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      Basket Visions
      Bob Neuman

      there are times when I get very vivid and clear images that pertain to a specific
      issue. yet they do not seem to qualify as a vision because of their length or the
      fact that I get no solid witness in my spirit. I know it is from the MOST HOLY
      SPIRIT but can be quite off the wall and out of nowhere. that is where "these''
      were until last night when it all tied together. so please bear with me a minute as
      I stumble through this.

      a week ago I was watching CNN have a 'town meeting' to build up popular support
      for military action against Saddam Hussein. Sec of Defense Cohen kept repeating
      the phrase "contain Saddam Hussein...", and those 'red flags' suddenly rose up in my
      spirit. and out of nowhere I saw this straw basket, sort of roundish and had a simple
      lid. and without warning it sort of moved. there was something in it. and in my spirit
      I saw a huge king cobra, and I knew it was in the basket. and that was it.
      the comparison of our attempting to contain Saddam was like keeping one extremely
      large and dangerous snake in a straw basket. obvious....
      and when the efforts of Mr. Anin appeared to succeed I again saw the basket sitting
      on the floor in a room crowded with toddlers. and I had the impression that it was a
      real big basket....

      yesterday I heard Sen. Trent LOT complain about the agreement with Saddam and
      he kept using the term "appeasement". once again I saw the basket in the room with
      a lot of "rug rats"....children who were into everything but cannot be accountable....
      and my first thought was that was a big basket with one big do you
      appease it? feed it? and what could you feed Saddam to keep him 'appeased'....
      feed him a child? and then I watched the sides of the basket undulate as the snake
      moved inside. my second thought was 'that's one damned big snake and he won't
      stay long in that basket.....

      all of this seems pretty straight forward....and felt no urge to write it down....and then last
      night in a vision I saw two huge snakes. one was the cobra raised up and swaying, the
      second was a huge constrictor, quietly laying on a perch. and the LORD said: WHAT IS
      THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO? and I waited thinking about them.
      and suddenly I saw a man 'charming' the cobra....swaying in rhythm with the cobra, but
      at a I saw a dancing girl with a snake draped over her shoulders and around
      her body. she was dressed as any belly dancer and her moves were typically provocative.
      and I heard clearly this statement; "WHILE THE WORLD KEEPS THE COBRA AT A
      hard word but true.

      bob in Miami

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