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									Logo Design Names are ways of identifying a person, so how does a company define their identity? The answer would be a Logo Design. Logo Designs assist companies develop a strong corporate identity. Creative concepts works to create that innovative logo design that will differentiate your business from other competitors make you stand out among the crowd to be noticed in a highly-competitive market.

Web design Our Web Design department works closely with the customer to ensure 100% complete customer satisfaction. We use the most innovative software to create the perfect tool that will attract your target audience from around the world. Every page of your website will identify with your business and provide a drawing appealing to your consumer base. Our designing strategies combined with our marketing directions will prove to send your business in the right direction. We are constantly researching innovative and fresh perspectives in today’s economy. We offer High-Quality, Low-Cost and Quick turnaround for every website we build. Marketing Marketing is a specific skill that inhabits the ability to encompass several market demands of today. At Creative Concepts we pride ourselves in being able to target consumers and continuously educate ourselves as to the mechanisms of motivation in today’s economy. In order for business to be successful today, one must stay aware of the competition and their strategies, as well as the changing circumstances that may be necessary to realign a company’s product or strategy. We focus on the following: Product Development Promotion Activities Advertising Sales Promotion Public Relations Marketing Research Business Cards Business Card Design – The first step in marketing your business is letting customers know that you exist. Business Cards are the easiest way of making that first contact with potential customers. As soon as the card is placed in someone’s hand they look at it and judge your professionalism by the appearance of the card. Creative Concepts is experienced in capturing the aura of your business and making that aura relayed to the world. Each card is designed in excellence and the ability to be a portable salesperson. This card is designed with striking graphics to grab the attention first and then provide

information necessary to make intelligent consumer decisions. Our cards are designed to be memorable and speak of your business at the same time New Concepts Have an idea but just don’t know what to do with it? Have a plan but not sure what to execute next? Creative Concepts has the answer. Our New Concepts department has the ability to assist in the steering of your idea to give you a new perspective on your business concepts. There are many ideas from different businesses and many of them have the same target audience. Allow Creative Concepts to give you a fresh new ambiance to your already excellent idea, sometimes it just takes another ‘eye’ to help you see your business in a completely different light! Try us, you will not be ashamed, that is a promise!

Publications Believe it or not there are still people that do not have access to email or internet. Creative Concepts is experienced in handling these consumer types. Although it may seem surreal in 2009 there are some customers that like to be approached the old fashioned way and that is through publications. There is an entire market that can be reached with the right type of literature(flyers, brochures). Our design artists can create unforgettable brochures and flyers that once they are place in customer’s hands they will not be soon forgotten. Brochures and flyers give the consumer a tangible hold on their business decisions.

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