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      Birthing of the Body of Christ
      Annette S Hake

      During the night of the 27th of September, The THIRD DAY of The Feast of Tabernacles, I had a dream; I saw a
      large screen. On the screen was the face and neck of a BEAUTIFUL Baby Boy. I wanted to reach for him ...there
      was such a feeling of awe at the sight of him. When I woke up I had the feeling it stood for the birthing of something
      beautiful and big.

      Well, the next morning we got an e-mail about seeing the crown of the baby's head being born and I immediately
      knew what the dream meant. Since it was a boy baby, I interpreted it as being the Man-Child of Revelations. The
      Church coming together as one body for the last day's revelation of the Sons of God in great power and glory. The
      THIRD DAY of Tabernacles was an implication, I felt, that we are entering the THIRD DAY and the body of
      Christ is being raised up in UNITY, as ONE MAN! Hallelujah!!!!

      There has been a move of Pastors and leaders coming together, meeting together, getting to know one another and
      praying together, at the same time, while jumping across denominational walls, still respecting each other's
      differences. I see this "coming together" as of the Lord. It is not a clever move of our own origin. It is a GOD mind-
      set. It is the "Father's Heart" that we be one and the last command that Y'shua, ( Jesus in Hebrew ), gave us before
      He went back to the Father. Love one another. He is bringing us together. It is a choice we make to cooperate with
      what He is doing. Every day it is happening somewhere else. It is BIG and BEAUTIFUL, and the UNITED BODY
      OF CHRIST, will have a strong drawing, just like the Baby Boy in my dream.

      Like all prophetic things we put this dream to you to test by the spirit if it is of God. We feel this is what the Spirit is
      saying but you judge for yourself. To God be the Glory.

      Fellow servants of the Lord
      Annette and Alan
      Baruch Ha Ba BaShem Adonai
      (Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord )

      End Time Prophetic Vision

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