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									University of California Davis
One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616

Executive Board 2007-08
Janet Brown-Simmons
Chair Plant Pathology/Nematology

July 9, 2008

Tracy Lade
Vice Chair Physics

Dave Shelby Assistant Vice Provost Office of the Vice Provost -- Information & Education Technology UC DAVIS ALERT Dear Dave, The ADMAN Executive Board is pleased to endorse the UC Davis Alert System. As you know, ADMAN participated in an advisory capacity in the development of the UCD web-based People Directory, which has been a precursor to the next phase, the implementation of the emergency automated notification system. A system such as UC Davis Alert is imperative to the ability of campus administration to notify the campus quickly in the event of an emergency. We appreciate that the addition of personal information into the campus People Directory is optional, but we will encourage our members to participate and to provide multiple media options via which to be contacted in the event of an emergency. The fact that personal contact information in the system will not be used for any other purpose, campus-related or otherwise, is of high importance and ADMAN recommends this message is featured prominently in the announcements for the new system and in the web pages via which directory information is entered. ADMAN commends the campus administration for involving campus constituents, including ADMAN, in the planning and development of a userfriendly web interface for the People Directory and for a well-organized and comprehensive roll-out campaign of the UCD Alert System. Regards,

Brenda Ruth
L&S Rep, CCFIT Rep DaFIS Steering Committee Rep Psychology

Felicia Smith
Membership/Historian Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

Dee Madderra
CAE&S Rep Plant Sciences

Leslie Young
At Large Rep, SAADAC Rep Library

Tom Mezzanares
CBS Rep, ABOG Rep Plant Biology

Meshell Hays
Engineering Rep, ABOG Rep Computer Science

Joan Learned
Veterinary Medicine Rep VM: MolecularBiosciences

Nancy DeHerrera
School of Medicine / UCDMC Rep Med: Surgery

Janet Brown-Simmons Brenda Ruth
PeopleAdmin Oversight Committee Rep

Tracy Lade Chair, 2008-09 ADMAN


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