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                                                                                                                                                                         3 CHURCH LANE
                                                         A Dublin University Undergraduate Weekly                                                                        COLLEGE GREEN
:y          ¯.. where else ?              THURSDAY, APRIL 29th, 1965.                Vol. XII, No. 15.
,g                                                                                                                                  PRICE THREEPENCE
tt                                                                                                                                                                       LTD.


                  rlct S "ty
                 St " ecurl
      S  TRINGENT precautions are to be taken on Ball night, 28th of May,
            against illegal entries. Last year it was found that at least 300
      extra people attended the Ball either by illegal entry from College
      Rooms or on forged tickets. In addition to the usual barricading of
      Botany Bay and New Square, more porters will be placed outside
      rooms and plain clothes detectives will mix freely with guests.                                                        "Radiant in all her glory."                ~S. Wafmsley.
      Trinity Ball Cabaret                  been taken against bad weather;
        Highlights of this year’s Ball complex alternative arrange-
      will be the open-air ballad session  ments, far more comprehensive           Hist. Election                            Dillon for                            Stop Press
      between the Library and the than in recent years, have been
      Rubrics at which three groups made so that all the entertain-                   Surprises                                Senate                            In a surprise result the Golf
      will sing, and a highly professional ments can go in College buildings.                                              When nominations for the           team beat U.C.D. in the annual
      cabaret in the G.M.B. Star attrac-                                                                                three Trinity seats in the Senate
                                              Extensive use is to be made of                                                                                  Colours match at Portmarnock on
                                                                                                                        closed last week, surprise last-
     tion will be Trinity graduate floodlighting; principle buildings                                                                                         Tuesday. Playing without Secre-
                                                                                    Present Treasurer, Michael          minute nomination was that of
     Terence Brady of " Beyond the and the Campanile will be high-                                                                                            tary Alastair Bond, who was in-
                                                                                 Cameron was elected as Auditor         William Dillon, Economics and
     Fringe" and " Dig This Rhubarb " lighted and an attempt will be             of the College Historical Society                                            jured, Trinity won 6½ matches to
                                                                                                                        Political Science graduate, and
     fame. Brady is well known for made to light up the outside                  for the 196th session last night                                             5½. Best performance of the day
     his classic interpretation of the facade.                                                                          youngest entrant in the field of
                                                                                 after the first use of proportional                                          came from the Captain, Jeremy"
                                                                                                                        six. This careful timing is part of
     Junior Dean, for which he once          Since application forms were        representation in the annual                                                 Pilch, who beat Irish international
     fined a student £5. He will be sent out, it has been decided to                                                    a well organised and uncon-           E. O’Brien.
                                                                                 elections of the Society. His 51       ventional campaign to elect to the
     appearing with the successful Irish   arrange an extra earlier meal at      to 48 defeat of the only other         Senate a representative of the
     star Donal Donnelly.                  10.30. Those eligible for tickets     candidate, Cian O’hEightertaigh,       economics and business section.
        This year’s Ball Committee will be asked if they would prefer            came as a surprise to many, for it                                            FINE GAEL STUDENTS’ BRANCH/
                                                                                                                           Company Director Dillon said
     under the chairmanship of Declan this meal when they collect their          was commonly assumed that              that the Senate should become
     Budd has also decided to do away tickets. Wine, at a fixed price,           unless Cameron secured Com-            more of a "vocation" chamber and       Declan C:stello T.D./
     with the old Campanile bar. In        is to be served with the meal,        mittee nomination his chances          he felt that as the majority of
     its place, two long bars running though coffee will be available            would be limited. This he failed       legislation in the late sixties
     east and west from the Campanile separately in the Elizabethan              to do, but steadily gathered           would be on economic matters it
     will connect up with the bigger Society’s Rooms in No. 6.                   support as his opponent ran into       was essential that there should be
     awning system, providing extra          The Ball will start at the usual
     serving space and shelter from the time of I0 o’clock and last until
                                                                                 some confusion over his candida-       a Senator qualified to speak on         Social Reform
                                                                                 ture to win by three votes in the     such matters.
     rain. Fullest precautions have 4 in the morning.                            high poll of 87 per cent.                One strong plank in his plat-                TONIGHT
                                                                                   Other surpises occurred in the      form is his attitude to the Irish
                                                                                 results for the offices of Censor     qualification necessary for govern-          NO. 4 7.30 p.m.
                                               Yes Again                        and Librarian, but all Committee
                                                                                nominations for the six members
                                                                                                                       ment service. "Thousands of
                                                                                                                       graduates are leaving the country
                                            To-day sees the second pub-         of the General Committee were          because they do not fulfill these
            YES                          lication of "Yes," the charity
                                         magazine. After a bombastic
                                         advertising campaign, including
                                                                                declared elected.
                                                                                   Auditor, Michael Cameron;
                                                                                Treasurer, Hugh O’Neill; Record
                                                                                                                       requirements, and many others,
                                                                                                                       desperately needed at home, do
                                                                                                                       not return for fear of promotion
                                                                                                                                                                         For t/ae
                                         slides in cinemas, plugs on Radio      Secretary, Michael Shiels; Corres-     being by-passed on competence in            finest selection of
     CHARITY MAGAZINE                                                           pondence Secretary, Brian Wil-         the Irish language."
                                         Caroline, posters from Liverpool                                                                                       DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT
                                        to Limerick, and a Press con-           liamson; Censor, Christopher              At 25, many have claimed that
                                                                                Knox; Librarian, Francis Skeffing-     he is too young for the Senate                  RINGS
                                        ference yesterday, " Yes " is once
                                        again on sale.                          ton. Committee: William Stan-          and that his nomination is                   SWISS WATCHES
                                           The organisers, lead by Chair-       ford, Clive Westwood, Stephen          premature.      D i I I o n replies:
                                        man Simon Morgan, expect to             Harris, Peter Stiven, Michael          " That’s what they said to              GOLD, JEWELLERY AND
                                        raise a minimum of £1,800 this          O’Sial, Gordon Ledbetter.              Kennedy."                                 WEDDING PRESENTS
                                        year to be donated to selected
                                        charities. These are Cerebral
                                        Palsy, Cancer Research, W~.U.S.,                       Report from Ring                                                  ½sit La rences
                                        and U.N.I.C.E.F.                       An Cumann Gaelach took 2nd              the play was over the cast and
                                           Last year 12,500 copies were place in the 3-act play section of             some friends went to a cdilf to
                                        soldwthis time the target is over the Drama Festival at Ring, Co.              enjoy themselves and to get to             Special 10% Discount to
                                        20,000. In 1964, £1,050 were Waterford, last Saturday, with its                know the natives of this Gael-                   all Students
                                        donated to four charities. By                                                  tacht.
                                        1967, " Yes " expects to be sell- presentation of "Cuimhne Is                    After the cdilf the cast re-
                                        ing 70,000 copies, realising £9,000. Dearmad." The play was based              turned to the shack in which
              £2,000                       As can be seen by reading on a Spanish original and was                     they were staying for a sing-song
                                        " Yes," 1965, the Rag Mag. written by Junior Sophister
                                        tendencies evident last year have Ffrinne Nf ChreacMin.
                                                                                                                       with Niocl~s Toib[n, the Irish
                                                                                                                       traditional singer, who showed off      Lawrences
          BUY IT                        been removed. In its present           In fact the performance of the
                                        format, "Yes" fills a gap in play was really only a minor part
                                                                                                                       his range of Irish and English
                                                                                                                       songs to an interested but tired
                                                                                                                                                               HENRY     ST.,   DUBLIN      1
                                        student publications in Ireland-- of the week-end’s activities. After          audience.
                                                                                  TRINITY NEWS                                                                             April 29th, 1965

            TRINITY NEWS                                                    PUB CRAWL--2
Vol. XII                                                         No. 15
             A Dublin University Undergraduate Weekly

                                                                               WICKL()W                                                                     HOTEL
                            Robin Knight
                           Mirabel Walker
                 Charles Halliday, Brian Williamson
                           Business Board:
              Tom Chance, Eric Lowry, Sean Walmsley
                           William Clarke

O    N April 21st the "Irish Times" published a report in their
      University column concerning "Trinity News" and an English
advertising agency, Achievement Publicity Ltd. This report stated
that an agreement had been signed by the Chairman which meant
that the agency took over the running of national advertising in
"Trinity News." In fact no such contract has been signed. Never-
theless the substance of the report was correct. " Trinity News"
feels that, since the " Irish Times" chose to reveal the negotiations
before they were completed, the reason why such an arrangement is
necessary should now be made clear to all our readers.
    Each issue of this paper costs between £75-£110 to produce. Sales
amount to about £15 a week, leaving a balance of well over £50 to
be settled. In the past it has been possible for " Trinity News" to
more than cover these expenses through the advertising it received.
However, in the past year it has become increasingly apparent to all
concerned with University publications, that large firms are more
and more reluctant to advertise in student papers. This trend is more
obvious in Ireland than Great Britain. In this country national
advertisers prefer the glamour of an. exhibition, or grant to a College
fund, or sponsorship of a national event to small-scale advertising for
                                                                                             T   URN left at Kilmacanogue, slam the M.G. up the Long Hill, and,
                                                                                                   providing you don’t go off the road at any of the four hump-
                                                                                             backed bridges en route, you will arrive at Roundwood. It boasts that
which there is no visible return. In other words, canvassers are more                        it is the highest village in Ireland. It also has about the highest pub/
likely to secure a £500 investment than a £5 advert.                                         population ratio. (The figures are 791 feet and 1:8 respectively.) Of
   As a result our advertising revenue has slumped considerably. If                          these numerous pubs by far the swishest is the WICKLOW HILLS
"Trinity News¯’’ is to continue as an independent newspaper it has to                        HOTEL: a 22/6 dinner, and very tolerable wine list, with folk singing
continue to sell advertising space. In this specialised and professional
age the independent and amateur advertising efforts of our hard-                             on Saturdays thrown in. In winter a dinner dance and log fire replace
                                                                                             the ballads. One of the best country pubs within 25 miles of Dublin,
pressed staff receive short shi~ at the hands of full-time agencies.                         and it’s so close to all those romantic Wicklow lakes . . .
Thus, when approached by Achievement Publicity, "Trinity News"
had little option but to accept what was offered.
   The terms of the agreement involve no loss of independence what-
soever. "Trinity News " will continue to be responsible for local
Irish advertising. We hope all sides will benefit as a result.                                        Teacher’s Trek
    Those females in Trinity who look to Martyn Lewis as the logical          After a lengthy alcoholic           leaving James Brown and Andrew         the more agonised my feet.
successor to Emily Pan khurst would do well to sneak a look at the          softening-up the editor popped        Allen strolling easily in the ruck.      Then came the epic haul up
Suggestion Book in the Hist. Conversation Room. To satisfy the              the question. Having gullibly         Glucosed to the eye-lids, feet         Newry hill and once more face
less adventurous, the Editor recently extracted the following efforts,      failed to smell this so patently      suffused in surgical spirit, the Big   to face with that smug, super-
all of which were signed by Mr. Lewis.                                      obvious rat, I found myself bullied   Trot now began. But this un-           nourished, supercilious Tiger of
    15/2/’65. "... A bar be set up before debates . . . so that             into the rashest of promises. He      precedented athletic alacrity was      Esso fame, leering out-of the
members may have the chance to voice their views while in a state           who hesitated was lost, and thus,     short-lived, and that first por-       dusk. Despite the tigerish scorn
of intoxication."                                                           the moral behind this singularly      tentous embryonic blister em-          for such misplaced heroics, on-
    26/2/’65. "... that members be requested to refrain from using          sad saga is: Never ever, on any       bedded itself into my heel, as the     ward marched our little martyr,
the Conversation Room unless the lights have been. fused."                  account, under any circumstances,     disintegration of the pink bed-        to derisive hoots from the youth
    4/4/’65. "Thai~ this Honourable Society has shown a remarkable          volunteer for anything.               socks began.                           of Northern Ireland.
lack of initiative in failing to extend its influence into. the realms of     Hence my appearance in Belfast        The road between Bambergh              Three blisters later, the Border
outer space."                                                               on a grim, granitey morning. The      and Newry was the biggest heart-       loomed ahead, and with it less
   Mr. Lewis’s entries into the Conversation Book reflect the basic         one thing I had anticipated with      break. Here an attempt to fool         chance of making Dundalk than
frivolity of the current campaign on behalf of Trinity females. Until       the faintest modicum of pleasure      myself into latent masochism           the camel ever had of getting
women are to be seen battering on the doors of the debating room in         was Telefis Eireann stardom and       q u i t e misfired. Self-inflicted     through the eye of that needle.
the G.M.B. in order to gain admittance and status fewpeople will be         the ravishing beauty of the           torture just isn’t my idea of          Having heard lurid stores of the
convinced there is any deep feeling amongst our fellow women                Belfast Dairy Queen at the start.     heaven. Whac masochists get            wolf and I.R.A. infested forests,
students to achieve this " emancipation."                                   However, the chauffeur-driven         from life beats me. After six          the speed was raised to a modest
                                                                            car lost the way and with it went     hours’ slog, those lying, deceiv-      1½ m.p.h.
                                                                            any chance of bathing in reflected    ing, disheartening s,gn - posts
                                                                            glory. Moreover, any hope of          showed me that Dublin, dear,             At long last the lights of
                                                                            victory was foregone as we be-        dirty, darlin’ Dublin, and dolce       Dundalk twinkled through the
                                                                            came irretrievably entangled in       domum were still inconceivably         darkness. If ever there was a
                                                                            the maze that is Belfast suburbia.    80 miles away. Theoretically the       mirage this was it. The further
    "’Down from th~ mountains... ""                                         After eventual extrication from       long trek through the bucolic          you went the further those lights
                                                                            religious posters, slum hinterland,   beauty of County Down sounds           receded. This process continued
                                                                            football stadia, and the " Re-        just what the doctor ordered for       for four miles and two hours
                                                                            member 1690’s," there was a           someone q u i t e so sybaritic.        until, thanks to pacers Angus and
                                                                            deficit of 2½ hours and 10 miles      However, herein lies a fearful         Wormell, Dundalk finally materi-
                       CAME NOT ONLY                                        to claw back.                         irony. For the further I limped,       alised and the end of the road
                  SLATTERY’S MOUNTAIN FOOT                                    It was then that your man on        the more my lungs became per-          for your crippled correspondent.
                                                                            the walk made his break for fame      vaded with carbon monoxide and         Thank God for automation.
                  BUT HORDES OF TRINITY
                  STUDENTS ALL HEADING FOR
                                                                                                                      TO RENDEZVOUS IN                     We can supply ALL your
                                                                              Everything                              THE QUIET ELEGANCE
                                                                                                                                                           Stationery and Office Equip-
                                                                                                                                                           ment Needs~at the keenest
                                                                                                                      OF DUBLIN’S MOST                     prices. Why not call and
                                                                                for Sport                               WELCOMING INN                      inspect our range of Ring
                                                                                                                                                           Binders, Refills, Notebooks,
                                                                                                                                                           Desks, Pens, Rulers, Files, etc.
                                                                              J. M. Nestor Ltd.
                THREE BARS IN SUFFOLK STREET                                 6 LOWER BAGGOT STREET                       RICE’S                             HELY’S LTD.
                                                                                 (]~lerrion Row End)                 TOP    OF     GRAFTON     ST.         DAME STREET, DUBLIN
                                                                                     Tel : 61058
       April 29th, 1965                                                                   TRINITY NEWS                                                                                          3

                                                                                  Sir,- My motion to admit            It would appear from your          Sir,--Toilets for tinkers, Colin
                                                                                women to Hist. debates was not impassioned editorial that Jordan’s hatred of Jews, Fianna
                                                                                so much " interminable" as com- "agitators" are also sitting astride Fail’s return to power, unem-
                 LETTERS                                                        prehensive, systematically amend- the anti-feminist band wagon and ployment benefits at 42/6, the
                                                                                mg the relevant laws of the I cannot help feeling that John turnover tax and the fact that
                                                                                Society. Its large number of Gay was right when he said: "I Irish education is the poorest in
                                                                                supporters do not regard it as must have women. There is Europe are all concerns of
                                                                                " the thin edge of the wedge" nothing unbends the mind like reasonable-minded citizens of this
        Sir,--I have gathered from the      of this. What is wanted, and it and, under present circumstances, them."--Yours sincerely,                 country.
      rather wandering and vague            should not be too difficult to would vigorously oppose any                               Martyn Lewis.       All social injustices, whether
      article by Des. Hickey called         achieve if there is any real in- attempted intrusions into the                                             they affect us or others, are a
                                            terest, is a cinema run as a club, rights of members outside the                                           matter of great concern. I do
      "Censorship" that he believes         that will show good films and will debating hall. The obvious super-      Sir,--It is most regrettable and not believe that anyone who has
      that a good film magazine from        work on a repertoire system. ficiality of your remarks about inexcusable that in the Easter a religion or a love of mankind
      Trinity will help to alleviate or     Who runs this does not matter the extension of women’s in- Week edition of " Trinity News " could be so hard-hearted as to
      even solve the present censorship     so long as they think properly fluence in College warrants little not a single reference was made stand and watch others crushed
      troubles of the Irish cinema.         about what they are doing. The comment. And surely you realise to the events of 49 years ago. to the lowest forms of existence,
      There are few worthier causes to      Irish Film Society is an obvious that as the Phil. is a paper-reading You perhaps may think that it is while he remains an onlooker.
      which we could set outselves but      body to do so, but knowing how society it holds no interest for best to concentrate on what is " But it is no concern of ours "-
      I suggest that there is a question    scarce money seems to be, there those who are primarly interested happening in the " new go-ahead am I to be considered part of the
      that Mr. Hickey has not even          will probably have to be a in debating. Furthermore, your Ireland of to-day." And so it is " T.C.D." picture? Are you?
      thought upon; do we not see           patronisingindividual. If it didn’t statement that the Hist. has just --but surely at least one para-        I feel that any editor is entitled
      good films because of censorship      mean losing the Funnies, I would won the " Irish Times" debating graph could have been devoted to state his views provided he
      (" Vivre Sa Vie," amongst others,     almost suggest t h a t Classic competition for the first time to the brave idealists who, on states that they are his views or
      was censored in London anyway)        Cinemas run their Grafton as they since 1958 is merely another way April 24th, 1916, went forth those of his editorial staff, and
      or do they fail to appear because     run most of their English chain     of revealing the number of times willing to give their lives that that the article being sold in no
      of a lack of initiative on the part   of cinemas.                         that it has been won by mixed Ireland might be " free." Whether way includes others to whom it
      of the cinema managers, who will         More important than this, Mr. debating societies.                    we agree with what they fought may be offensive. Merely by its
      only accept what the big dis-         Hickey is putting the proverbial       It is intolerable that women for is quite irrelevant, but we name, " T.C.D." gives to the
      tributors spoon-feed them? How        cart before the horse; how can who enjoy full membership of can’t escape the fact that as a general public the impression that
      many of the good films that we        a magazine attain high critical     this University should not be result of their action "Trinity its views are representative of a
      do not see are banned, and how        standards when there are no high allowed to debate in the premier News " is to-day being published large section of College. I hope
      many have not come up before          standard films bein2 shown in debating society in College. in the Republic of Ireland instead that it is not the view of a large
      the Board ?                           toto or at all? Our object must Women can be just as effective in of in a United Kingdom of Great section of College.--Yours faith-
        But this possibility is asking      be to have the good films shown debates as men, and would help Britain and Ireland. Enough said. fully,
      unnecessary questions, as is much     and then to comment on them. to make the Hist. more truly a                             Brian P. Crotty.               D. W. Hutton Bury.
      of Mr. Hickey’s article, for the      This always assumes that there forum of Trinity opinion.
      Fine Arts and the Acedemy have        is a ready audience to see the Admittedly a tradition would go,
      already shown the way around          films (at least one of his and part of one more male
      the Censorship Board--a Board         examples, "Parapluies de Cher- sanctum would bite the dust, but
      thhat I do not think will be beaten   bourg," lacked a public in surely this would be for the
      openly for a very long time; it is    London) and will buy yet another better? As an ancient member of
      part of the Irish character and the   magazine to add to the weekly a London club once said: " I don’t
      Irish Church system. At present       pile.                               mind admitting them so long as
      the Fine Arts is only open on            A well-run club would make they can generally behave like
      some Sundays (thank goodness,         the Censorship Board think about gentlemen!" This struggle is un-
      or there would be even less           their decisions, even if it did not dignified, wearisome, and based
      theatre) and the Academy is           prevent them all. It would be a on an outmoded tradition which
      totally unexploited since it is       start, and would be a far more is hopelessly incompatible with
      only showing banned films, which      practical start than founding airy the social sphere to which we all
      are not necessarily good--that        fairy magazines to criticise things  belong. Society in general has
      pretentious joke thing " The          that do not exist.--Yours etc.,     emancipated women, but the
      Victors" being a prime example                           Peter Gower.     College Historical Society has not.

      VICWS- reviews - reviews -
               " ON TRIAL"                     "THE BEST OF MOTIVES"                " FATHER GOOSE" (Savoy)
                                            (Se~n Dowling) (Abbey Theatre)           Cary Grant and Leslie Caron
            (Mairead Ni Ghrada)
                                            " The dead who died for Ireland,      (plus eig h t schoolgirls) sur-
           The Eblana (Busarus)               Let not their memory die."          rounded by Japs on a desert
in                                             This illustrated history lesson    island. On the whole it’s supposed
        This is the English translation     set in the Dublin of 1922 is in-      to be funny, but a bit of machine-
e.    and revision of the remarkable        evitably reminiscent of O’Casey,      gunning is there to add suspense.
le    successful Gaelic p I a y, " An       but the similarity is in more than    All good clean fun, in a watery
:s,                                         a common subject matter. A            sort of way--perhaps it’s all those
      Triail," produced at last year’s      study of the Civil War through        schoolgirls that cramp Grant’s
      Theatre Festival. Unfortunately,      the involvement of the family is      style.
      some of the original force has        the basis of this play as much as                       H. M. D. McR.
      been lost--the first act is too       it is of O’Casey’s three master-                                                        The first great cry of defiance
      long and the inclusion of social      pieces; not only do the characters                                                            from inside Russia
      problems other than the principal     have a common situation, but          " THE DEVIL’E EYE " (Fine Arts)                Today, in Russia, the phrase ’political asylum’ has a
      one of the exclusion by society of    some bear strong resemblances to                                                     double meaning. Hundreds of sane but free-thinking men
      the unmarried mother slowed           each other. (Mrs. Byrne and her         One of Bergman’s more recent
                                                                                                                                 and women are paying for their frankness in psychiatric
      progress. Frequent diversions in      daughter, Tess, are very close to     films, "The Devil’s Eye" is a                  hospitals. The warders wear white coats, there are tele-
      the cause of humour, un-              Mrs. Boyle and Mary.) The dia-        brilliantly funny comedy with                  vision sets, and maids to scrub the floors, but like the
      necessarily complicated lighting,     logue hits hard occasionally, but     undertones which show once                     labour camps favoured by former Soviet regimes the new
      and the use of large scene titles     it is not as strong as the story,     again his understanding and                    asylums for the sane impose one crucial restriction: the
      were distracting, yet the essential   and towards the end the argu-         awareness of the powers of evil.               inmates are not free to leave.
                                                                                  Even a window banging takes on                    Valeriy Tarsis is a former inmate of the ’Villa
      meaning of the play was conveyed      ment becomes tedious. The pro-                                                       Kanatchikov’, an asylum in Moscow. At great personal
      in a vivid dialogue and by some       duction was good, using tech-         a diabolicial significance. Acting             risk (’lunacy’, unlike lightning, can strike in the same
      excellent acting.    It indicated,    niques not normally associated        and production perfect, as usual.              place twice) Tarsis describes his experiences in a new novel
      forcefully, where respectibility      with the Abbey, to improve the        Supporting shorts include "Zoo"                called ’ Ward 7’. It is the most direct and outspoken piece
      forcefully, where responsibility      continuity, but the lighting didn’t   by Haanstra. Sundays, 6.30, 8.45               of protest literature to come from Communist Russia.
      for the murder and suicide of the     always work, and the acting was       --not to be missed.                            (It was smuggled out.) At the author’s insistence it is
                                                                                                             C, S.               published under his own name. The first of three extracts
      unmarried mother and her child        often unconvincing.                                                                  from ’Ward 7’ appears in The Observer this Sunday.
      lay--with us. The audience was                                M.A.S.
      on trial, and I wish that the play        ~                                                                   |
      had ended where this point was                                                 2-COURSE LUNCHEON 3/9 AT                        In The Observer this Sunday
      made instead of going on to the
      apologies which disguised the
                                                 New and Second l~and
                                                                                     Ray’s Restaurant
      power of Mairead Ni Ghrada’s              GREENE          & CO.                                               I   ¯
      conscience.                                                                    15 WICKLOW STREET
                              M. A. S.
                                                     16 Clare Street.                                              I
4                                                                                        TRINITY NEWS                                                                     April 29th, 1965

                                                                                                 8.10 a.m., Sunday morning, Westmoreland Street.

                                                                                                                                        Photos by Mike Welch

                                                                                                      Pat Brennan proved himself
                                                                                                    Trinity’s champion walker for the
                                                                                                    second year running when he
                                                                                                    entered Front Gate 22 hours 10
                                                                                                    minutes after leaving Belfast
                                                                                                    another record-breaking win. R.
                                                                                                    Winterbottom, who came second,
                                                                                                    finished for the third year in a
                                                                                                    row, also a record. Altogether
                                                                                                    thirty-nine people left Belfast:
                                                                                                    five completed the course.

    Brennan and pace-maker Langley.

                                                 Tail-enders in the country.

                                                                                                     A Record Winner: Pat Brennan.                                  Runner-up Winterbottom.

                                           Aer Lingus
                                           for students
                                                                                         " Ot~ sont les neiges d’antan?"    " Hostess of the Year" is really     Rodney Rice flapped his water
                                                                                      asks the poet, and " O~ sont les      worth striving for. All 2/6 of it.   wings to every flutter of her eye-
                                                                                                                            (2nd prize, 2 dozen copies of        lashes, but finally had to blush
                                                                                      soir6es d’hier?" asks Miss Ann
                                                                                                                            " Trinity News " to send home to     off in embarrassment to the less
                                                                                      Thrope. This time last year, and      Mummy whenever your name             torrid climes of Zion Road, Rath-
                                                                                      the year before, and the year         appears in this column.)             gar, where Hiliary Reynolds was
                                                                                      before that, my darlings, in fact       A little South Ken was trans-      having a hinterland houli.
                                                                                      before this nasty column was even     ported to Trinity Hall on Friday       On Friday, the invited (and Pat
                                                                                      thought of, we were simply            when Idina le 6eyt threw, if that    Stokes) swelled up and fell down
                                                                                      swamped with Iordy invites by         is the right word for so static an   the stairs of No. 38 on Julien
                                                                                      this stage of the Trinity term. But   occasion, a dance. It wasn’t her     Oliver’s and Arthur Pritchard’s
                                                                                      Inow, apart from the odd crash-       fault; more so Julian Oliver and     instigation and drink. Tony Kevin
                                                                                      able barbecue in the Wicklow          Arthur Pritchard, who fitted         chatted with Lucy Spence. Dick
                                                                                       Hills, which consists mainly of a    everyone w i t h lovely liquor       Hopkins chatted up Sue Webb.
                                                                                      damp Simon McCall, staring sadly      earlier on. Roger Knight spied       Zorba Frangopulos chatted at
       fly to Paris and back for as little as £17.10.0.                               at a burnt sausage on a stick,        Liz McGowan over the camem-          David Thornley. Pocock and
       It’s an Aer Lingus exclusive! From 1st April to 31st October, students can     there is absolutely nothing on the    bert and instantaneously ducked      Pierson talked of drink, while
       save one-third (or more) of the fare to Paris--from Dublin, from Cork,          socialite’s horizon. Oh for some     behind a stilton. A little more      Angela Durand followed their
       from Shannon. And there’s a further reduction for parties of 10 or more         fulsome hostess to arise, like a     togetherness was achieved by         advice. Doug. Halliday and Patsy
       travelling together. Here’s how these reduced tourist return fares work out.    new Venus from a wave of cham-       Liam Healy, whose wife was on        Harvey, on their first public
       From Dublin, Cork or Shannon to Paris: £20.11s. return. Or for groups           pagne, and clutch us all to her      show to Miss Ann Thrope for the      appearance since they made it
       of 10 or more: £17.10s. per person. For full details send today for our free
       folder to: Student Travel Section, 9 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1. For          gregarious b*s*m. Think of the       first time. Catharine "1 hardly      legal, murmured sweet nothings,
       reservations see your travel agent or Aer Lingus office. Age limits: 12-26      honour, the reputation, the return   know any of these Freshmen"          but Jan Thompson murmured
                                                                                       invitations this would give! As      Mathlas is finding life a little     "Nothing doing" to Roger
                                                                                       worthy as any triumph on the         lonely up in the 3rd year--any       Greeves. The question everybody
                                    AEn IINOUSi
                                    IRISH INTERNATIONAL A/RUNES
                                                                                      creaky boards of Players, or the
                                                                                      nether regions of the Eliz., to be
                                                                                      igiven Miss Ann Thrope’s award as
                                                                                                                            offers? Pint-size Fedelma Cruise
                                                                                                                            O’Brien had no need to drop
                                                                                                                            Daddy’s name to get ahead;
                                                                                                                                                                 was asking was: Who was it who
                                                                                                                                                                 tried to hit the J.D. over the head
                                                                                                                                                                 with a bottle?
        April 29th, 1965
                                                                                                         TRINITY NEWS                                                              5


     Thwaites" Stars                                                               Croupier                          Trinity Tour North
                                                                                    goes to                                          Queen’s Held
       Too Strong                                                                                                  The Club has just completed          The final fixture was with
                                                                             Punchestown                         a tour in the North of Ireland,      Royal Belfast, who were led by a
          Malahide well beaten                                                                                   where they halved with Queen’s,      Walker Cup golfer, David
                                                                                                                 were heavily defeated by Shandon     Madely. Trinity took the four-
                                                                              It’s ironical that Punchestown,    Park, and narrowly defeated by
A   LTHOUGH they suffered early set-backs, !. G. Thwaites’ Xa
      quickly took control of their game with Trinity in a damp and         the Irish answer to Royal Ascot,
                                                                            invariably coincides with vicious
                                                                                                                 Royal Belfast.
                                                                                                                   To hold Queen’s round Malone,
                                                                                                                                                      somes 4-1, and it looked as if
                                                                                                                                                      they might pull off an un-
                                                                                                                                                      expected victory. Pilch put up
windy College Park last Saturday. Trinity found a side containing
                                                                            rainstorms. Come the last race,      a course unknown to the Trinity      another fine show, losing to
eight players with experience of first-class cricket much too strong,
                                                                            those glad legs look real sad and    golfers, was a creditable perform-   Madely only on the last green.
and were beaten by 107 runs with an hour to spare.
  The match began on time.                                                  the high heels have sunk deep        ance. Although they lost the         The home club improved con-
                                                                            down, so don’t say I didn’t warn     foursomes 3-1 in the morning,        siderably in the afternoon to take
despite a steady drizzle which         On Sunday, Trinity recovered         you, ladies.                         Trinity came back strongly to        the singles 7-3, thus winning the
continued all morning and made well in their first League match
fielding and bowling a difficult and defeated Malahide by 40 runs             Feature race is the Guinness       take the singles 5-3. At Shandon     match by a single point.
                                                                            ’Chase, where I’ll take a chance     Park on Saturday the home club         The main point arising out of
business. So Trinity did well to
restrict Thwaites’ XI to I 11 for 2 in a tense finish. Trinity batted       on Duke of York. Although            proved too powerful, with inter-     the week-end’s golf was the dis-
before lunch. Henderson struck first and were soon in trouble.              Argloin and Splash must have         nationals Duncan and Edwards         covery, at last, of a top-class
                                                                            good chances, Dreaper’s virtual      the spearhead of their attack. A     foursomes partnership in Pilch
two early blows, clean-bowling Five wickets were down for 25,
Briggs in the first over of the day but it was re-assuring to see           monopoly of big races cannot         good win by Pilch and Gray in        and Gray. Fleury and Bishop are
                                                                            continue indefinitely. Forgotten     the top foursomes was an en-         also playing well together, but
and uprooting Mordaunt not long Labbett coming in at No. 7. He
afterwards. The patient Hutton                                              Dreams is a strong tip, but his      couraging result in the morning,     the other pairings remain a
                                     led a fine recovery and put to-        run in the Grand National will       but the afternoon singles soon       problem. The morale of the
and the stylish Fortin were soon
                                     gether a patient 34. Kynaston,         have been a strength snapper.        showed which was the better
into their stride and both com-                                                                                                                       team is high, and a victory against
                                                                                                                 side, with only Fleury and Black
pleted g o o d fifties. Hutton Murphy and Henderson followed                Agincourt ran well at Fairyhouse                                          the strong U.C.D. side seems
                                                                                                                 winning points for Trinity. The
seemed out of touch, but Fortin his example to such good effect             and might beat Flying Chariot in
                                                                                                                                                      more likely than it was a year
                                     that Trinity were able to declare      the 2.50. Vulgaway should be a       outcome was a resounding victory
played some fine shots all round                                                                                                      1 1
                                     at 144 for 9.                          winning favourite in the 3.30, and   for Shandon Park 9~-2~.              ago.
the wicket. The later batsmen
all 10st their wickets forcing the                                          if Devon Breeze doesn’t win the
                                       Caprani led Malahide’s effort        4.55, my name isn’t Croupier.
pace, but Thwaites was able to to get the runs, and the home
leave Trinity a target of 205 at a side were well in the hunt as long       Hill House’s half brother, Ronan,
run a minute. Henderson was as he was there. But at 55 he                   stars in the 5.30, but I can’t see
Trinity’s best bowler and he kept                                           him giving weight to Arctic
                                     missed a sweep off Henderson           Stream and Beau Supreme. Air
up a brisk pace to take 6 wickets    by a considerable margin of
for 74.                                                                     Commodore and Flat Spin appeal
                                     distance and time and departed         in the 6.0 and if you haven’t
  When Trinity batted they were for 32. Then wickets fell at
                                                                            passed out by 6.25, Belle of New
soon in trouble. Hutton took regular intervals, but Trinity had
three quick wickets and Trinity two wickets to take in the last
never really recovered from a five minutes. This they accom-
                                                                            York looks slightly sweeter than
                                                                            Vulgan’s Moll.
poor start. Lane, who made a plished, but not without anxious                 The 1,000 Guineas looks sub-
watchful 47, and Farrell (21 n.o.)                                          standard and so it could pay to
                                     moments. Henderson was again
were the only batsmen who the chief wicket-taker, with 6                    follow the French filly Beat It.
reached double figures. The for 54.
others fell to a mixture of poor
                                                                            Rose D’Or could be second best
                                                                            for Ireland and Miba looks a                IB WICKLOW ST.
strokes and fine catches, and                                               likely outsider.
Trinity were all out for 97 at 5.45.                                          A new era starts at Ascot on
  Scores:                                                                   Friday with the steeplechasing.
                                       D.U.C.C. i 144 for 9 dec.
  Thwaites’ XI--204 for 9 dec.                                              Red Tears should be the first ever
(Fortin 81, Hutton 55, Henderson     (Murphy 38 n.o., Labbett 34).          winner, hard pressed by Beaper’s
6 for 74).                                                                  Son, and other Ascot winners
  D.U.C.C.197 (Lane 47, Hutton         Malahide- 104 (Henderson 6           could be Oesacre, Ragazzo, Com-
3 for 11, Scott 3 for 11).           for 54).                               pensation and Oncidium.

         Sport in                                                             rief
                                                                                                                               TAILORED SUITS
  The next big event in the Sail-     3-7 to 3-4, possibly their best win   to be able to report a win in the
ing Club’s programme is their         of the season. The hurlers were       League final last Friday. Unfor-
trip to West Kirby in Cheshire        under-strength for their game         tunately their opponents, Bal-
in ten days’ time for the Wilson      with U.C.G. last Saturday and         donnel failed to put in an appear-
Team Trophy Races. Fireflies are      were soon 1-5 down. After half-       ance. But Trinity have had a most
the boats used for the meeting,       time a re-shuffled team matched       successful season, winning 17 of
which is one of the main team         U.C.G. point for point, but were      their 19 matches and retaining
events in the British Isles.          never able to make up for their       the Gray Cup. Colours for the
                                      poor start. For Trinity, Malone,      season went to W. Barr, D. Budd,
  The Ramblers XI played Lepre-       O’Connor, Tracy and Darcy were        I. Angus, J. Horsley and H. Mac-
chauns in College Park last Thurs-    hard-working forwards and Hunt,       keown.      A. Shillington was
day, but rain washed the game out     Connelly and Moran were staunch       awarded h is colours for the
when the Ramblers had 41 for 2
in reply to a total of 141. Chief
                                      defenders.                            previous season. Barr, Budd,
                                                                            Angus, R. Green and J. Gait for
                                                                                                                     FINE CLOTHES
wicket-takers for Trinity were          For their match against Clon-       next season.
Morris (4) and Farrall (2). But       liffe Harriers and Avondale last
                                                                              On Saturday, April 24th, the
Redston also took a hand when
with his first ball he clean bowled
                                      week, the Athletic Club fielded
                                      two strong teams. The Vice-
                                      Captain’s men won the meeting
                                                                            Irish Universities had a swimming
                                                                            and water polo match v. Munster
                                                                                                                                FOR MEN
McDermott who scored 63 for
Leprechauns. When Ramblers            with 54 points, hotly pursued by      in Cork. The following Trinity
batted, Kynaston and Leaver           the Captain’s side with 48. The       swimmers represented the Irish
looked in fine fettle, but the rain   signs are that Trinity can expect     Universities: Men--Paul Hyland
                                      a good season. Austen ran a           (backstroke), R o d n ey Rice
came clown just as Leaver was
                                      notable 22.6 in his 220 yards heat,   (water polo), Trevor McCloughlin
dismissed for a speedy 26.
                                      and Shillington won the 880           (water polo), David Scott (water
                                      yards. Scott, too, showed good        polo). LadiesmRosemary Gibson
  Trinity’s Gaelic footballers have
recently paid a successful visit to   form and has much potential both      (backstroke), Saskia Simons
                                                                            (breaststroke), Barbara Tate
                                                                                                                     Christy °s --A RATHER SPECIAL BARBER
the North. where they played two      as a sprinter and a hurdler. It                                                   We not only cut your hair the way you want it,
                                      was good to see F. Middleton          (backstroke), Cathy Lund (div-
matches. Owen Roe were beaten                                                                                           but offer students a special reduction too!
easily at Coleraine, and Trinity      again after a long spell of injury.   ing). The men’s team and the
                                                                            water polo team won, but                 WE’RE 50 YARDS RIGHT OF THE LINCOLN GATE
followed this up by defeating the
                                        The Squash Club was hoping          Munster won the ladies’ match.
powerful Downpatrick side by
        6                                                                                   TRINITY NEWS                                                                                       April 29th, 1965

                                                                                                    NE S BRIEF                                                             FLAT TO LET, July-October, Lees0n
                                                                                                                                                                           Street, 3 persons, £24 monthly¯ Apply
                                                                                                                                                                           A. Shillington, Regent House.
                                                                                        Pop goes the Phil                       Changing roles
                                                                                                                                                                           PAINTING HOLIDAY, plus Accom. t
                                                                                           Simon Morgan flashed his smile                                                  modation and Tuition. For further
                                                                                         and slick remarks at the Phil. last       Melissa Stanford, who was               details apply to Mrs. H. PlacNeice,
                                                                John                     Thursday, when he read his paper
                                                                                         on Beat Groups. He traced the
                                                                                                                                chosen by the Senior and Junior
                                                                                                                                Deans to represent Trinity at the
                                                                                                                                                                           Kin~ale, Co. Cork.

                                                                                                                                centenary celebrations of Cornell          SAILING? Join the Club at the Dixon
                                                                                         rise and development up to the                                                    Hall, to-night, 8 p.m.
                                                                                                                                University, New York State, has
                                                               Coker                     present day of this " most verit-
                                                                                         able Kaleidoscope of all time."        just returned to College after 12          CLUB IV’s ~ Trinity Regatta¯ Hake
                                                                                                                                crowded days in the States. At             your entries by 4th May. No limit to
                                                                                         In speaking to the paper, Rolling
                                                                                         Stonesman Andrew Oldham sur-           the expense of the Board, she              numb’er of entries, male and female.
        !iiiiiiiiii;iliiiiiiiiiii{iiiii!i!Tiii!ii!iiiiiiii!!ii!i                         veyed the Pop Scene from its           flew to New York and attended              Apply Gibb, 34 T.C.D.

                                                                                         lofty heights. He was only able        the International Conference of            FLATS WANTED for sub-letting for
                                                                                                                                Students to " Demonstrate the              2-3 months during the summer. En.
                                                                                         to trace the Beat back as long as
                             --M. Moore.
                                                                                         he had been around, but had seen       changing r61e of the student in a          quiries to AIESEC, Room 14, No. 4.
  John Coker, whose six and a                    During the past year, John has          the simple "1 Love You " songs         changing world and to dramatise
half feet not only Trinity students                                                                                             the calibre of the Cornell under-          VOLUNTARILY SOCIAL W O R K
                                               appeared on both film and T.V.            of the Presley Age transformed                                                    SOCIETY will meet in West Chapel
but a great many Dubliners                     screens last summer at Ardmore            into the more complicated themes       graduate and his relationship with         "A" at 1.i5 p.m., to-day.
recognise, was born in Guinea,                 he stood in for Ray Charles’s             and the return to the basic senti-     students of the world." Also
West Africa. He arrived on                     manager in the film " Ballad in           ments with the advent of the           invited to Cornell were I00                DIGGERS WANTED URGENTLY, out
English soil in 1949 and later                 Blue," which has been released in         Beatles; social status songs are       delegations from 70 different              at Central Remedial Clinic in Goats.
entered St. Peter’s, York.                     England and will soon be showing         now on the way in.                      countries and the calibre of the           town, on Saturday and Sunday. Any.
                                                                                                                                                                           one willing to help contact Dick
  Going on to greater things, he               in Dublin; recently he played an            Answering questions from the         Cornell undergraduate was shown            Barham, No. 38.
walked through Front Gate in                   American sergeant at Checkpoint           floor, Andrew Oldham described         when Delta Gamma "rushed,"
1961 to read Economics and to                  Charlie in " The Spy That Came            the beginning of his career, " And     "i n itiated," "pledged," "fraternity      LUXURY FLAT TO LET, Merrio,
reserve a place for himself almost             in from the Cold." Currently he           the angels came down and took          pinned " and " house mothered,"            Square, through summer; sleeps five.
immediately on the 1st XV wing,                is playing Dr. Adam Peterson in                                                  and when Sigma Phi dressed up              All modern conveniences¯ Apply 66395.
                                                                                         me up," and the conflict he now
which he has retained ever since¯              the Telefis Eireann Monday night          feels between the artistic and the     in " weejuns," " shirts, matching
This first season, when he was                 serial, " The Riordans." He is            commercial. He expressed sur-          knee socks and sneakers.
selected to go on tour with Irish              also on the short list of actors for      prise at the way in which pop
Wolfhounds, was probably his                   a racial film starring Sidney
best season in boots. Those were               Poitier to be made by the B.B.C.
                                                                                         music was becoming a subject for       Black Market
                                                                                        the national and intellectual news-
also the days when he received                 at Shepperton in August.                                                            The new " advanced booked "
                                                                                         papers, and was assuming parent-       Commons and the rigidity that it
the ball more than three times
a match in College Park, and
                                                 John’s most dominant quality is
                                               his undaunted enthusiasm for any
                                                                                         appeal. "1 got £50 for going on
                                                                                        the Eamonn Andrews Show,                has imposed has led to many                                                  /nl
when one saw the turn of speed                 undertaking, so much so that he                                                  illegal booking agencies. Tickets             used typewriters. H.P. terms
                                                                                         drinking the bar dry, and making                                                     available on new machines.
and the fierce hand-off. On                    often forgets about essentials.                                                  for Commons, especially first
                                                                                         inane remarks. I’d do the same
several occasions Wasps have                   Frankness, determination a n d                                                   Commons, are being touted at                     Government contractors
                                                                                         for the Archbishop of Canter-
employed his services.                         cheek will always stand as the                                                   Front Gate, exchanged in the                  Latest model typewriters for
  Heavyweight Coker began his                  Cokerian symbol of success, for                                                  Buttery and offered at cut-price                          hire.
Trinity boxing career in 1962, and             John would not entertain failure.                                                levels on Chapel steps. Under
again, his first season, when he               After throwing insults at friends        1916-the Easter lilv             ./
                                                                                                                                the old system, none of this was
                                                                                                                                                                              M. J. FLOOD
was Irish junior finalist and asked            in which he revels, one generally                                                necessary; if you wanted to go on
to fight for Ireland against Poland,                                                      In Grosvenor Place recently           first Commons, you turned up
                                               hears a loud guffaw of satisfaction                                                                                                        LTD.
was probably the most promising.                                                        four young men trooped seriously        just a little before six o’clock.
                                               and observes the familiar shoulder
Last season he won the Leinster                                                         back and forth over a distance          Some were left over, but those
                                               shake.                                                                                                                          205 Pearse Street, Dublin
championship, but, unfortunately,                                                       of about 15 yards carrying four         anxious to attend evening engage-
                                                 Next October will see him at                                                                                                      Telephone: 7 2 7 0 3
lost it in this season’s fight with            Oxford where he hopes to do a            banners with the inscriptions,          ments could be sure of a place
Billy Quinlan, the U.C.D. inter-               Diploma in Economics for a year          "The Easter lily is our national        if they arrived in good time. So
national. His next fight, versus               in preparation for employment            emblem, we will defend it"              the result was a natural
Brogan, the Irish champion, will                                                        (twice), "The Easter lily will
                                               with Shell. Oh, and just for the                                                 selection. Now a rigid artificial
take place in Trinity week.                    record, John’s married.                  overcome police terror’sin,’ and        system which requires advance
                                                                                        " Hands off the Easter lily, you        knowledge of a term’s commit-
                                                                                        traitors." Passers-by paid no
THE   INFORMAL GROUP OF CHRISTIAN                                                                                               ments has been substituted;
SCIENTISTS AT TRINITY COLLEGE, DUBLIN                    ON SALE NOW                    attention, and when it was              students with second Commons
       will show a 30-minute film in                         1965                       pointed out to a fifth youth, who       tickets are turned away when
       sound and colour entitled                                                        appeared to be the banner-              there are spare places on first
                                                  TRAVELLING STUDENT, 9d.               bearers’ silent sergeant major,
" THE STORY OF CHRISTIAN                                 HOSTEL GUIDE, 3/-                                                      Commons--and anyway it makes
                                                                                        that the demonstration was hav-         the Crush Hall look like a railway
        SCIENCE "                                                                       ing little impact because no one
                                                  For all information on travel and                                             station.
         IN THE G.M.B.                            the U.S.I.’s extensive Charter        in England knew what the Easter
                                                  Flight Programme to Europe.
On THURSDAY, 28th APRIL, 1965                                                           lily was, he replied: " If that’s so,
           at 1.05 p.m.                                 Write or call to:               we don’t care. We’re demon-             He is what he is                                BROWN’S
                                                  U.S.I. TRAVEL DEPARTMENT              strating for them over there."            Peter Adler is rising fast in his
You are cordially ilnvited to attend                 43 Dame Street, Dublin                " Them over there" was the           bid for fame in the pop world.              139 St. Stephen’s Green
                                                                                        Irish Embassy.                          Manager of the Kinks, Larry Pafe,
                                                  Open Mon.-Fri. and Sa~c. morning
                                                                                                                                was A. and R. man when Adler
  Enjoy a drink in the                                                                  Buttery wine                            joined Michael Chaplin in the
                                                                                                                                production of their rush-released
                                                                                          The Agent threw a party on            disc, "I Am What I Am," which
  /riendly atmosphere o~                          UNIVERSITY PHILOSOPHICAL
                                                           SOCIETY                      Monday night in the Buttery. The        came out on 23rd April in London
                                                                                        main purpose of the evening was         on the Decca label.
                                                                                        to entertain the Chancellor and           The big selling point will be
                                                                                        the Board. Also invited were            Michael Chaplin’s image, formed
                                                  MR.     PATRICK R. EVERSHED
                                                                                        heads of the College societies and      by two weeks of in~ense news-
                                                  Will    Deliver a Paper Entitled      staff from all sides of the Univer-     paper coverage on his receiving
                                                                                        sity. Two of the outgoing               National Assistance and his apper-
                                                                                        Senators, Professor Stanford and        ances on television beat shows.
                                                  "VIA MEDIA"                           Hr. J. Ross, were also present.
                                                                                        Dr. McDowell, the Junior Dean,
                                                                                                                                  Adler has also been approached
                                                         Distingui,shed Visitor:                                                to run a group with Chaplin to               Dancing to the Peggy Dell Trio.
                                                                                        was seen in animated conversa-          tour Australia and America, but              Superb a la carte menu special-
                                                     Speaker from Bow Group             tion with Michael Cameron, one          acamedic commitments, t h e                  ising in Irish Dishes. Gael-Linn
                                                                                        of this year’s candidates for the       Bluesville successes, and a new              traditional C a b a r e t. Fully
                                                  TH~S THURSDAY, 29th APRIL                                                                                                  Licensed until after midnight.
                                                                                        Hist. Auditorship. Our reporter         recording contract on a 50°/’0 basis                   No cover charge.
                                                  At 8.15 p.m.         Tea, 7,45 p.m.   gathered they were discussing the       seem strong reasons to stay at
                                 I’~ ,,/’x ~                                            difficulty of controlling young         home.                                                 PHONE 78231
                                                                                        women.                                                                                   For an Evening of Fun
                                                                                                                                   XEROX COPIES While-U-Wait I                         and Feasting
                                                                                                    Tel. 75545                                                        I
                            pJ                                                             Troeadero Restaurant                    Copying Bureau J The GEORGIAlq
                                                                                           3-4 ST. ANDREW ST.,
                                                                                                                                                                            ROOM METROPOLE
      SEAMSONS                                                                                 Open d~ily till 1 a.m.
                                                                                               Sundays, 5.30 p.m. till
42/44 UPPER BAGGOT STREET                                                                                                       Published by TRINITY NEWS, 3 Trinity College, Dublin, and printed by ~-’~
                                                                                                                                   Brunswick ~ress Ltd., 179 Pearse Street, in the parish of St. M~, Dublk

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