ACCOMODATION IN LUND Lund has many hotels and hostels and August is not the busiest month in Lund. However, it is a good idea to book a room as soon as possible. Each participant should take care of his/her own accommodation!! Two of the hotels/hostels (see below) are pre-booked, but only a limited number of beds are available until 15th July, so you should make a firm reservation as soon as possible. We have pre-booked, for the period 17 – 20 August, 20 single rooms (price: 40 EURO/night) and 5 double rooms (price: 50 EURO/night) at the University Guest House Sparta, Tunavagen 39, Lund. This hostel is located just 100 m west from the Building 77 on your map along Tunavägen, app. 10 minutes walk to Biologihuset. You can book a room there by sending an e-mail (quoting: ICAP accommodation) to: This reservation facility is opened while there are free beds, but anyway not later than 15th July. Your reservation is binding! The rooms at the University Guest House Sparta should preferably be taken over on 17th August, between 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. If you intend to come later, please send a note to the above e-mail address. The bill is paid directly on the spot at the University Guest House Sparta. We have also pre-booked 10 single rooms (available for reservation until 15th July) at Hotel Concordia, Stalbrogatan 1. The Hotel is of a very good quality and located in the Centre, app. 25 minutes walk from Biologihuset (app. 5 minutes walk south from the Cathedral, app. 3-5 minutes walk south-east from the train station). Phone: +46 46 13 50 50, fax: +46 46 13 74 22; e-mail: or . The reduced price is app. 105 EURO /per night /per person. Please contact them directly and for the reduced price quote our reservation nr. 12284. A few other possibilities are mentioned below, but rooms are not pre-booked and you are encouraged to contact them directly: First class accommodation (the price is app. 140 EURO per night) is offered at Grand Hotel, Bantorget 1, phone: +46 46 280 6100, fax +46 46 280 61 50, e-mail: or The Hotel is located 1 min walk from the train station or app. 25 minutes walk to Biologihuset. A budget accommodation (app. 45-50 EURO per night) is offered at Hotel Ahlström (Skomakaregatan 3, phone: +46 46 2110174, e-mail: , , which is located in the vicinity of the Cathedral (app. 25 minutes walk to Biologihuset). The cheapest accommodation (the rooms are usually, but not necessarily, shared with other guests) is Youth Hostel Vandrarhem Tåget at the Train Station (Vävaregatan 22, phone: +46 46 142820, ). Even further possibilities can be obtained through the Tourist Office: .

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