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					                                Your Healthy Foods Shopping List
Breakfast Foods                    Meal Choices                          Snacks
 Better Oats Revolution            Healthy Choice Lemon Herb            Dried fruit- pineapple, Apple
Thick and Hearty Instant           Chicken                               slices , cranberries
Oatmeal                             Amy’s Bean and Rice Burrito
 Kashi Blueberry Waffles          (Light Sodium)                        Blue Corn Tortilla Chips
                                   Healthy Choice Frozen                Popcorn ( Smart pop varieties)
 Van’s Natural Foods
                                   Portabello Spinach Parmesan           Whole wheat Pretzels
 Frozen Sausage Links
                                   Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza        Reduced Fat Cheese Snacks
 Turkey bacon                     Kashi Thin Crust Basil Pesto Pizza   Ak/Mak or Wasa Whole Grain
 Cream of wheat Cereal            Amy’s light and Lean Spinach         Crackers
Post Grape Nut Cereals            Lasagna                                Pita Chips ( Low Sodium)
Cheerios Cereal                    Applegate Uncured Hotdogs           Greek Yogurt
Whole Wheat bagel Thins           Applegate Frozen Beef burgers/       Hummus
 Nature’s Plus Flax Plus Flakes   Turkey Burgers                        Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss
Cereal                              Frozen Shrimp                       Cheese
 Kashi 7 Whole Grain Cereal        Frozen Wild Alaskan salmon           Brown Rice Chips
Flakes                             Health Valley soups                   Quinoa Chips
 Low Fat Cheese Slices-           Thai Onion Soup                       Sun Chips
                                   Health Valley 5 Bean Soup             Veggie Chips ( low Sodium)
                                    Tomato Basil Pasta Soup

          Pastas/Grains            Beverages                             Condiments
 Whole grain Wheat Pita Pocket     Sparkling Water/Seltzer              Vinegar
Bread                               Almond Milk/Unsweetened             Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 Arnold’s Grains and More          2 % Milk                             Marinara Sauce for your
Triple Wheat Bread                 Green Tea                            pasta
Barilla Plus Pasta                Unsweetened Ice Tea/Green Tea        Olde Cape Cod Salad Dressing
Pad Thai Brown Rice Noodles        Grapefruit Juice                    (No fructose)
Quinoa                            Coffee
 Shirataki Noodles                V8 Low Sodium vegetable Juice

             Desserts              Tips:
Breyers Fruit Fruit Bars and       - Look for low Sodium Brands
Berry Swirls                        - Choose brands without High Fructose Corn Syrup
Almond Dream Lil’ Dreamer          - Like Your product and sign up for Coupons
Frozen vanilla Sandwich             - All Brands are at your ShopRite and Pathmark
Back to Nature Cookies             - Use Your Coupons
                                    - Frozen vegetables are great
                                    - Fresh Fruit must be eaten to prevent spoiling
                                    - Buy an aluminum water bottle

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