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					                      THE WHEEL DEAL
Congratulations! You have passed your road test and now have a valid New York State
Driver's license in your wallet. The time has come to think about buying your first set of

There are lots of questions to ask and decisions to make. Should you buy a new car or a
used car? How is the car you want rated by the experts? Can you afford to buy it or do
you need an auto loan? Last but not least, how much insurance coverage do you need and
how much is it going to cost you?

This project deals with the things that you will need to do to accomplish your goal of car

      Shop for the car that is right for you, either NEW or USED.
       ( )
      Get expert advice about whether it is a good car. ( )
      Find out how much the monthly payments on the auto loan will be.
      Find out what kinds and how much auto insurance you will need as well as how
       much it will cost. http;//

       Each of the words in blue above is actually a link to a web site. So, let's get

           o Step 1: Go shopping. Click on "new" or "used" in the list above. These
             sites will provide the information you will need to complete the "How
             much does this car cost" section of your project worksheet. Make certain
             to print the price information and a picture of the car. Both must be
             attached to the project work sheet.
           o Step 2: Click on "Get expert advice". In this site, you will be able to read
             an expert's opinion of the car you want to buy. If you don't like what you
             read, go back to Step 1. If the expert says its O.K., print the article, attach
             it to your project worksheet and go on to Step 3.
           o Step 3: Before exploring the next site, you will have to decide how much
             of your own money you want to put down as a downpayment. When you
             have decided, click on the words "auto loan" above. Follow the
             instructions in the site and you'll find out how much the monthly payments
             on the loan will be. Print the information and attach it to your project
           o Step 4: Find out about the different kinds of auto insurance you will need
             and how much coverage is right for you. Click on the words "auto
             insurance" and follow the instuctions in the site. Print the information and
             attach it to your project work sheet.
   o   Step 5: Find out how much your car insurance will cost. Click on the word
       "cost." Follow the instructions in the site and print out the results.

Mission accomplished!!!

Hopefully this project has been an eye opener and will guide you in selecting the
car that fits your needs and your budget.

Created by Dorothy Saraceno
Grade: High School; Subject: Consumer Math
May 28, 1998

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