don’t just protect your home. Most of them will either protect
your life or your property somehow, as well.

First off, smoke alarms are a must. They’re not expensive,
and installing new ones in an older home can help
decrease your yearly insurance premiums by quite a bit—
as much as ten percent. Many companies won’t specifically
tell you to get a carbon monoxide detector in addition to
your smoke detectors, but that can usually help your
bottom line, too.

Security systems that are centrally monitored are another
good way to cut down on your expenditure for insurance. All you usually need is a bill or something as
proof that your alarm system is currently maintained, and you can get sometimes five percent or more

Higher deductible plans
A lot of people swear by high-deductible plans. And it’s true that a lot of minor issues like damaged
sheetrock, leaky pipes or other things are easily fixed and generally cost less than a couple hundred
dollars. If that’s all you’re worried about, then you’re fine. But if you’re concerned about the location of
your home—whether you’re worried about things like earthquakes, landslides, floods or wildfires—this
might not be the best route to take. Sure, you’ll pay less each month. But if something disastrous
happens, you might just be wishing you had a low deductible.

Combine policies
A lot of companies offer many types of insurance: car, life, medical and homeowner insurance. If a
company is willing to cut down one or all of your monthly insurance payments to get your business, it’s
probably a good idea (financially) to take a closer look.
Plan any construction now
This mainly has to do with what you will build any additions out of. Cement- or steel-framed structures
don’t cost as much to insure because they are less likely to be affected by bad conditions, but they’re
more expensive to begin with. On the other hand, wood is cheap even though it will cost more to insure.
The choice is yours, but go into that choice with your
eyes open.

Pay it off
This can be a key piece of advice, even while we are
limiting our focus to insurance. The logic behind this
point is solid: your rates will drop once you own your
home outright. Generally, if a person owns their home,
they take better care of it, and so it costs less to insure.

Never stop looking around
Although you might be comfortable with your policy and feel it’s the cheapest one out there, it might
not always be. Maybe it’s cheap now, but something better might come along in a year. Once you buy
an insurance policy, don’t grow complacent. Your rates will probably go up and down, or something
better will come along. Each year, take a look around at your options and make sure what you have is
still what you want.

While these points aren’t valid only for this year, now is the best time to make sure you’re on the right
track with your homeowners insurance in Palm Desert. Whether you’re looking to buy or switch your
home insurance in Palm Desert, these six points will help ensure you get the best deal on the coverage
that fits you.

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