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      You Will Break Out
      Chuck Pierce

      A Prophetic Word For You

      “Have I not said to you that this will be a year that you will break out of that which wearied you. This will
      be a year that you will begin to compete with the horses and run the race with new strength. I will give
      you strategies to overthrow the enemy that has surrounded you.

      These will be new strategies. You will have insight that you have never had before. Be still and receive
      revelation from Me. I am beginning to accelerate events and relationships around you. The enemy
      would love for you to remain with your feet deep within the mire that has stopped you from moving
      forward. The enemy would love for you to remain eating from the pig trough instead of sitting at
      Father’s table. However, I am calling you to leave that place of lack and enter into a banquet mentality.

      I am calling you to shake the mud of the past from your feet and allow Me to cause you to rise up in a
      new way. I am causing your feet to be liberated. I’m causing you to be able to run in a new way, for
      even in this coming week there will be an acceleration; there will be a turn. You will begin to see the
      finish line of the race that you have been in.

      Finish that race! But do not remove yourself from the competition. Take a deep breath and get ready
      to run again. This is a time where you need to breathe, receive and move forward quickly. Receive My
      Spirit and My breath. Allow Me to refresh you. Let the Holy Spirit manifest in you in a new way. Allow
      His gifts to be activated in a new way to give you new insight to run.

      Allow Me to remove things from your path. Do not stop running because you see obstacles you do not
      believe you can hurdle. Those hurdles will be removed if you keep moving. I am ready to do a new

      Let go of your past this week! Let go of your past this week! Let go of your past this week! Do not look
      back but look forward to the next race and assignment. Even though you feel weary, I will burst forth
      within you and you will accelerate into the suddenlies I have prepared for you.

      Accelerate past the strategy of death that the enemy has put on your path. Do not allow the enemy to
      convince you that you cannot reach the finish line and run again. Break past and into that which is
      forming new and fresh for you.

      Watch the heavens shift and new windows or portals form over you. These portals will pour grace and
      strength from heaven for what is ahead. Declare the heavens above you to shift, so you are connected
      in the Throne Room in a new way.

      Be not deceived. The enemy will attempt to counterfeit the ‘real’ that is forming before you. Worship in
      Spirit and in truth and you will discern fully the right door to go through. I am releasing a new measure
      of discernment.

      Be willing to step out into a new place of faith and watch me turn water into wine. Some of you will
      even rise above your circumstance and walk out on water, and instead of sinking you will remain
      buoyant because of a new faith level that is beginning to work in you.
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      Even though much confusion is around you and you do not seem to see clearly the enemy’s plan or
      even the finish line that I have set before you from the beginning of this adventure and season, keep
      moving and I will see to it that you go past the confusion.

      The enemy would love to remove you from the wall. Find your place on the wall new and fresh. Review
      your assignment. Don’t be afraid to get on the edge. For though you feel like you are falling over, I will
      uphold you with My righteous right hand.

      Watch your new doors forming. Do not attempt to go back for you have attained a level of victory that
      you are not fully aware of. I have formed a beach head from your obedience so do not go backwards
      and be captured in an old season by the enemy.

      Rise up! The higher you rise the farther the horizon line will be extended for your future. This will give
      you a new measure and sphere of authority. Your boundaries are changing for your future. I am giving
      you a new scope to pinpoint the way the enemy will move.

      Do not fear the movement of your enemy for you will see him in ways you have never seen him before.
      Remember, one small Word will fell him. Come up! Draw near to Me for I have a new seat of authority I
      have formed for you. Come up and receive your new mantle for this next season. Come up. I am
      waiting for you. Come up and receive the strength to move forward.”

      I hope this word encourages you. Even though you perhaps are in a time of transition, you can move
      from one phase of transition into the next phase. This is similar to moving from a place of shutting
      doors into one where the new doors are forming on your behalf. Let me remind you that transition has
      three phases:

      1. Loss or death. In order to go through transition, we must die to the old. If we have fear of death, we
      cannot submit to God in transition. Fear of death will capture our emotions unless we let the perfect
      love of God remove this fear. We must learn to walk through death with the fragrance of life on us.

      2. Confusion. When new revelation comes into your environment, it becomes confused. You must be
      covered and connected or Satan will try to do you in. It will seem like a whirlwind. You can speak a
      word which will keep you from being sucked in. When we get into a place where we do not know what
      to do, God will bring us to a place of communion which tests our faith so He can reveal Himself to us in
      a new way.

      3. Crossing Over or Entering into the New Place. God has a garden for each of us to cultivate and fill
      with the glory of God. He will increase our boundaries as they fill with the glory of God.


      Chuck D. Pierce

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