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									Choice Hotels International Content Management Implementation

Choice Hotels International
What is a Content Management System?
Jim Gabriel describes CMS as: “Content management represents a combination of knowledge and infrastructure. Imposing order on chaos requires investment from real people who are domain experts”

Who is responsible for content in your organization? Has any implemented a CMS?
Resource: XMlJournal (2:6)

Choice HotelsInternational
What does Choice hope to gain from a Content Management Solution
Guest Focus
• Improve content value to increase site traffic • Create personalized content based on guest data to increase booking rate

Franchise Service Focus
• Improved content delivery • Create dynamic content to better communicate with all of our franchisees

Choice Hotels International
CRM System
Choice currently utilizes a Customer Relations Management tool • Unica has a custom interface with our Customer information system
• All stays are collected and processed through an interface with Initiate for customer identification • All frequency promotion campaigns are managed through Unica and sent via email What are the challenges of integrating PMS data and CRM data?

Choice Hotels International
How can Choice use this data to improve content and increase reservations?
Personalize communication during shopping process • Personalize shopping process for known guests regardless of
channel - reservation center - - Customer Service Center

• Allow for rapid changes to promotion offers • Integrate content with Unica promotion offers • Allow promotions to be dynamic based on guest knowledge
What is the main focus of CRM data collected by Hotels?

Choice Hotels International
Guest Focus Concerns
Personalization vs. performance
• Personalization will increase transaction times, we need to find the appropriate balance • Greater flexibility needs to be managed closely • Marketing will have more control of promotions • IT still needs to have approval authority to verify system can handle awarding points when stay is completed • Guest Data privacy laws both US and International How many of you are able to deliver “CRM in the moment”?

Choice Hotels International
Choice Hotels Communication with Franchises
Communicate with multiple types of users
• Property owners, property GMs, property staff, management companies, master franchisers, internal staff Communicate via multiple different channels • Choicecentral • Email • Choicebuys • Brand specific sites • International sites

What is the main communication channel with your franchisees?

Choice Hotels International
Franchise Focus: Improve communication with franchisees
Need to communicate consistently across all channels • CMS will allow for single source • Most CMS systems allow for content to be easily repurposed
into multiple formats • Use content to drive users to preferred communication channel:

Choice Hotels International
Franchise Focus: Current Limitations with primary communication channel
• Currently only two primary views internal/external • Content is primarily US focused • Difficult for properties or master partners to have their communication needs met • Content update process labor intensive What flexibility do you give your franchises for reformatting or adding content?

Choice Hotels International
Franchise Focus: Primary Goal Dynamic Views and Content
• Content should be dynamic based on:
• Region • Role • Language Preference Non US Properties need to feel content has relevancy for them Non US Properties often seek other communication channels Target information based on region Property content is shown to all properties thus limiting its effectiveness

• • • •

Which languages are critical in terms of content translation?

Choice Hotels International
Areas of Concern
• Need clearly defined goals across all business groups • Need each business group to participate to ensure acceptance • Numerous content contributors, each with unique styles and ideas • Need to have project champions in place to work towards agreement and acceptance among the different groups • Allow for maximum flexibility for content contributors without affecting quality or performance of the site How do you manage content on distribution channels?

Choice Hotels International
Choice believes implementing a Content Management solution will allow our company to take better advantage of the wealth of guest data collected to increase reservations and in addition improve the communication and service given to its franchisees.

Choice Hotels International
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