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(CONTRACT, TECHNICAL and HOSPITALITY RIDER) 804-647-5270 7616 Elko Rd. Sandston, VA 23150 www.jackass-flats.com This rider is attached to and made part of the agreement between Jackass Flats (“Artist”) and (“Venue” or “Purchaser”) for the performance on 200 . Your cooperation in meeting the guidelines found within this agreement is appreciated to help insure the Venue, Artist and Audience the best possible experience with Jackass Flats. Should you have any problems in fulfilling this rider, please contact Artist. Payment- All deposits shall be received by the date specified on the contract. Deposits can be either cash or check, made out to Jackass Flats and mailed to 7616 Elko Rd., Sandston, VA 23150. Please call if you require a W-9 for a deposit. Payments made on the night of the show MUST be made in cash, check, certified check or a university/school check. Stage- The minimum size stage deck for the Artist's performance shall be 12' wide by 8' deep and one at least 5’ square or rectangular rug/mat. The stage shall be of sturdy construction, flat, level and free of tripping hazards. The stage deck and sub-structure shall not have sag or bounce that would cause amplifiers, speaker stacks or lighting rigs to lean or sway. Preferred stage elevation is to be a minimum of 24" above surrounding floor or grade. If the stage is not a permanent part of the venue, a loading ramp and an adequate set of stairs, both of safe and sturdy construction, should be provided. Outdoor stages should be properly covered to protect Artist and all equipment from the elements. Loaders- Buyer shall provide a minimum of 1 (one) able-bodied and sober loader to assist with the load-in and load-out of Artist’s equipment. Security- Buyer shall guarantee proper security at all times to ensure the safety and privacy of the Artist, Artist crew and guests, all equipment, and personal property from the beginning of load-in until the completion of load-out. Buyer will be held financially responsible for any loss due to lack of proper security. Access to Venue- Buyer shall allow Artist access to the venue for load-in and setup at least 3 (three) hours before doors open. Taping and Cameras ARE allowed- Video and Broadcasting of any sort, in any medium may be allowed only with Artist’s prior consent. Billing- “Jackass Flats” must appear with the appropriate billing in all printed advertising and must be mentioned in all radio spots. Merchandise - Jackass Flats shall have sole and exclusive merchandising rights. Artist also request that a lighted space and a table to display and sell merchandise be provided. Ten (10) complimentary tickets per show must be available to ARTIST for their sole use (Family, Special Guests, etc). Seats must be in preferred locations. ARTIST will contact the box office no later than one hour prior to the concert in the case of unused tickets.

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Venue/Purchaser shall have the right to distribute 20 tickets or 1% of the sellable house (whichever is greater) for use for media, sponsor, and other promotional needs. These tickets do not include tickets set aside for artist requirements. No other complimentary tickets are to be distributed without express written permission of artist. Hospitality: Meals- Jackass Flats requires at least one complimentary meal per band member and one for band road manager (6 total) prior to or immediately following the agreed upon performance time. The band prefers “healthy” food. A $100 buy-out is acceptable if no meal is to be provided. It is also required that drinks be provided to the band for consumption before and during the performance (At least one case of beer or 24 drink tickets. Plenty of coffee, tea, cold non-carbonated water, assorted sodas and juices in a bucket of ice). If possible, the band would like room-temp bottled water on stage during the performance. Hospitality: Dressing Room- A well-lighted, private, lockable dressing room must be provided for the duration of the evening. If the event is taking place at a hotel, it is often possible to secure nearby unused conference rooms. The greenroom should have some sort of chairs/sofa(s) with some sort of table(s), hand towels and a mirror. Hospitality: Lodging - Unless stipulated otherwise in the Contract, PURCHASER will provide TWO (2) double occupancy rooms (sleeping for 6) at a nearby established hotel chain, i.e. Comfort Inn, Motel 6, Holiday Inn, etc. for the evening of performance, and will provide Artist with a confirmation number when show is advanced. Be sure to guarantee the rooms for late arrival and late check-out! Parking- Well-lit, FREE parking for one van with a trailer must be provided in close proximity to venue and must be available for the duration of the evening from load-in to load-out. Insurance- Buyer or Venue must carry public liability and property damage insurance with sufficiently high limits to adequately insure against bodily injury, death, or loss of or damage to property in connection with a part of the performance. Purchaser and/or Venue shall also indemnify Artist against any and all loss, damage and/or destruction occurring to Artist, their employees, contractors and agents, and equipment at the venue, including but not limited to damage or destruction due to acts of God. Rain Clause - JACKASS FLATS LLC WILL NOT perform outdoors if there is any reasonable danger to their instruments or equipment (i.e.: rain, thunder, lightning, etc.) If JACKASS FLATS LLC arrives for the performance on the day and time specified in this contract but cannot perform due to rain, extreme heat or cold, etc., payment is immediately due and payable to JACKASS FLATS LLC. JACKASS FLATS LLC will be flexible about moving indoors or to a covered location in order to complete the performance. With regards to equipment sharing, Artist will not share any equipment with other acts on the bill, unless other arrangements are made in advance with Artist. If Artist is headlining, Artist WILL NOT strike any gear from the stage, and WILL NOT move instruments and equipment if they deem it to be burdensome, problematic or unnecessary. Jackass Flats LLC has the right take 10 minutes of break time for every hour of performance.

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Sound Reinforcement Requirements
1. TWO (2) Vocal Mics (SM 58’s or better) 2. FIVE (5) Instrument Mics for Banjo, Guitar, Dobro and (2) Fiddle/Mandolin (preferably condenser) 3. TWO (2) Direct Input boxes for Guitar and Dobro 4. ONE (1) XLR feed for Bass preamps (ARTIST providing DI and mic) 5. ONE (1) 110V AC outlet or full power strip for Bass electronics 6. EIGHT (8) Boom Mic Stands 7. At least TWO (2), preferably THREE (3) onstage monitors, either self-powered or with suitable power-amps (preferably with separate mixes) 8. At least TWO (2) house speakers (mains) suitable for size of the venue, either self-powered or with suitable power-amps (preferably in stereo) 9. Suitable graphic EQ for monitors and mains 10. Soundboard with AT LEAST TEN (10) inputs/channels for mixing 11. At least ONE (1) qualified and competent sound technician to set up stage plot, mix and run the soundboard during sound check and performance. NOTE: Artist or Artist’s representative may request the opportunity to sit at/run the soundboard during sound check and/or performance. Soundboard should be located such that there is a clear view of the stage from it. NOTE: Artists prefer to have full dynamic range on instrument/vocal mics and pickups at ALL times. Please adjust mic and pickup levels loud enough for solos and then adjust as little as possible after that.

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Stage Plot

We hope this rider explains the needs of the Artist in full. If you have any additional questions, please contact JACKASS FLATS. We appreciate your cooperation. Accepted and Agreed-

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