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hotspots by VegasStreetProphet


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      Ray Hughes

      Four "hotspots" targeted for intercession

      Recently the Lord has solidified the vision and purpose of our ministry through several dreams, visions and prophetic
      words. As we have been seeking Him to draw us to "hotspots" in the spirit - key locations in our nation that are on
      the verge of spiritual breakthrough - He has targeted four specific cities. Over the last few months, we have been
      primarily ministering in the Florida panhandle - specifically, in Jacksonville and Pensacola. With the Thunder in the
      Bay conference, we accomplished significant success in the spirit for Mobile, Alabama, and the surrounding Mobile
      Bay. In January, we are scheduled to minister in New Orleans, Louisiana. This is no fluke.

      In June, the Lord gave Ray a dream involving warships coming into the waters of the Florida panhandle. The rugged
      warships weren't filled with clean-shaven marines in uniform, but ugly, gritty, Viking-like warriors. With the ships
      came a sound - a war cry of utter aggression. Floating in on the same winds guiding the ships into the coast, the
      sound was carried into the bay and flooded across the land. As in all wars, however, there came resistance.

      The Lord showed Ray in the dream the resistance was from those within the church who could not accept this as the
      next move of God. They would not accept the new raw sound, and through this, diminished its power and
      effectiveness. The Lord desired to restore the warrior aggression to the church through this sound coming into the
      bay, but many refused it.

      This is not to say anyone who does not immediately adopt a militaristic sound and adorn themselves in camouflage is
      missing God. Thank God He knows our hearts. He alone is the author of this sound - not man. And though we cling
      to various musical "styles" that we now identify as aggressive and war-like, even this can change according to the
      move of the Spirit. This dream should be taken, as every dream, as a word held up to the Light of His words and as
      a token - a sign - of his continual guidance of His children.

      From this dream came an added urgency to proclaim the Lord's word as we ministered in Jacksonville and
      Pensacola during August and September. The release of the prophetic in the current Brownsville Revival was both
      exciting and overwhelming. We are honored to be a part of what God is doing there, yet we know that God has
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      more. He desires to sweep over this nation with revival - with turning the hearts of His creation towards Himself.

      The prophetic words concerning how and where God will move out from the Brownsville Revival are plentiful. But
      as grand as these words can get, each of us must respond in obedience to what God has called us to individually. As
      a ministry, we are excited to see God line up such a clear target before us for this time.

      If you observe a globe, New Orleans, Mobile, Pensacola and Jacksonville all fall on the 30-degree north line. While
      this was discovered as God unraveled the places we would minister, the importance of this area has been confirmed
      by numerous other signs and prophetic words. Hurricane Georges strategically struck cities along this parallel.
      During the Thunder in the Bay conference, Bobby Conner spoke of this line as the Hamilton Line - a name the Lord
      had revealed to him in a vision which ended up being what the 30-degree parallel was called generations ago. Years
      ago, the Lord gave Bob Jones a word about Highway 10, a road that runs across this line. Even more interesting, on
      the other side of the world, the 30-degree line cuts through the nation of Israel.

      We don't say all this to form a new denomination believing in the "power of the 30" or anything like that. We lay this
      before you as a sign to intercede for these cities. We submit this to you: that these four cities, as primary gates for
      the Southeast region, have the opportunity to release the new warring sound of God through His people. God
      desires to shine His glory into every inch across the face of this earth, whether it's a "hotspot" or not. But when He
      targets a certain area and makes it known through the prophetic, it is a sure sign to intercede. Just as the Lord has
      swept over Brownsville with a spirit of repentance, may He call back the wandering hearts to Him across this line
      and cause entire nations to turn their faces towards Him. It's time to pray and intercede for these cities like never

      End Time Prophetic Vision

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