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					Letter #5 (Made AYP)

{School/District Letterhead} Dear Parent/Guardian: The federal law called the No Child Left Behind Act requires that schools make progress every year in improving student achievement. This progress is referred to as “adequate yearly progress” or “AYP.” The state of South Dakota has established student achievement targets to determine whether schools have made adequate progress. The school that your child is scheduled to attend in (school year) made adequate yearly progress. This is reason to celebrate! However, the school has to make AYP two years in a row to be removed from improvement status. Because the school receives Title I funding from the federal government, you have some special rights that are explained in this letter. First of all, what is “Adequate Yearly Progress”? Adequate Yearly Progress (or AYP) is the percent improvement each school must achieve in its test scores from year to year. Also, each subgroup of students (grouped by race, language proficiency, disability, etc.) must also meet the targeted level of proficiency on the Dakota STEP test. What can cause a school not to meet AYP? If the school as a whole, or if even one subgroup of students, doesn’t meet the target percent of proficiency on state tests, then the entire school does not meet AYP. Also, if fewer than 95% of students take the tests, or if the daily attendance rate for the year is below 90%, the school does not meet AYP. (Explain what your school’s scores were and how they relate to the state’s goal. Also include the subgroups that did not make AYP) You will also find enclosed a copy of the district and school report card. This information can also be found at Over (percentage)% of South Dakota schools made AYP for 2006-2007 and (percentage)% did not. (number of schools making AYP) out of (total schools) in our school district made AYP. Under NCLB, only Title I schools must offer public school choice after being identified as needs improvement. What are my options now that my child’s school is in school improvement status? You have the option of having your student continue at his or her neighborhood school. The school is working hard in partnership with families to improve academic performance. You have the right to request a transfer to (schools students can transfer to) that has not been identified for “School Improvement.” If the need is greater than the means, priority for transfer will then be given to the lowest-achieving, low-income students. (Either list information about each of these schools or enclose their school reports cards -- parents need information academic and other - about each of the schools their students could transfer to.) How would my student get to a new school? The school district will provide transportation or pay for transportation to the selected school. Also, you should be aware that the district’s requirement to provide transportation for a student to another school stops when the student’s neighborhood school meets its student achievement targets for two consecutive years or when the family moves from the neighborhood school attendance area.

Letter #5 (Made AYP)

What other factors should I consider in making the best choice for my child? Please consider your enrollment options carefully. All of our schools have been working hard to improve student achievement, and your child’s neighborhood school is no exception. In fact, as a Title I school, your child’s school receives additional funding allowing for additional staff and programs. While the district maintains strong programs in all its schools, we are making special efforts to improve schools that have not met the state’s target for the year. (Explain or list some of the effort/programs being implemented in the school) The school to which you choose to transfer your child may not have the additional support programs in place. How can I become involved and help my child’s school? Parent support is essential to our school making AYP. Communicating with your child’s teachers, making sure your child attends school regularly, helping your child with homework, monitoring your child’s television time, volunteering in the classroom, and participating in school decision-making are important to our school’s success. If I would like to apply for a transfer for my child, how do I go about it? The School Improvement Choice application is attached. It is also available at your child’s current school, the district’s administration building information desk, or on the district’s website at (list the website if this is a viable way to get the application). In order for your child to be eligible for transfer for the 2007-2008 school year, completed applications must be received in the office of your neighborhood school by (date). Priority will be given to the lowest-achieving, low-income students if the need for transfers is too great. If you choose to complete a School Improvement Choice application, district staff will notify you regarding the outcome of that application. Until that time, your child should be registered in and attending your neighborhood school. Thank you for your commitment to your child’s education. If you have questions about this letter, please call your neighborhood school’s principal at (phone number). Sincerely, Superintendent, title (The things in parenthesis and italics need to be added or revised by the district.)

Letter #5 (Made AYP)

{School/District Letterhead}


I, _______________________________, wish to make application to transfer my child/children from _______________________________ School under the Title I school Choice option. 1. 2. 3. Student name __________________________ Student name __________________________ Student name __________________________ Grade __________ Grade __________ Grade __________

Parent Name ______________________________________________________ Parent mailing address ______________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Telephone number (home): _____________________ Telephone number (work): ______________________ Choose one school by checking your choice: _______ (name of school) ________ (name of school)

Please return the completed application by (date) to: (Name of person) (Address)

You will be notified of your child’s placement in the new school by (specify a date).

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