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					                             Dallan B. Pope
                     303 Sweet Ave. Apt #5, Moscow Idaho, 83843
                 Phone: (208)885-6821 – Email:

                   My goal is to continue my career with a dynamic organization where I can
                   expand my engineering capabilities, while simultaneously benefiting the
                   company with my knowledge and experiences.

2002               University of Idaho – Moscow, Idaho
                    Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering
                    Graduation date – Spring 2002
                    Senior Design project – My team worked with Boeing to increase the
                      efficiency and safety of duct production at their Spokane facility. This
                      system incorporated lean manufacturing techniques to increase the
                      productivity of their plant.
                    Senior Lab project - The objective of this project was to investigate the
                      feasibility of using a digital CCD (Charge Coupled Device) camera
                      along with current image filtering software to accurately detect the
                      edge of a forest trail and calculate a heading of the trail such that an
                      autonomous vehicle may use the information to aid in navigation.
1997               North Idaho College – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
                    Associates of Science degree
                    Graduation date – Spring 1997
Work Experience
2001            Siverson Design and Manufacturing - Post Falls, Idaho
                     Worked with SolidWorks and a CNC mill to aid in the design and
                      manufacturing of several high precision components. I was also
                      involved with the prototyping of several parts.
1994 - Present     Energy Products of Idaho - Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
                    Junior Engineer – Worked under the supervision of several
                      professional engineers to complete tasks such as equipment design,
                      mass and energy balances, flow sheets, equipment specifications, and
                      technology research. I also traveled to Green Bay, Wisconsin to aid in
                      the start-up of a Fluidized Bed Combustion System.
                    Drafting – Worked as a design draftsman, using AutoCAD version 12
                      and 14. Designed equipment and layouts of Waste-to-Energy
                      Systems, which included sales drawings, structural, ducting,
                      fabrication, installation, and process flow layouts.
                     Webmaster – Constructed a web page for EPI that highlights the
                      company’s technology and capabilities. The web site can be found at
                     Buying – Bought steel and equipment, was in charge of inventory
                      control, and communicated with venders on issues such as pricing and
                     Shipping and Receiving – Was in charge of loading and unloading
                      trucks, including shipments of entire fluid bed combustion systems.
                      Also responsible for scheduling shipments to meet deadlines, leading
                      teams to load trucks, operation of a 20-ton hydraulic crane, forklift
                      operation, and delivery of products.
                     Fabrication – Gained experience with techniques of welding, steel
                      forming, steel cutting, equipment handling, carpentry, refractory
                      casting, and painting.
                     Earned 99% of my college expenses.
                     Supported a family of four throughout my college career.
                     Commuted 90+ miles to attend the University of Idaho for 2 ½ years.
                     Assisted with the design of several state-of-the-art fluidized bed
                      combustion and gasification systems.
                     Received an award for Outstanding Technical Presentation given on
                      Lean Manufacturing at the 2002 University of Idaho Engineering
                     Received an award for my senior design project at the 2002 University
                      of Idaho Engineering Expo.
                     Volunteered in fundraisers for Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
Computer Skills
                     Engineering Modeling –SolidWorks, ProE, AutoCAD
                     FEA - Grape
                     Graphics Design – Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia
                     Office Applications – Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point: Corel
                      WordPerfect, Quatro Pro, and Presentations.
                     Web Site Design – Microsoft FrontPage 2000, Flash, html encoding.
                     References – Available upon request

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