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      You Are My Children
      Vincent Xavier


      How can I express my love to you child? How can I show you how much I love you? Though you have
      not felt and you have not seen, I want you to KNOW that I love you in the deepest recesses of my
      being. I am the creator of the ends of the earth and I have created the universes! I have stretched out
      the heavens and all of these reveal my glory. I have made man in my image and I have formed him into
      my likeness. Yes I am the CREATOR of all things. Yet I have those who are closer to my heart than
      others. My sons and daughters you are dear to me. You are at the center of my love. I have brought
      you into a relationship that transcends all other experiences in life. I am not only your GOD, but I am
      your Father.

      As your Father I have an affection for you that is beyond my love for the whole race of man. You have
      entered into this covenant relationship through my only Begotten Son, Jesus. I have given ONE SON
      in order to receive MANY SONS. You are my sons and I love you just as I love my Son Jesus. You are
      one with Him and you are one with me. Yet you have not known or understood this depth of my love.
      The religions of the world who call me God are stuck behind the veil of their humanity. They cannot see
      through the veil of their flesh because they have not had the wonder working power of my grace to
      remove and cleanse away the sinful nature. They have rejected my purpose in my Son and have come
      to me with their own righteousness, a righteousness I will never receive. Their gifts mean nothing to
      me for they have not received my gift. As they have rejected my gift so have I rejected theirs.

      Oh I understand their hearts but I know that what is in the heart of MAN is deceitfully wicked. Only my
      cleansing grace can erase the veil. Only My amazing love can remove the veil of humanity, the human
      nature that has been corrupt because of Sin. But I have taken the sin of the world away in my blood! I
      have cleansed forever all unrighteousness from my Children. Now my Children who have been brought
      into my house can come to me without reproach or shame, without self-effort or self-righteousness.

      Yes, I am your God but more than this I Am your Father! Understand today my Fatherhood in your life.
      Understand that you are my sons and daughters and because you are, you are heirs! You are
      inheritors of all that I have made and created. This is why I have said that eye has not seen nor ear
      heard what the Lord has prepared for those who love him. Yet I have revealed these things to you in a
      measure and I want you to embrace the promises I have made. I am in covenant with you my Child! I
      love you more than your natural mind will ever know.

      Yet I will open your mind and stimulate that which has been dormant and I will open your spiritual eyes
      to the truth and the depth of My love. This is why during these difficult and dark days you need not fear.
      For I am with you always even to the end of the world. I will and I have never forsaken you no not even
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      in the midst of your most fiery trial. I have been with you, not just the angels, not just overseers for your
      good, but I, the Almighty God have been with you, your FATHER! I have walked with you. I have been
      with you. You have only seen and known me as a God FAR OFF, but I am near! I am so near that I am
      even in your breath! I am not bound to a seat in the heavens! I am not stuck! My presence in your life is
      a mystery only until the final unveiling.

      But understand that the unveiling is within you. For I dwell in you my child. My throne is your heart. My
      seat of authority and power is IN YOU! Receive more and more of my sacrifice! Receive more and
      more of my finished work. Partake of my blood and my flesh. Drink deep and eat to the full. Fill
      yourself with my life, my death, my burial and my resurrection. Have I not said that you are living in the
      THIRD DAY, the DAY of resurrection power? Have I not said that you shall be raised up into new
      heights? What is the final act of my destiny concerning earthly things? My ascension! I have ascended
      and you too have ascended with me. As you eat more and more of my being and partake of my flesh
      and blood you shall not only be raised up from the prisons of despair but you shall ascend in your spirit
      to my right hand! You shall sit as kings and priests! You shall sit as sons within the Kingdom.

      Even now these things are true but you must come to maturity! How? By eating and drinking of my
      being. EAT MY FLESH! DRINK MY BLOOD! Are these not the days of the PASSOVER? Is it not the
      season called MARCH? Yes it is at this time during the month of MARCH that the dynamic of my
      Kingdom shall manifest in the earth. A great outpouring of My Spirit is to come and fill the house with
      the Glory. A great deliverance from the power of sin and death shall be broken and my people will
      come forth in freedom and liberty. Truly old things shall pass away and all things shall become new!

      EAT CHILDREN! Eat of my sacrifice. I have prepared it from the foundations of the world and I have
      invited you to come and dine. Open your heart to me this day and I will come in and sup with you! A
      GREAT AWAKENING shall be witnessed in the earth during the month of MARCH AND APRIL. For
      this is the FIRST MONTH of my new year and I shall do great things. I have promised and I will confirm
      it! I LOVE YOU MY CHILD, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. I beckon to you this day to come!
      Come unto me and I will give you rest! Come unto me and I will fill your cup. Come unto me and I will
      give you LIFE! Know this day that you are the children of the resurrection and you are children of the
      ascension. Truly you shall ascend into glorious heights as you come!