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									                                                                           GAP Protection
                                                                           Guaranteed Automobile Protection
           Our Commitment To You
We have a vested interest in your complete satisfaction with your total
vehicle buying experience. In fact, that is exactly why this program was
originally developed. Mechanical Protection Plan® (MPP) was developed
in 1979 because many consumers had purchased service agreements from
other companies – only to be mistreated when requesting service or lose
their coverage because the issuer went out of business. We wanted to be
sure consumers had a program that would be there for them when they
needed it the most. We are the Mechanical Protection Plan® (MPP). Your
trusted driving companion since 1979.

         National Claims Assistance:
            Monday - Friday 7:30am – 6:00pm CST
              Saturday 8:00am – 3:00pm CST
The Guaranteed Automobile Protection Program is a Debt Waiver
administrated by MPP Co., Inc. and underwritten by Old United Casualty
Co. (dba Vantage Casualty Co. in California). 8500 Shawnee Mission
Parkway, Merriam, Kansas 66202. In the States where GAP is deemed to be
insurance, the Guaranteed Automobile Protection Program is a Certificate
of Insurance issued by Old United Casualty Company. Please see your
GAP Debt Waiver Addendum or GAP Certificate for full details.

        Use your smart phone to scan this code and visit MPP online.
                                Financial Strength Rating
                                  M    BEST
                                      A Excellent

              Underwritten by Old United Casualty Company

                                                                            Your Trusted Driving Companion Since 1979
                                                                How GAP
                                                                payment works
                                                                Finance Contract Outstanding Balance*                                 $25,000
                                                                Vehicle Actual Cash Value*                                           -$17,500
                                                                Your Total Out of Pocket Obligation                                    -$7,500

                                                                GAP Payment                                                             $7,500
                                                                Your Total Out of Pocket Obligation                                    -$7,500
  Are you sure you have
                                                                Total Owed on Finance Contract*                                               $0
 Full Coverage Protection?
• Are you financing more than 70% of your vehicles MSRP?
• Are you financing any negative equity?                        $25,000           Total amount financed including taxes, title, license, etc.

• Are you financing your taxes?

If you answered “Yes” to any one of these questions…
     You do not have full coverage protection!                                                          Outstanding Balance

                                                                                            30% GAP
    Your auto insurance policy is only obligated to pay the


    actual cash value of your vehicle, not the loan amount in                                    C
    the event of a total loss.                                                                              alu

    Guaranteed Automobile Protection (GAP) gives you
    complete assurance! If your vehicle is deemed a total
                                                                                    1st          2nd              3rd    4th          5th
    loss, GAP helps take care of the difference between what
                                                                                                  Years of Contract
    your insurance company pays and the loan amount.

                                                                *The above examples are for illustration purposes only. In some circumstances
                                                                (such as past due payments, deferred payments, interest charges, delayed insurance
       Protect yourself and get                                 settlement, or other plan limitations) the Guaranteed Automobile Protection may
                                                                not take care of the entire GAP. Programs vary by state. For complete terms and
       Full Coverage Protection!                                conditions, see the Debt Waiver Addendum/GAP Certificate applicable to your state.

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