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Contact Center Forecasting for Optimism
The efficiency of a call center depends on the optimal use of resources and equipment. This is possible if
we distributed a clear idea of the amount of workload among employees. The effort includes not only
products that are underway, but the project is expected in the near future. Among employees called this
assumptive calculation of work for the next year and the distribution as a future call center.

This prediction is not only a speculative guess. Scientifically derived with the help of various calculations.
These days there are many system management software workforces, which should make the forecast.
But before embarking on the results of this type of software to make your own calculation once. Since
the forecast is the basis for all planning resources? And a team can never keep track and the experience
that you have. We will tell you how short to get accurate predictions in call center. After done with a
pencil, paper, a calculator and a calendar, follow these steps:

Step 1: Obtain and analyze data on

Unless something drastic happens, is likely to continue as a present from the past, present and future is
probably as. So the first step is predicted to see what the last performance of the call center was. This
data must be as many calls from the center on a daily basis to answer basically. The statistics of the
automatic call distribution will tell you those numbers.

If you notice any aberrations, such as volume, dipped call center customer 40% in the last 2 days of the
month, then you should find the reason for this deviation. Let us assume that the reason for this is that
the 2 days were allocated for training in soft skills of the agents Inbound Call Center, and then comment
on this ground on the sheet. Now ask yourself if this is likely to come back for a one-time deviation, or.
Since training will recur, usually once in 3 months, then we need to adjust the call volume accordingly.
And suppose if it's just once aberration, then you should adjust the volume as to take the other days.

The idea is to have data last up to two years to analyze with high precision.

Step 2: Calculate the monthly call volume

With the statistics of the last two years, you can predict the next year. There are a few different
approaches, such as the average point estimate approaches, time series, etc., to help in making these

Stage 3: Plan every day, every hour

Counts In fact, in an environment of 24x7 call center, every minute and every second. But it can be
annoying to predict with much detail. So let's first get the forecast for today. If it falls a trend, as the
weekend double volume, volume, or Monday, then fill maintenance data these trends in mind. And
after conspiring, every day, every hour. Observe trends that show a peak hour volume, and show a

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