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									Academy of International Business-Midwest (AIB-Midwest) 2007 Annual Business Meeting 30 March 2007 8:00am – 9:15am Drake Hotel Chicago, IL President Juan Meraz presiding The purpose of this meeting was to keep members of the AIB-Midwest up to date with the progress and growth of the organization. The executive board kindly requested comments and possible changes for future conferences. Overall comments about this year’s AIB-Midwest meeting included.  81 primary registrants – a growth rate of over 50%  45 participants in the Brunch session  Mostly positive feedback about the Drake Hotel.  Brunch was good quality.  Reception crowded.  Entertainment great (May want to take away boom boxes.)  Too few meeting rooms.  Equipment issues  Need tables up front for panel discussions.  Need water in conference rooms.  Microphones may be helpful. Suggested changes:  Meals will be moved to Knickerbocker to allow more room for paper presentations.  Looking at cheaper parking opportunities closer to Drake.  Appointed Nichole Castater to assist Anthony Koh with the reviewing of papers.  May want to set up a Pedagogy (or Audagogy) track.  An Intercontinental Panel was suggested – consist of educators from different regions.  Set up a Graduate Student track, and get more students involved.  A Culture track was suggested. o How to teach it? Sometime we over-teach it.  North American – Decision Making  European – Analysis  Asian – Human Resource Issues  Create linkages to virtual case studies between countries.  After Panel discussions, we might want to add another half hour to exchange ideas, network, and discuss papers.  If we bring Panel discussants from outside of academia, have it as a stand-alone meeting, do not have a competing International Business track at the same time.  Another proposed track: Canada or NAFTA o Perhaps network at AIB in Indianapolis to see the reaction to this. Awards

Minutes from Business Meeting AIB – Midwest 30 March 2007
  Outstanding paper award to Nadler and Hill. Outstanding student paper award to Paul Komiak


Treasurer’s Report  The financial reports are forthcoming.  Chris Ziemnowicz’s tenure as Treasurer as expired. He did not wish to extend his tenure.  Dr. Raimi Maysami from UNC-Pembroke was elected Treasurer for the next three years. Secretary Report  Minutes are forthcoming.  They will be posted on the Midwest AIB website. Program Chair Report – Dr. Anthony Koh  Committee Chairs  Creating Value for Membership  Invest in Growth – We are still very much in the growth mode. We are the fastest growing track in the MBAA International group.  Thanks to those who brought in laptops and LCD projectors.  Website still on University of Toledo web server. Only Dr. Koh can edit it. May be able to move this function over to Concord University. o Want to create an online form for submission that can then transfer everything into Excel.  Midwest Journal of International Business Research o Received 68 – 70 papers for this conference, rejected 5 – 7 papers. o Those papers that were presented at this year’s conference will be considered for the journal; authors to submit papers for consideration, if they so desire. This is considered a 2nd round Revise and Resubmit. o This journal – The Midwest Journal of International Business Research renamed the Journal of International Business Research and Practice – is a double-blind peer-reviewed proceeding – listed in Cabell’s. o Need to re-submit the corrected paper within 30 days from 3-31-07. o We need to form an Editorial Board and choose 15 – 20 of the best papers. This provides for a reasonable acceptance rate. o The papers chosen will be based on quality and rigor, not purely upon “themes”. o Please e-mail your interest in being on the Editorial Review Board, along with your CV to Dr. Anthony Koh. o  Article submissions o For the proceedings, require a printed form of the abstract. o The paper will be printed with the permission of the author(s). o A CD version of the full proceedings will be mailed out mid-April.  Next year article submissions o Dr. Nichole Castater has volunteered to be Review Chair, in order to help Dr. Anthony Koh with his Program Chair duties. o The track chairs are in charge of recruiting papers and attendees in their respective tracks.

Minutes from Business Meeting AIB – Midwest 30 March 2007
May be useful to have the papers online before the conference to allow preparation beforehand. o Please bring copies of papers or your presentation so the audience may follow along. Dr. Vern Terpstra recommended a note be sent to the University of Toledo, commending Dr. Koh’s time and considerable efforts. Robert Moussetis o The trade panel should be a stand-alone session, perhaps a joint panel with the finance section. o Suggestions for next year panels/speakers  Small and medium size companies  State of Illinois Trade Center  Chinese Consulate (done in 2006)  Panel of Representatives from different Consulates  Leaning toward – looking into public policy panel and keynote speaker  WTO, IMF, etc. Suggestions for the future o Name an Outstanding Policy Maker or IB Professional for the Midwest – without encroaching on the efforts of AIB International  Could have a ceremony and press release Use the AIB-Midwest to further integrate grades K – 12 into the International Business curriculum Tell a friend about the AIB – Midwest. Bring a friend. o


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Prepared by Dr. Nichole Castater, Secretary, AIB-Midwest

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