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					           50 Years!
   Nursing and Allied Health
   Resources (NAHRS)/ MLA
Our History & Our Achievements
       NARHS/MLA Highlights

•   The 2nd largest section of MLA
•   With 411 current members
•   Magnet Coordinator Study
•   Task Forces on Mapping the Literature
    of Nursing and Allied Health


Collection Development
         NAHRS Websites
Before 2009

Now – Redesigned in 2009
Our Members Our Spirits
Section Meeting
            NAHRS Firsts:
Lois Miller, 1st MLA Board Member

 Lois B. Miller, Librarian at AJN Sophia Palmer
 Library, 1966
1960’s Access to Nursing Literature
MLA 1983
           NAHRS began
           contributed papers in
           nursing/allied health
NAHRS Award to Virginia Henderson
Virginia Henderson, RN, PhD, founder of the
Interagency Council of Library Resources for
Nursing & editor of the Nursing Studies Index
receives 1st NAHRS Award from Dorcas
McCormick,1985 Chair,
to honor her outstanding
achievement in the field of
nursing information.
Virginia Henderson
    at MLA 1985
NAHRS Firsts: Newsletter

          First issue was published in 1982.
 NAHRS Firsts: MLA Award

1999 MLA Award to 1st Group of Mapping the Literature of
                Allied Health Studies

  Jacqueline Picciano
           NAHRS Firsts:
Librarian of the Year Award 1994

                   First Winner
              Margaret (Peg) Allen
NAHRS 35th Anniversary 1997

  Ysabel Bertolucci, AHIP & Jackie Picciano, FMLA
  NAHRS Chairs 1998 & 1997 with 35th Anniversary cake
 NAHRS Members at MLA 1997

   NAHRS Dinner                Jackie, Judy, and Ysabel

Not everyone finished   Allied Health Mapping Group
Poster at MLA 1998
MLA 1999
2000 Award and NAHRS Poster
MLA 2001
NAHRS Members at MLA 2001
MLA 2002
                MLA 2003

Sponsored Evidence-Based Practice Symposium at MLA
MLA 2004
MLA 2005
      MLA 2006
ANCC Magnet Recognition and EBP programs,
co-sponsored with HLS
NAHRS 45th Anniversary 2007
              NAHRS Chairs

NAHRS Chairs at 45th Anniversary, Philadelphia 2007
MLA 2008
MLA 2008 NAHRS Posters
MLA 2009
MLA 2010
MLA 2011
NAHRS Research Poster at MLA 2011
                     Pam Sherwill-Navarro,
                     Journal Project;

                     Frances Delwiche,
                     Mapping Allied

                     Margaret (Peg) Allen,
                     Mapping Nursing
NAHRS at MLA Section Shuffle

  2008              2010
               Moving Forward…

NAHRS continues to insure excellence in:

ü Working within MLA to serve the interests and concerns of
  librarians responsible for services to the Nursing and Allied
  Health professions;
ü Fostering the professional growth of its members;
ü Promoting the provision of high quality library service; and
ü Providing leadership in identifying and solving problems in
  nursing and allied health information delivery.
  Janet G. Schnall, MS,AHIP
Margaret (Peg) Allen, MLS,FMLA
      Lin Wu, MLIS,AHIP
     Wanda E. Anderson

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