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What Car Models Are The Cheapest to Insure in 2014.pdf


If you're looking to buy a car. The amount of money you are going to have to spend on car insurance can be a major factor in determining what kind of car you want.

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									What Car Models Are The Cheapest to Insure in 2014?
Your age and driving history factor into what you end up paying for auto insurance, but did you know
that the kind of car you drive also plays a part in the price? That’s right, your rate is going to go up or
down depending on your ride.

The folks at compiled average annual premiums for all new car models in the U.S., and here’s
a list of the top 10 cheapest cars to insure in 2014:

    1.    Jeep Wrangler Sport - $1,080
    2.    Honda Odyssey LX - $1,103
    3.    Jeep Patriot Sport - $1,104
    4.    Honda CR-V LX - $1,115
    5.    Jeep Compass Sport - $1,140
    6.    Chrysler Town and Country Touring - $1,140
    7.    Subaru Outback 2.5i - $1,144
    8.    Dodge Journey SE - $1,149
    9.    Honda Odyssey EX - $1,149
    10.   Dodge Grand Caravan SE - $1,158

SUVs are the new Minivans
What can we gather from this list?

Well, Jeep holds three spots in the top 5. But aren’t Jeeps for the more reckless, adventurous drivers?

Not exactly. The typical Jeep driver, according to Kelley Blue Book, is female, under 45, and a very
careful driver. Not quite an adrenaline junky.

                                      SUVs in general are cheaper to insure. That’s because the drivers
                                      who take them off road for risky adventure are in a small minority.
                                      Most people who drive SUVs commute with them around the
                                      suburbs, and that’s some of the safest driving there is.

                                      In fact, according to, SUVs have replaced minivans in
                                      many of the top spots. The minivan has traditionally ruled the
                                      suburbs, but now it seems more parents are shuttling their kids
                                      around in SUVs.

Cost of Repair is Important
To determine their rates, insurance companies look at the claims of previous years. If a certain car has a
reputation for costly repairs, then it’s going to be more expensive to repair. In the Jeep Wrangler’s case,
repairs cost less than average, contributing to its spot as #1 cheapest car to insure.
Rates Vary By State
For this list, averaged annual premiums for the entire country. It’s worth noting that rates
are quite different from state to state. According to, California’s average annual cost for auto
insurance, for any model car, is $1,962, but neighboring Nevada’s average rate is $1,388, a difference of
more than $5,000!

So a Jeep Wrangler’s car insurance in Palm Desert is going to cost a bit more to insure than the same
model in Carson City.

Safety is key
Another reason SUVs did so well on the list is they’re safer than most cars on the road. If an SUV collides
with a four-door sedan, the SUV will usually fare better.

Safety, cost of repairs, and your car’s value all play a role in how much your auto insurance will cost.
Whether you have one of these cheap-to-insure cars or not, Quest Financial and Insurance Services can
help you find the best rate out there.

Call us today for a free auto insurance quote!

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