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									HOTL-hotel booking proceduresand forms:version 02/09/2006 Hotel Booking Procedure The BAQ secretariat has made special arrangements with 9 BAQ hotels. Information about these hotels including rates per night can be found on the website ( Block bookings
Supporting organizations who want to make block bookings of hotel rooms for the participants they are sponsoring are requested to course these block bookings through the BAQ secretariat. The main contact persons for hotel bookings are Glynda Bathan ( and Cornie Huizenga ( A down payment of 75% for the cost of rooms blocked will be required from supporting organizations in order to guarantee the rooms. Full payment for hotel rooms is requested to be made before BAQ 2006 or at the latest, during BAQ 2006.

Self-funded participant bookings
1.) All participants to BAQ 2006 are required to register online. After he registers, he will receive an automatically-generated email notification that informs him, among other things, of his BAQ Registration Number. If he is a self-funded participant (e.g., from the private sector), he can proceed with the hotel booking. (NB: the BAQ REGISTRATION FORM is different from the HOTEL BOOKING FORM) 2.) After he gets his BAQ Registration Number, the SELF-FUNDED PARTICIPANT should go to the ONLINE HOTEL BOOKING FORM, where he fills-in his hotel preferences and contact details, including his unique BAQ Registration Number. The BAQ Registration Number is evidence that the person is a registered participant. YHA SHOULD NOT ENTERTAIN HOTEL BOOKINGS FROM PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE A REGISTRATION NUMBER. The system has been configured to prevent this from happening; nevertheless, do not entertain requests from people who try to book by phone or fax without a registration number. (NB: Hotel arrangements for sponsored participants are handled differently. They do not need to use any hotel booking form.) 3.) After the participant submits the Hotel Booking form, the system will automatically generate a separate email acknowledgment which will be sent to (i) the participant, (ii) the members of the BAQ Secretariat, and (iii) the YHA reservation coordinator(s). A sample of this acknowledgment is attached (see below). (NB: If the participant is unable to use the online hotel booking form, he has the option of using an Excel version of the booking form. This will be sent to a person in the BAQ Secretariat who will forward the file to the YHA coordinator. ) 4.) The YHA coordinator will input the information from the email into a standard spreadsheet database, and the BAQ Secretariat will input the same information into a master BAQ database. At scheduled intervals, the hotel booking information from the YHA and BAQ Secretariat will be compared with each other and cross-checked for accuracy. This will form the basis for the tentative room assignments. As long as the information from the email is accurately inputted, there should be no serious problems.

HOTL-hotel booking proceduresand forms:version 02/09/2006
Hotel rooms for BAQ 2006 are classified in two categories: (i) self-funded and (ii) sponsored participants. The BAQ Secretariat will make a room distribution using these two categories. This overview will be posted on the BAQ 2006 website. Two basic rules: a.) Only self-funded participants can book a hotel room; the BAQ Secretariat will book rooms on behalf of sponsored participants. In case a “sponsored” participant books a room this will be picked up by BAQ Secretariat and pointed out to YHA. b.) The YHA coordinator needs to keep track of the availability of rooms allocated for self-funded participants. If no more rooms are available for self-funded participants in a given hotel, the YHA coordinator needs to inform the BAQ Secretariat so that the information appearing on the website is updated. More important, if rooms in the first choice and second choice hotel are fully booked, then the YHA should inform the self-funded participant so that he/she can make a new reservation selecting a room in a different hotel. 5.) As part of the acknowledgment email, the participant is instructed to provide a credit card guarantee in order to keep their hotel room booking. The BAQ Secretariat will provide a downloadable form which the participant can fill-out and FAX to CAI-Asia through a fax number at the Asian Development Bank, because several of our international participants have had difficulty sending their forms to the fax number of the YHA representative at the Hyatt. CAI-Asia will then send the forms in batches to the YHA coordinator by courier. It is the responsibility of the YHA coordinator to follow up with the participant about the credit card guarantee. The YHA coordinator should inform the BAQ Secretariat of participants who have not yet provided their credit card details. 6.) The YHA coordinator and the BAQ Secretariat will meet to finalize the hotel assignments based on the room distribution for self-funded and sponsored participants. The final list is expected about two weeks before BAQ 2006. All participants with confirmed hotels will receive a separate email confirmation from the BAQ Secretariat confirming the hotel reservation accordingly.


Subject: BAQ 2006: HOTEL RESERVATION for Michael Co This email acknowledges that your online hotel reservation was received by the BAQ Secretariat. Please read this email carefully as it explains the detailed hotel booking arrangements for self-funded participants in BAQ 2006. We suggest that you print and file this email for your reference. REMINDER: The online hotel reservation form is intended for SELFFUNDED PARTICIPANTS ONLY. Hotel accommodations for sponsored participants are arranged on their behalf. -----------------------------BAQ Registration Number: 15210 -----------------------------Name: Co, Michael Email: Tel: (63) (2) 6325188

HOTL-hotel booking proceduresand forms:version 02/09/2006

........Hotel in Yogyakarta......... 1st choice: Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta 2nd choice: Grand Mercure Hotel Check-in: 11/09/06 Check-out: 14/09/06 Room: single Companion: Special requirements: non-smoking floor, please /// This notice does not yet guarantee that you will have a confirmed hotel room (see below) /// --------------------IMPORTANT INFORMATION --------------------1.) CONFIRMATION OF HOTEL ROOM All hotel reservations in Yogyakarta for BAQ 2006 will be handled by the Yogyakarta Hotel Association (YHA). "First come, first served" principle will be applied. Because of the large number of participants expected to attend BAQ 2006, and the limited number of rooms per hotel, we cannot guarantee that you will get a room in your first choice hotel. However, we will do our utmost to ensure that you get a room specified in your first or second choice hotel. In case it is not possible to avail of a room in any of these hotels, the Yogyakarta Hotel Association will contact you. You will be notified of your confirmed hotel assignment about two weeks before BAQ 2006. We will notify you through the email address that you had provided above. In the meantime, kindly refrain from contacting the YHA or the BAQ Secretariat about status of your hotel reservation. 2.) CREDIT CARD GUARANTEE For your hotel reservation to be valid you will need to provide a credit card guarantee. Failure to provide your credit card details means that you will forfeit your room reservation. In event of a "no show" or cancellation less than 48 hours from first night of expected check in you will be charged ONE NIGHT'S STAY at the hotel that was assigned to you, based on the special BAQ 2006 workshop rate. To send your credit card guarantee, print out this form: http://...................URL......................................... .............. fill-in your credit card details, and fax to ...................

HOTL-hotel booking proceduresand forms:version 02/09/2006 Flowchart

SF Hotel Registration Form (A)

Email Sent

YHA (B1)

(D) Rooming List

CAI-Asia (B2)



CAI-Asia List Room Requirements of Sponsored Participants(C)

BAQ Participants Database (E)

SF = Self-Funded Participants SP = Sponsored Participants YHA = Yogyakarta Hotel Association Steps: 1 Hotel reservation form for Self Funded participants is posted on website. For a copy of the hotel registration form, see Attachment 1. NB. YHA to clarify procedure for credit card validation in case of hotel booking by email 2a. Self-funded participants fill up the hotel reservation form online. The information on the reservation form is received by YHA and consolidated in database (B1) and CAI-Asia which will have similar database (B2). Excel files will be reconciled on a periodic base. 2b YHA sends confirmation email to the self-funded participant in which receipt of reservation is confirmed in case of availability of first or second priority. In case of unavailability of first and second priority, the self-funded participant will be requested to select a third priority. The CAI-Asia hotel focal point to be copied on emails. 2 CAI-Asia will come up with room requirements for sponsored participants. 3 YHA will integrate database (B1) with Room requirements for Sponsored Participants (C) into draft final Rooming List (D). YHA to provide draft rooming list. YHA will take into account the Room allocation by hotel and the recommended mix of Self Funded and Sponsored Participants per hotel (See attachment 2) and agreed upon procedure with CAI-Asia for moving participants between hotels. 4 Hotel details will be entered in the BAQ 2006 data base. See attachment 3 for hotel fields that are part of the BAQ database. Validation of information by CAI-Asia and countercheck by YHA. 5 BAQ participants will receive confirmation email generated by BAQ database 1-2 weeks before start of BAQ 2006.

HOTL-hotel booking proceduresand forms:version 02/09/2006
Attachment 1

Please read carefully: All participants to BAQ 2006 are required to use the
ONLINE HOTEL BOOKING FORM. Only if you experience problems with the online form should you fill out the information requested below, and email to Ms. Gianina Panopio (, with the subject line: "BAQ 2006 hotel reservation"

BAQ 2006 Hotel Booking Form
Your BAQ 2006 Registration Number:
Make sure that you have already registered as a participant for BAQ 2006. The BAQ Secretariat will not entertain hotel booking requests from unregistered individuals, whether sponsored or self-funded. The online registration form is available at (URL)

Last name:
(as it appears in your passport)

First name:
(as it appears in your passport)

Primary email
(required) (Please double-check your email address. Updates about BAQ 2006 are sent via email.)

Telephone number
(country code) (area code) telephone number

Hotel in Yogyakarta

1st choice For hotel rates, click here 2nd choice

Check-in date:
(dd/mm/yy )

If double occupancy, provide name of companion below:

Check-out date:
(dd/mm/yy )

Special requirements:

Credit Card Guarantee:

You are required to fax your credit card details (with signature) to the BAQ 2006 hotel reservations coordinator. This credit card guarantee is required to confirm your hotel room. In event of a "no show" or late cancellation you will be charged an extra night, based on the special BAQ workshop rates of your first choice hotel. You can download the credit card form at

HOTL-hotel booking proceduresand forms:version 02/09/2006
Attachment 2

Allocation of Hotel Rooms BAQ 2006 Total No. of BAQ rooms (A) 175 80 65 100 100 75 50 50 50 745 Total No. of Rooms reflected on website (A minus B) 125 70 20 100 100 75 50 50 50 640



Self Funded


Reserved by BAQ OC (B) 50 10 45

Hyatt Regency Grand Mercure Inna Garuda Melia Purosani Novotel Yogyakarta Quality Santika Hotel Saphir Hotel Yogyakarta Plaza Totals

60 50 45 62 50 40 50 45 48

65 30 12 40 30 15 10 15 10 227

60 40 8 60 70 60 40 35 40 413


HOTL-hotel booking proceduresand forms:version 02/09/2006
Attachment 3

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