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Improve Customer Service by using Contact Center Technology
A call center service department depends solely on the use of modern technology. The use of modern
technology not only makes their services easy but affordable. Today, most call center companies offer a
variety of services to consumers. Current developments in call center technology have made it easier for
small businesses, the center solutions quickly and effectively access calls. For this reason small
businesses to equip themselves with the latest tools to help them promote their business ventures to
grow deeper in a more efficient and faster way.

Using the latest technology to keep your potential customers associated with business solutions. It also
helps to improve the quality of service than before. For example, solutions of relationship management
CRM customer demand timely and accurate information to the customers. This leads to 100% of the

Also contribute CRM solutions, productivity through the development of relationships with customers
improve high quality feedback. The innovative CRM software keeps large database of call center

Support Customer Relationship Management helps the best services in several ways, such as keeping
the call list, contact management, follow-up appointments, appointment or programming, data import
and export etc. are available.

Other important systems are used in a call center are:

Interactive Voice Response System

The system makes IVR telemarketing services much easier, because it is the right way to automatically
handle calls. Using the IVR process, the user is able, will analyze the call completion and percent.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

DCA is the system for controlling the distribution of calls of different destinations flows. Automatic call
distribution is followed as a matrix to calls in the various categories. The ACD system in accordance with
the summary of calls daily for alarms, agents, reports and callback support message.

Interaction Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI)

The interaction system and computer telephony integration (CTI) use computer applications such as
UNIX, Windows and Web applications that render the entire telephone system. The system uses the CTI
system universal telephone to work with the system.
Some of the main services of CTI transfer calls, incoming calls, voice mail retrieval received by call the
external call recording and history.

Predictive Dialer predictive dialing or

The predictive dialing system is a one-call process. This shift selector and even call monitoring. The use
of this advanced system can be telemarketing for increasing productivity. This also helps to promote
telemarketing, market research, collections, customer service and tracking.

Call Monitoring and Recording Solutions

This technology helps the customer service usually through long-distance calls, live monitoring, order
entry, call log and 100% recording and call management to improve. The system also offers search
capabilities for complex recovery calls by date, phone number and the agent.

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