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					           Presentation on the major findings of Monitoring Institute on
         implementation of the MDM programme in Delhi ,April 11th 2013.

i.       Name of the Monitoring Institution : Center for       the Study of
        Developing Societies (CSDS), Delhi.
ii. Period of the report : 1st April to 30th September2012
iii .    District’s     Month and date of No of Schools visited
         name           Visit

                                            Primary   DOE        Aided
                                            Schools   (PS&UP
                                            EDMC      S)
         East Delhi     23rd July,2012 to   20        20         03
                        22nd August,2012
         North East     23rd August,2012    20        20         02
           Delhi        to 14th

      Key Items                 Achievements               Critical Points
     (Monitored )
1.    Regularity in   • Fresh   cooked meal given to
     Serving Meal     primary and Upper primary school
                      children on school day in both
                      districts. The meals are cooked at
                      centralized kitchens of MDM

Key Items      Achievements                       Critical Points
(Monitored )
2. Trends      • In East Delhi 89% of primary     •Difference reveals     actual
               and 86% of upper primary school    consumption of meal 7% in
               children had availed meal as per
               MDM register.                      primary and 12% in upper
               • Monitoring institution(MI)       primary in East Delhi and 9%
               observed on visit day 82% of       in primary and 13% in upper
               primary    and 75% of upper        primary in North East Delhi.
               primary school children actual
               availed MDM in East Delhi.
                                                • In 85% schools prepared
               • In North East Delhi 90% of meal card on attendance basis
               primary school and 74% of upper rather than actual meal
               primary     children had availed
               meal as per MDM register .       consumption basis.
               •Monitoring      institution(MI)
               observed on visit day 81% of
               primary 61% of upper primary
               children had actual availed in
               North East Delhi District.

     Key Items            Achievements                 Critical Points
    (Monitored )
3. Regularity   in   •Mid-day meal suppliers    • Suppliers of East Delhi
   Delivering Food   of     Directorate  of Municipal corporation (EDMC)
   Grains and        Education       (DOE)  informed they received food
   cooking    cost                          grains 50days after supplying
                     reported food grains are
    to school/ MDM   delivered to them in   meals in both districts.
   supplier.         advance        in both •MDM suppliers reported
                     districts.             cooking cost is not paid to
                                            them in advance.
                     •Cooking cost payments •Suppliers     are received
                     through    banking     cooking cost about 50-60
                     channel.               days after the supplying
                                            meals to schools.

      Key Items         Achievements                   Critical Points
4.    QUALITY      School      children's    •The quality of puris and Rice was
      &            reported       received   not satisfactory; puris were found
      QUANTITY     average quality and       to be hard; many a time under
      OF MEAL:
                   less quantity of cooked   cooked or over cooked puri and
                   meals as prescribed       rice are served in MDMs.
                   norms by Education        •Nearly 57% of primary and upper
                   Department.               primary school children informed
                                             puris and rice quantity was not
                                               About 52% Children not liked
                                             halwa and black channa.
                                             •     MDM Menu should be
                                             finalized with consultation with
                                             student teacher and Parents and
                                             it should be changed in frequent
                                             School level MDM committee
                                             members/MDM                     in-
                                             charge/principals rarely taste        5
   Key Items           Achievements                 Critical Points
5.Variety of     •The menu prescribes       •Children and teachers also
   meal, Menu    3days rice based and 3days informed that green vegetable
   and MDM       wheat based meals.         was occasionally mixed with
   Logo Display.
                •In 45% Directorate of      Dal and curry.
                Education (DOE) and 55%     •Dal and chhole quality was
                East Delhi Municipal        found poor.
                Corporation     (EDMC)
                schools in East Delhi and   • MDM logo was not displayed
                5% DOE and 45% EDMC         at any EDMC and aided
                in North East Delhi had     schools.
                displayed MDM weekly
                menu on convenient and
                noticeable places.
                •In 20% DOE schools in
                East Delhi and 5% schools
                in North East Delhi had
                displayed MDM logo.
   Key Items             Achievements                   Critical Points

                   • Micro nutrients and de-    • Directorate of Education
6. School Health   worming tablets were given   (DOE) school children's health
    Programme      to East Delhi Municipal      check up and health card
                   corporation primary school   preparation was found slow
                   children's in the last six   pace due to inadequate man
                   months.                      power deployed for the
                   •Directorate of Education    purpose.
                   (DOE) Schools children       • None of aided school
                   covers under Chacha          children were extended health
                   Nehru Health Scheme.         checkup provision.

   Key Items                Achievements                    Critical Points
7. Management    • In 70% Directorate of Education      •None of aided schools
    Monitoring   (DOE) schools in East Delhi and in     received MME funds.
    Evaluation   50% (DOE) schools in North East        •It was observed that
    Fund         Delhi had received MME funds.          funds and materials was
   (MME Fund )
                                                        available in schools was
                 • East Delhi Municipal corporation not used effective for the
                 (EDMC) had centralized purchase        purpose.
                 materials i.e. Plate, bowl, spoon, vim
                 power, soap , green cloth for meal
                 covered in school and kalchi (ladle)
                 etc. The materials were found in
                 schools in both districts.

     Key Items              Achievements            Critical Points
8.SOCIAL EQUITY:   •MI observed no cast, gender
                   or community discrimination in
                   serving ,consuming and seating
                   arrangements in classrooms in
                   any sampled school.

                   •All sampled schools children
                   were served meals in orderly
                   manner .

Key Items            Achievements           Critical Points

9. STATUS OF COOKS   •MDM      suppliers    • Helpers engaged by
  cum Helpers:       appointed to helpers   suppliers were not meet as
                     in schools.            per norms of GOI as enrolled
                     •MI observed all       children in schools.
                     helpers belong to      • Helpers received a meager
                     economically           amount Rs. 500 to 600 per
                     weaker sections.       month as remuneration paid
                                            by suppliers in both districts.
                                            • Cooks and helpers require
                                            training in hygiene and
                                            sanitation in discharge of their
                                            work .

     Key Items              Achievements
    (Monitored)                                            Critical Points

10.Potable Drinking   •It was observed that         • Itis also noticed that
    Water: Source,    sampled schools and           scarcity of water was
    Availability,     centralized kitchens having   found to be a common
                      water connection from Delhi   problem, particularly in
                      Jal Board and bore well and   2nd shift boy's schools.
                      installed RO plants in        Even schools having
                      kitchen.                      bore wells were found
                                                    having irregular water
                                                    availability, especially in
                                                    •Students bring their own
                                                    drinking water from
                                                    • Aqua guards installed
                                                    in    schools     were

     Key Items         Achievements                    Critical Points

11. SAFETY &      It is noticed that in(68%)   • The practice of hand wash
    HYGIENE:      schools had good safety      was found poor in sampled
                  arrangements, and (32%)      primary and upper primary
                  had fair in East Delhi.      schools.
                    In 71% schools good        • This is due to short lunch
                  safety arrangements, and     breaks, teachers' apathy
                  (29%) had fair in North      and water shortage.
                  East Delhi.

   Key Items           Achievements
  (Monitored)                                       Critical Points

12. Community       Awareness levels of     •Parents/community/local body
    Participation   community               members       have found poor
    and             members/Vidyalya        awareness of their roles and
                    Kalyan Samitis (VKS)    responsibilities and entitlements
                    parents about MDM       for MDM as notified by the state
                    served among children   government/local body.
                    were found good .       •VKS/Parents were not involved
                                            during MDM at school.
                                            •Training towards supervision
                                            and monitoring of MDM had not
                                            been imparted to the MDM/VKS
                                            and PTA s.

   Key Items                Achievements                   Critical Points

13.    Management    •On-line Meal card report is   •Standardization of Meal
      Information    sent by Directorate of         card is necessary as now
      System(MIS):   Education (DOE) schools to     different to DMC and DOE
                     Directorate MDM Cell, while    schools.
                     fortnightly  Meal    Card      • In 5 (25%) Directorate of
                     reporting prevails in East     Education (DOE) and 16
                     Delhi Municipal Corporation    (80%) East Delhi Municipal
                     schools.                       (EDMC)             Schools
                                                    maintained cooked meal
                                                    receipt register in East Delhi.
                                                    • In 3 (15%) Directorate of
                                                    Education (DOE) and
                                                    15(75%)      East     Delhi
                                                    Municipal (EDMC) Schools
                                                    maintained cooked meal
                                                    receipt register in North East
                                                    Delhi.                      14
    Key Items           Achievements               Actionable points/
   (Monitored)                                      Critical Points

14. Inspections       In order to address     • MI noticed that, Directorate
    and             schools' MDM issues       of Education(DOE) and aided
    supervisions:   East Delhi Municipal      schools not hold meetings
                    Corporation(EDMC)         with       MDM in-charge at
                    hold      quarterly       District/zonal levels in both
                    meetings with MDM in-     districts.
                    charge at zonal levels    • School Principals informed
                    in East Delhi District.   that meetings with MDM in-
                                              charge/teachers are not held
                                              at North shahadra zone.
                                              •No            specific
                                              suggestions/remarks were
                                              found in any sampled schools
                                              over MDM. Concerned officials
                                              rarely visited during MDM
                                              hours.                      15
    Key Items        Achievements                    Critical Points

15. Impact:      •In 6 (30%) Directorate   • In 30% Upper primary schools   in
                 of Education (DOE) and    East Delhi and 15% primary and
                 in17 (85%) East Delhi     upper primary schools in North East
                 Municipal Corporation     Delhi received less quantity of
                 school(EDMC) schools      meals than present children in
                 in East Delhi             schools.
                 • In 3 (15%) DOE and      •     Aided schools have not
                 in17 (85%) schools        maintained cooked meal quantity
                 have digital weighing     received record on daily basis .
                 machines in North East
                 Delhi for the purpose.

  Key Items          Achievements               Critical Points
16. Record        •MI found that Mid Day •More Nutrient cooked   meal
    Maintenance   Meal programme has should be Provided to children.
    of cooked     helped      improve
    meal in
                  attendance      and
                  children's health in all
                  schools in both districts.

Snap-Supplier was supply meal (Puri and sabjee) alogwith Biscuit at
SBV kalyanpuri on 7.8 2012.

Snap-Helper is serving meal among children at SKV, Geeta Colony, New
Delhi.                                                                 19
Snap-Mid day meal was shortage on MI visit day at SKV J& K Block, Dilshad
garden,New Delhi .

 Snap-Helper is serving meal among children at Govt. girls School, GH Block old
seema puri,New Delhi.

                           Presentation by:

Name                                Dr. Priyadarshani Vijaisri
Official Designation and Nodal      Project Director (SSA&MDM)
Name & Address of the Monitoring      CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF
Institute                            DEVELOPING SOCIETIES (CSDS)
                                      29, Rajpur Road Delhi 110054
Office phone No                     011-23983340


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