Results from the initial questionnaire of the Comenius project by forrests


									Results from the initial questionnaire of the Comenius project ‘Young Europeans –Alike but different’
The survey discovered that the basic facts that students know about the country – partners in the projects are as follows: Poland – the country with the highest level of unemployment among the countries in EU; all the students know the capital-Warsaw; only one student of 16 knows the name of the president and the highest peak in Poland( 2,499m);students know the currency .Only one of 16 marked the fact that the official religion is cotholicism and 2 of 16 wrote that Poland shares a border with Germany. Spain- well-known facts are toreadors, growing oranges. All the students know the capital city-Madrid,three of 16 know when Spain was founded(15c)and the name of the monarch. One of 16 quotes facts about its population and administrative organisation. Germany- all the students know about the capital city –Berlin and half of them know the name of the President.3 of 16 know when Germany became a member of EU .Half of the students say it is famous for producing beer and cars.2 of 16 know its population and that Germany shares a border with Denmark. Cyprus-all the students marked Cyprus as an island country with 2 official languages-Greek and Turkish. Half of them know the name of the capital. Greece-All the students know where it is situated and the capital city –Athens. Greece is famous for its history, dances, resorts.2 of 16 know its highest peak(2917m) Italy-All the students know its geographical position and its capital city –Rome. Two of them know the name of the president. Italy is famous for its culture and beauty, football(2 of 16).2 of 16 mention Sicily as the second largest island in Italy and the largest active volcano Etna. Bulgaria-all the students know when it was founded, the capital city, the date when Bulgaria became a member of EU. Bulgaria is famous for its nature, history, resorts, delicious food. Sweden-10 of 16 know where it is situated and its capital city .well-known facts- cold,high standard of living. How do people look like? Poland-nice, fair hair and blue eyes Spain-dark hair and dark eyes, good dancers, passionate, temperamental, Germany- fair hair and blue eyes, strict, clever, hard-working, Cyprus-dark hair and dark eyes, cheerful and hospitable Greece-dark hair and dark eyes, friendly Italy –dark hair and dark eyes, cheerful, passionate, charismatic, Bulgaria-dark hair and dark eyes,hospitable, friendly,beautiful, Sweden-fair complexion ,fair hair and blue eyes, hard working, Food and drinks Poland-pierogi,vodka Spain-cold soup, paella ,wine, sangria, calamares Germany-beer, apple cakes, wurst, white bean soup,sausages, Cyprus-brandy, wine(Caumandaria), halloumi, fish,smoked ham Greece-egg-lemon soup , moussaka, ouzo,olives Italy –pizza, pasta, spaghetti, lasagne, wine Bulgaria-shopska salad, rakia,tarator( a kind of cold soup with cucumbers and yoghurt), banitsa, cheese.

Sweeden-glazed carrots, rose hip soup,meat balls, snaps,crisp bread, salmon Words our students can say that are from other languages: Poland- only two: bardzo ,niebo Spain – holla, puedo decir muchas palabras en Espanol, te quiero, Germany-Ich libe dich, , ich bin Maria ,kleid. Cyprus –none Greece- All the students know many words but I cannot write them in Greek Italy- amore,come va?, bongiorno, ciao, cuore, ti amo Sweden - none

Famous people Poland- the Pope –John –Paul II ,Maria Curie , Chopin Spain –David Villa, Fernando Torres, Pablo Picasso, M.Sanchez, J.Iglesias, Germany- Albert Einstein, ,Bethoven, Kant, Michael Schumaher, Ramstein, Cyprus-Makarios II, Kostas Moutis, Greece- Onasis, Elena Paparizou, Anna Vissi, Laskarina Boubolina, Aristotle Italy- Gallileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Fabio Canavaro, Toti, Eros Ramazoti, Columbus, Pavarotti,Sofia Loren ,Botticelli Bulgaria- Dimitur Berbatov,hristo Stoichkov, Valia Balkanska,I vet Lalova ,Khan Krum, Vassil Levski,John Atanasoff Sweeden- Basshunter,Victoria Silvstedt, Jacob Modear, A.Nobel Places and cities students know: Poland- Warsaw Spain – Madrid,Barcelona, Valencia Germany- Berlin,Hamburg,Munich Cyprus- Nicosia, Agia Greece-Athens, Thessaloniki, Cavala, Thassos Italy- Venice,Rome,Torino,Palermo,Lugano, Naples Sweden- Stockholm Reasons for visiting the other countries: Poland- a lot of places of interest Spain-to see toreadors, flamenco dancers Germany- going to Rammstein concert ,sightseeing Cyprus- to see Petra tou Romiou, the seaside Greece- sightseeing; most of the students have already visited it Italy –sightseeing and culture Sweden-sightseeing Borders 12 of 16 students can name two countries that share a border with each of the participating countries. Singers and groups of each country: Poland-Kasia Kowalska Spain- Julio and Enrique Iglesias,Maria Campos, Germany – Rammstein, Tokyo Hotel, No Angels, ATB

Cyprus- George Michael,Euridiki Greece- Anna Vissi,Elena Paparizou, Vasilis Karas,Antique Italy- Pavarotti, Eros Ramazzoti, Bulgaria- Lili Ivanova, BTR,Vailia Balkanska Sweden- Christina Nilsson,ABBA,Alcazar Products made in each country: Poland- Nivea Spain- olive oil ,red wine,oranges,Corrida Germany- Mercedes,BMW,beer Cyprus-lokoum Greece-olive oil Italy- pasta ,pizza,Versache,Ferre Bulgaria- cheese,yoghurt,rose oil Sweden-dynamite

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