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      Escalating Terrorist Activities
      D and V List

      D and V List No 1213
      Date: Thursday 01 March, 2007

      Topic: Dreams from the present and past about escalating terrorist activities. A couple of dreams
      contained symbolism of replication and multiplication that is characteristic of extremist destructive
      Islamic psychology.

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      D&V List Archive:


      From: Pearlene To: Daystar Sent: Monday, February 26, 2007 7:21 AM Subject: Dream

      Dear Pastor Paula,

      Blessings again to you and your ministry team.

      Thanks for the time you have taken in the past to allow the Holy Spirit to use you in the ministry of
      dream interpretation. Your insight into this dream will be greatly appreciated.

      I received this dream Feb 20th, 2007. To me this seemed to be a dream of great significance, but
      was compelled even more to send it to you after watching the news this morning regarding England's
      worst fear of Terrorist attack, even worse since 911.

      In this dream, my daughter and I were busy working in our home, when suddenly I saw a very bold
      black and white drawing of the map of England in the skies. As I looked at it the drawing became
      even bolder and I kept getting an impression to take note that the map was in black and white.

      The map was then turned longitudinally and suddenly became what seems to be a large machine gun.
      Sections of boroughs and towns were then highlighted and I began to look at one town with people
      going about their business in the midst of great chaos. There seemed to be a lot of shooting and
      great destruction going on.

      I was then on the underground train and a person dressed in black fatigue like a militia came on the
      train with a huge machine gun. He pointed this at a man's head and ordered him off the train. I thought
      he was going to kill this man.

      Later in the dream, I saw this man who was taken off the train with a machine gun attacking people.
      He was no longer one person, but three persons…..they were like identical triplets all going around
      and shooting at people. There was great fear and chaos every where.

      I then turned to my daughter and said, "This is awful, I do not believe the Lord is going to allow His
      people to go through all of this, He is going to return before all this happens…are you ready?"

      I was awakened with great fear for the people of England especially at least 3 generations of family
      and friends living there. England is like home to me as I attended school there and lived there for 10
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      years….my early adult life. I immediately felt like telling my family and friends to leave before all this
      happens. The news this morning confirmed my dream.

      In a similar dream of the USA. A brother in the Lord was doing some maintenance work in the building
      I was working in. There was great chaos every where outside…places were being bombed at
      random. Someone came in and told him that his home was bombed and his wife and children were all
      blown to pieces; there was nothing of his home and family left. He suddenly became like jelly and
      collapsed to the floor, saying "there is no need to go on…all is gone."

      I then saw a woman dressed in militia outfit with a machine gun pointing at us to kill us. At that time, I
      heard 3 more huge bombs going off, indicating that three other buildings were bombed. Boldness
      came over me and I began to rebuke her in the Name of Jesus. I began to plead the Blood of Jesus
      and told her that in the Name of Jesus, I command her to put her gun down and I cancel all her fowl
      works. I was awakened from my sleep at that time.

      What I perceive in my spirit is that there are plans going on for mass destruction on a wide scale both
      in the USA and UK. I am sensing that there will be many, many attacks all over the USA and England.
      Without any warning there will be great chaos everywhere. It is time for us to pray and intercede more
      for God's protection everywhere. We are living in very dangerous and perilous times.

      We are praying that this will be averted, that the Lord will intervene on our behalf as we pray and
      intercede for these 2 countries.

      I anticipate your input on these 2 dreams. Blessings and prayers as you continue to be used of the

      In His service, Pearlene


      D&V List No.1207 Date: Sunday 04 February, 2007

      From: ANNA To: Sent: Friday, January 26, 2007 5:37 PM

      I dreamt I was in Scotland with a group of people, I felt as if I knew them but in reality, had never met
      them before. It was strange, we were in a clothes shop and people were putting jackets on for storms
      .... one lady even said she should get some jackets like these for her kids. They had strips which
      would light up in the dark for protection too. I saw a pullover, it was green, and was going to buy it 2
      months before, but decided to leave it. It costs 35 euros, 20 euros cheaper!

      WARNING TO PREPARE FOR THE STORM: A storm in the bible speaks of a destructive force.

      We came outside the shop, and were in a kind of restaurant. The presence of God was really strong,
      and I remember just lying there in his presence. No food actually came on the table and that was ok, I
      even lay across some people laps who were sitting down on a bench waiting for their food!

      TEACHING IN THE COUNSEL OF GOD TO ENTER INTO HIS REST: The restaurant in the dream
      speaks of food or teaching in a time of destruction. Laying around and sitting down depicts food or
      teaching about the rest of God…

      We came out of the restaurant, and the city was really busy and felt a bit dangerous. We crossed a 4
      lane road as the lights were at red stopping the traffic. As we were crossing, we had to be quick in
      case the last lane didn't see us and would knock us down. Once we got across the road, the traffic
      was loud. Birgit Kamp came up behind me, and she had her hands raised praising God! I looked up
      into the sky, in the direction we were moving into, and it was a beautiful sunset red, but the sky was on
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      fire. I could see the flames of the fire, blowing around. It wasn't frightening but I wondered what was
      going on.

      OF THE CITY: The warning represents signs of the end of the world. Flames of fire in the red sky
      represent ominous symbolism for particularly destructive events in 2007.


      D&V List No.772 Topic: Insight into Islamic terrorism.
      Date: Sunday, 20 October 2002.
      Subject: I went to a strange part of Hell....?
      Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002
      From: Ashley

      The dream began in my childhood house sitting in my living room. There was people here also but I
      only recognized about two faces. While we sat in the living room the scene changed completely. This
      place I have no doubt in my mind that it was Hell. Yet I was puzzled because I saw no flames, no
      worms or such and every one was still with me and their bodies and clothes were still in tact. Every
      thing was dark and gray and dingy we sat on what looked like benches of rows that went straight up
      like that you would see in a baseball stadium. Then there were two demons.. They took a person to
      what seemed like a set of a movie with partitions that looked like the inside of a house. They handed
      the person a fly swatter and left, they wanted to play a game... The person stood on the movie set until
      the fly came in the room and the object of the game was to kill it. Yet this game was not so easy... If the
      person killed the fly then a bigger creature would come, and using only the things in the room the
      person had to invent and try to kill the creature. The game went on and on the animals got bigger and
      bigger.. Cat, dog, pig, horse, lion, etc... And these weren't regular animals, they tried to kill you too! I
      knew this was hell ... what a terrible torment I knew this game would never end. I felt the anger,
      tiredness and pain of the player, yet the person kept on fighting. I went up to talk with one of the people
      on the top benches I can't remember what I said. I woke up. God bless. Ashley

      As with many other recent dreams, the background to this dream is current world wide terrorism at the
      hands of Islam extremists. In this dream you are being revealed some things (movie set) about
      terrorism. There are two nations or two organizations or two leaders (two demons) that we are being
      confronted with. The person they handed the fly swatter to is the USA as this nation is the only world
      superpower that should theoretically be able to swat or whip any other power. However, the dream is
      saying that it is impossible to swat presently manifested terrorism. This is a taste of Hell where there
      is utter torture, fear and hopelessness as when one manifestation of terrorism is dealt with, it develops
      into a bigger demonic and hellish one that casts the specter of fear and death upon every society of
      the world. Yes, it is a game being played by the demons of the kingdom of darkness in yet another
      end time scenario. (I knew this was hell ... what a terrible torment I knew this game would never end.)


      D&V List No.772
      Topic: Insight into Islamic terrorism.
      Date: Sunday, 20 October 2002. Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 19:57:26 EDT
      From: Gary
      Hi, and blessings! I had a dream last night that was the strangest I've ever experienced. The dream
      began with several workmen around a partly-opened manhole cover that was at the end of a concrete
      traffic median near an intersection. It was in Washington D.C. (I've never been there in the natural). I
      "knew" they were removing a couple of not-good animals, or alligators, some such. Then they were
      placing two large snakes into the opening, claiming it was okay because these snakes were "timid"
      around people. I then saw a vision of a large snake and head, with its eyes closed (like human eyelids
      and eyelashes) and chin down on its body. The next scene was the same location, same workmen
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      opening up the cover again, pulling the two "timid" snakes up and bringing more venomous snakes to
      mate with them. There was some statement as to why that was desirable in their thinking, like having
      more aggressive snakes.

      I wonder if the background to this dream is the shooting and killing of people in public places of
      Washington by a sniper or snipers (snakes). The workmen who are placing snakes in the manhole
      speak of a group of terrorists conducting clandestine operations. The initial two large timid snakes
      may be speaking of two professionally trained snipers who blend readily into the people of the city
      (timid around people). The dream could be revealing in the second scene that more acts of terrorism
      in public places are going to arise from and follow the work of the snipers. The last scene was of a city
      sidewalk, a wide one as if between a brick building and a street in a downtown business area, and
      there was a man dressed in black lying there. He was lying with his head to my left and feet to my
      right. I "knew" he was a 'Siamese twin' and he was dressed in black with the letters on his shirt or light
      jacket that said "Siamese." The man had a long pouch-like material from his mid-abdomen to past his
      feet that reminded me of the bags people used to pull along with them while picking cotton. He was
      acting as if giving birth and that pouch/ bag began opening from the top toward his feet, revealing a
      large two-headed snake. I even thought during the dream that those two small heads were hideous.

      As the birthing/ pouch continued opening, revealing about 1/3 the length of the two-headed snake, I
      suddenly saw a Caucasian couple just beyond the man, lying in the same position with the woman
      next to the first man. She also had a pouch-like bag on top of her that was beginning to open as that
      couple were each appearing to be acting as though birthing. Her bag revealed an older, more mature
      two-headed large snake that immediately began to watch the first man's snake being "birthed," as if
      the second snake was somehow the parents of the first one. I awoke, began praying for Washington
      D.C., President George W. Bush, against whatever could be a threat below the streets and whatever
      those two-headed snakes represented. I'm looking forward to what the Lord will show you about this
      dream and better guidance on what to pray. Thank you for your ministry, time, and efforts. Gary

      The man in black who is a Siamese twin may also be speaking of a terrorist sniper who has a fellow
      sniper companion. Lying on the city sidewalk could be portraying his victims who would be shot and
      lying in public places. The two headed snake that he was giving birth to and revealing gradually may
      be speaking of the terrorist group he belongs to which has two leaders or two organizations. The
      Caucasian couple lying beyond the man may be confirming that the two terrorist snipers belong to a
      terrorist group that has two heads or is made up of two organizations (two headed snakes). This
      group is looking over its replicated presence in the organization of the snipers of Washington.