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THE IDEALEASE STORY - Idealease of Los Angeles


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Full Service Leasing
   Leasing is the vehicle acquisition method of choice for the majority of private carriers. Outsourcing some
   or all distribution functions allows companies to focus more closely on their core business. Leasing also
   allows our customers to conserve capital and address specific balance sheet and tax issues.

   Our customers choose from a variety of services that we can include as part of the full service lease.
   In addition to providing equipment and maintenance, the Idealease Full Service Lease can include fuel
   tax reporting, vehicle washing, licensing services, registration fees, fuel purchasing, and numerous other
   value-added services.

   Also, included with every Idealease Full Service Lease is Idealsafe and Idealnet. Idealsafe, our nationally
   recognized safety and compliance program, serves as your safety and compliance consultant and supplies
   periodic training to your drivers and management. Idealnet, our 24/7 Breakdown Service, insures that your
   vehicles and drivers are only a phone call away from expert support and breakdown assistance.

   For our customers who choose to own their equipment, Idealease provides contract maintenance services.
   By utilizing the Idealease Contract Maintenance program, customers pass all maintenance responsibilities
   to the industry experts. Idealease schedules preventive maintenance intervals, tracks repair history, and
   performs all normal maintenance for the length of the contract. All maintenance is performed at Idealease
   Priority Service locations. Priority Service insures that customers never have to wait in line for repairs.
   Idealease customers are guided to special bays as soon as they reach our service facilities. By eliminating
   costly downtime normally associated with repair facilities, Idealease customers benefit where it counts
   …on the bottom line. Another popular benefit of contract maintenance is its consistent billing structure.
   Customer costs are fixed from month to month, allowing operations personnel the ability to accurately
   forecast maintenance expense far into the future.

   Just like the Idealease full service lease, contract
   maintenance coverage can include some or all of the value
   added services offered by Idealease.

   When companies need additional vehicles to handle peaks
   in demand, or when replacement vehicles are needed,
   Idealrental is a valuable service.

   For large fleets with multiple locations in North America,
   Idealease also offers the Idealease North American Rental
   Program, which standardizes rates and facilitates the
   acquisition of rental equipment throughout North America.

   Rental terms are designed to meet the needs of our
   customers. Vehicles can be rented for one day, or for
   months at a time. Our rental fleet allows customers the
   ability to better manage increases in demand, emergency
   situations, and repair schedules.
   The Idealease National Account Group services North America’s largest fleets. They design and implement
   transportation solutions that fit the specific needs of larger customers. From Full Service Lease to Contract
   Maintenance to Logistics services, the National Account Group uses their experience and resources to
   insure efficient and cost effective transportation for all customer locations.

   National Account customers have unique needs. For that reason, they receive several additional Idealease
   benefits. The following services are designed to ease the burden of managing large fleets.

Central Billing
   Central Billing is our bill consolidation service that provides National Account customers one monthly
   account statement. The monthly statement encompasses all lease and contract maintenance vehicles at all
   customer locations. Central Billing eliminates the costly function of issuing multiple payments to service
   providers. If National Account customers prefer that separate statements be sent to each location,
   Idealease distributes the statements accordingly.

One Contact
   National Account customers have one designated Idealease contact for all locations in North America. The
   National Account contact disseminates information and instructions to all Idealease locations in accordance
   with the customer’s direction. Therefore, the customer only has to make one phone call to establish policy
   or request information concerning all customer locations.

   Idealease recognizes the difficult task of communication of service levels at multiple locations. National
   Account customers rely on Idealease to supply such information. Periodically, local Idealease management
   meets with the customer’s local personnel to discuss the service received. During those meetings, the two
   parties complete an Idealease Service Evaluation. Customer evaluation reports are forwarded to the
   customer’s corporate office for review. Service Evaluations allow the customer’s corporate management
   to be aware of any issues and progress at all locations.

   Because Idealease recognizes that National Account customers have specific needs and requirements,
   resources like those above have been developed to facilitate the job of managing a large fleet. Those efforts
   insure that Idealease National Account customers receive great care and personalized attention at all
   locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
   • Flexible, Customized Programs                        • Central Billing
   • Assigned National Account Manager                    • Transferability
   • Periodic Service Evaluations
   Idealease provides a variety of logistic needs through our Idealogistics department. By partnering with
   some of North America’s most respected logistics service providers, Idealease is able to offer complex
   distribution solutions.

   For example, Idealogistics can manage some or all of the distribution aspects of your business. Dedicated
   contract carriage, driver recruiting and management, routing, and warehousing are a few of the distribution
   functions that Idealease provides to customers.

   Idealogistics representatives work with your customers to design and implement customized programs that
   address unique logistics requirements.

   The goal of the Idealogistics program is to provide customers the optimum combination of equipment,
   warehouse services, personnel, and information technology.The end result is a system that insures efficient
   distribution in the most cost effective manner.

Idealogistics services include these and other valuable logistics management and
support programs:
   • Equipment Leasing                                     • Contract Warehousing
   • Comprehensive Maintenance                             • Transportation Management
   • Breakdown Assistance                                  • Driver Leasing
   • Safety Programs

   Idealsafe provides current and vital safety and compliance services to all Idealease customers.

   Motor carriers are under great pressure to meet federal and state regulations, which often change on a
   daily basis. Idealsafe, through the weekly Idealease Safety Bulletin, updates customers on changing D.O.T.
   regulations and provides recommendations and tips concerning a variety of safety and compliance issues.

   Idealease and the National Private Truck Council work together to conduct safety seminars in several cities
   each year. The seminars are free to Idealease customers and are the transportation industry’s leading
   source for the up-to-date information and training that fleet managers need to assure compliance with
   regulations, pass a D.O.T audit and drive down losses.

   Driver retention is another pressing issue with today’s fleets. Idealsafe helps provide drivers with training,
   performance tracking, and recognition programs that reward safe driving.

   Idealsafe services include:
   • D.O.T. Driver Certification and Facility Auditing     • Alcohol and Drug Testing Programs
   • Auditing of Driver Logs and Documentation             • Risk Management Services
  Idealnet gives drivers 24-hour access to the transportation industry’s premier breakdown service. Idealnet,
  located at the Idealease Corporate Headquarters, is on call 365 days a year to help limit downtime in the
  case of breakdowns and accidents. When Idealease customers call the Idealnet Hotline, Idealnet Service
  Coordinators utilize a database of more than 30,000 contracted vendors to find the closest and most
  efficient repair facility in the breakdown area.

  Every phone call is answered live and digitally recorded to be made available to customers via email when
  requested. In fact, the entire breakdown is documented in real time on the internet. This allows service
  facilities and customers to monitor the process and know the status of their vehicles at all time. At
  Idealease, we know that breakdowns and accidents are facts of life. Idealnet insures that these incidents
  have minimum impact on our customers’ daily operations.

  Idealtax manages the acquisition and reporting responsibilities associated with fuel tax reporting, licensing,
  registration, and motor vehicle reports. Idealtax makes reporting easy, efficient and accurate…a solid
  benefit for customers.

  The Idealease Fleet Services Fuel Card allows our customers to choose from over 43,000 diesel fuel
  locations throughout the United States. The IFS Fuel card is one of the only fuel cards in the industry that
  does not burden the card holder with a transaction fee. Several reporting options allow customers to
  manage their fuel purchasing in the most cost effective manner possible. By combining the IFS Fuel Card
  with Idealtax, Idealease customers can actually eliminate much of the paperwork that comes with tracking
  trip reports and fuel receipts.
  Idealease locations throughout North America share common goals, high standards, and a philosophy that
  puts the customer first.

  Idealease locations are longstanding members of their local communities. Many Idealease locations have
  been servicing the local truck industry for well over fifty years. Because Idealease facilities are closely
  aligned with International® truck dealerships, they have access to millions of dollars of parts inventory and
  the newest diagnostic equipment, as well as the industry’s most proficient certified technicians.

  Idealease recognizes that customers outsource their transportation functions with an expectation of
  increased efficiency. Idealease delivers on that expectation utilizing the benefits of being associated with
  large truck dealerships and guaranteeing all customers Priority Service.

  Priority Service insures that Idealease customers never have to wait in line for service issues. Idealease
  customers are ushered to special priority bays where Idealease technicians immediately start working on
  vehicle repairs.

  Idealease locations employ experts in every area of transportation. They professionally guide their
  customers from the beginning - designing the right truck for the job, to the end of a vehicle’s life - vehicle
  disposal and replacement.

  Because Idealease is able to harness a variety of
  professional resources, our customers see a
  difference in their
  service level and
  their bottom line.
  Perhaps that is
  why Idealease is
  respected as North
  America’s Premier
  Transportation Company.
  • Priority Service
  • The Industry’s Largest
    Parts Inventory
  • Expert Equipment
  • State of the Art
    Maintenance & Certified
  • Truck Disposal Services
  • National Accounts
  • U.S., Canada, and Mexico
Canada                     NEWFOUNDLAND                     Carrier Idealease              Les Camions De L’Outaouais           CAMPECHE
ALBERTA                    Harvey Idealease                 90 Enterprise Drive            164 Jean Proulx                      AMSA Idealease
Rocket Idealease           18 Maple Valley Road             London, ON N6N 1A8             Gatineau, PQ J8Z 1V3                 Av. Gobernadores No. 281
140-15th Avenue            Corner Brook, NL A2H 6E6         519/681-3500                   819/595-6767                         Santa Lucia
Brooks, AB T1R 1C4         709/634-4336                     Woodbine Idealease             Les Locations Rainville              Campeche, Camp C.P. 24020
403/501-5687               Harvey Idealease                 8240 Woodbine Avenue           15 Chemin Dutilly                    981/816-4125
Glover Idealease           88 Kenmount Road                 Markham, ON L3R 2N8            Granby, PQ J2G 6N6                   CHIAPAS
5425 90th Avenue SE        St. John’s, NL A1B 3R1           905/475-6617                   450/378-3943                         AMSA Idealease
Calgary, AB T2C 4Z6        709/745-6910                     Western Toronto Idealease      Location Bristar Idealease           Blvd. Belisario Dominguez No: 6363
403/252-7520               NOVA SCOTIA                      7450 Torbram Road              301 Chemin Lavaltrie, CP 27          Plan De Ayala
                           East Coast Idealease             Mississauga, ON L4T 1G9        Lavaltrie, PQ J5T 4A9                Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chis C.P. 29000
Glover Idealease
                           1 Morris Drive                   905/671-7600                   450/586-0537                         961/617-5050
3836 42nd Avenue
Camrose, AB T4V 4B9        Dartmouth, NS B3B 1K7            Lewis Leasing Idealease        Location Dagenais                    CHIHUAHUA
780/672-7396               902/468-7160                     19 Hewitt Drive                2700 Etienne Lenoir                  Chihuahua Idealease
Diamond Idealease          Metro Idealease                  North Bay, ON P1B 8Z4          Laval, PQ H7R 0A3                    Av. Cristobal Colon No: 11500
17020-118th Avenue         Richmond St. & Cape Breton St.   705/472-7220                   450/625-2415                         Complejo Industrial
Edmonton, AB T5S 1S4       Sydney, NS B1P 6J1               Tallman Idealease              Location Idealease Riviere Du Loup   Chihuahua, Chih C.P. 31080
780/454-1541               902/539-1828                     2716 Sheffield Road            CP 998 375 Temiscouata               614/442-7700
                           ONTARIO                          Ottawa, ON K1B 3V9             Riviere Du Loup, PQ G5R 3Z5          Juarez Idealease
Diamond Idealease
                           Lewis Leasing Idealease          613/741-7854                   418/862-7231                         Av. San Lorenzo No: 450
7809 34th Street
                           76 Maple View Dr. W                                             Location Redmond Idealease           Adicion Oriental
Edmonton, AB T6B 2V5                                        Lewis Leasing Idealease
                           Barrie, ON L4N 9H6                                              8900 25th Avenue                     Ciudad Juarez, Chih C.P. 32340
780/468-3400                                                2100 16th Avenue East
                           705/733-0100                                                    Saint-Georges, PQ G6A 1K5            656/627-1010
Southland Idealease                                         Owen Sound, ON N4K 5P7
4310 9th Avenue North      Tallman Idealease                519/372-0165                   418/228-8005                         COAHUILA
Lethbridge, AB T1H 6N1     77 Bellevue Drive                                               Garage Robert Idealease              Laguna Idealease
                                                            Idealease Peterborough
403/328-0808               Belleville, ON K8N 4Z5                                          9850 Boulevard des Hetres            Blvd. Torreon - Matamoros No: 6550
                                                            1018 Lansdowne Street W.
                           613/966-4800                                                    Shawninigan, PQ G9N 4Y3              Parque Industrial Oriente
Diamond Idealease                                           Peterborough, ON K9J 6Y5
                                                                                           819/539-6417                         Torreon, Coah C.P. 27278
4702 - 62nd Avenue         Carrier Idealease                705/742-3411
Lloydminster, AB T9V 2G2   6 Edmondson Street               Carrier Idealease              Location Inter-Estrie
780/875-2283               Brantford, ON N3R 7J3            1405 Confederation Street      250 Rue Leger                        DISTRITO FEDERAL
                           519/752-5431                     Sarnia, ON N7T 7J7             Sherbrooke, PQ J1L 1M1               Especiales Idealease Tlalnepantla
Rocket Idealease                                                                                                                Sor Juana de la Cruz No: 312
                           Tallman Idealease                519/332-1350                   819/564-6677
2050 S Highway Drive SE                                                                                                         Centro Industrial Tlalnepantla
Redcliff, AB T0J 2P0       2420 Parkdale Avenue             Archer Idealease               Camion International West Island
                                                                                           6500 Chemin St. Francois             Tlalnepantla, Edo de Mex C.P. 54030
403/548-6444               Brockville, ON K6V 3G8           260 Dunkirk Road RR#6
                                                                                           St. Laurent, PQ H4S 1B7              555/565-0300
Glover Idealease           613/345-3668                     St. Catharines, ON L2R 7K6
                                                                                           514/333-4412                         Especiales Idealease Vallejo
6444 - 67th Street         Altruck Idealease                905/685-6532
                                                                                           Location Idealease Amiante           Calzada Vallejo 820
Red Deer, AB T4P 1A1       4149 Harvester Road              Nickel City Idealease
                                                                                           4680 Boul. Frontenac Est.            Industrial Vallejo
403/342-0888               Burlington, ON L7L 5M4           1035 Falconbridge Road
                                                                                           Thetford Mines, PQ G6H 4G5           Vallejo, Edo de Mex C.P. 82300
Rocket Idealease           905/681-6507                     Sudbury, ON P3A 4M9
                                                                                           418/338-8588                         555/333-6002
4801 - 46 Avenue           Altruck Idealease                705/560-6625
                                                                                           Location Pinard                      Mi Camion Idealease Tultitlan
Taber, AB T1G 2A4          120 McGovern Drive               Timmins Idealease
                                                                                           265 Etienne-Dubreuil                 Via Jose Lopez Portillo No. 139
403/223-3563               Cambridge, ON N3H 4R7            1847 Riverside Drive
                                                                                           Vanier, PQ G1M 3K6                   San Mateo Cuahuatepec
                           519/650-3670                     Timmins, ON P4N 7C3
BRITISH COLUMBIA                                                                           418/687-9510                         Tultitlan, Edo de Mexico C.P. 54900
Cascadia Idealease         Waycon Idealease of Chatham      705/268-6199                                                        555/890-3725
93 North Bend Street       700 Richmond Street              Archer Idealease               Location Du Parc
                                                                                           275 Boul. Industriel Est             DURANGO
Coquitlam, BC V3K 6N1      Chatham, ON N7M 5K8              475 Prince Charles Dr. South
                                                                                           Victoriaville, PQ G6P 6T2            Durango Idealease
604/526-9791               519/352-7240                     Welland, ON L3B 5X1
                                                                                           819/758-8271                         Blvd Francisco Villa No: 4010
IRL Idealease              Tallman Idealease                905/735-6661                                                        Agricola 20 de Noviembre
1495 Iron Mask Road        805 Sydney Street                Carrier Idealease              SASKATCHEWAN                         Durango, Dgo C.P. 34235
Kamloops, BC V1S 1C8       Cornwall, ON K6H 5V6             4880 Walker Road               Maxim Rental & Leasing               618/829-2200
250/372-1445               613/933-4425                     Windsor, ON N9A 6J3            475 Henderson Drive
                                                                                           Regina, SK S4P 3C2                   GUANAJUATO
Cookson Motors Idealease   Waycon Idealease of Goderich     519/737-7520                                                        Bajio Idealease Leon
                           33910 Airport Road                                              306/721-9700
1150 Gordon Drive                                           Carrier Idealease                                                   Blvd. Hermanos Aldama No. 4504
Kelowna, BC V1Y 3E4        Goderich, ON N7A 4C7             645 Athlone Place              Bell Lease                           Ciudad Industrial
250/763-2327               519/524-7379                     Woodstock, ON N4S 7V8          2030 1st Ave North                   Leon, Gto C.P. 37179
                           Waycon Idealease of Guelph       519/539-9837                   Saskatoon, SK S7K 2A1                477/740-9090
Cookson Motors Idealease                                                                   306/242-1251
659 Okanagan Ave East      25 Fair Road                     PROVINCE OF QUEBEC                                                  HIDALGO
Penticton, BC V2A 3K7      Guelph, ON N1K 1T3               Nordic Idealease                                                    Gemi Idealease
250/492-0240               519/837-0434                     541 Harricana Ouest            Mexico                               Blvd. Everardo Marquez S/N
IRL Idealease              Altruck Idealease                Amos, PQ J9T 2P8               AGUASCALIENTES                       Carrertera Pachuca - CD Sahun Km 1.5
Hwy 97 North               2 Arrowsmith Road                819/732-3331                   Bajio Idealease Aguascalientes       Pachuca, Hgo C.P. 42080
Vernon, BC V1T 6N2         Hamilton, ON L8E 4H8             Location Pinard                Blvd. A Zacatecas Km: 537.8          771/713-8553
250/545-2381               905/578-2211                     8300 Edison Street             Toques de Alonso                     JALISCO
MANITOBA                   Tallman Idealease                Anjou, PQ H1J 1S8              Aguascalientes, Ags C.P. 20116       Guadalajara Idealease
Maxim Rentals & Leasing    405 Van Buren Street             514/493-8930                   449/972-1222                         Av. Glendale No: 650
501 Middleton Avenue       Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0           Location Garage Lague Ltee     BAJA CALIFORNIA                      Colonial Tlaquepaque
Brandon, MB R7C 1A8        613/258-3467                     2453 Chemin Chambly            Baja Idealease                       Tlaquepaque, Jal. C.P. 45570
204/725-4580               Tallman Idealease                Carignan, PQ J3L 4N4           Calzada Ciudad Del Sol 2200          333/837-0720
Maxim Rentals & Leasing    750 Dalton Avenue                450/658-1756                   Mexicali, B.C. 21147                 Idealease Jalisco
1860 Brookside Blvd        Kingston, ON K7K 6Z3             Location Interloc              686/568-0150                         Periferico Sur 6360 Col. Lamas
Winnipeg, MB R3C 2E6       613/546-3336                     2333 St. Paul Blvd             Baja Idealease                       Del Cuatro
204/925-6510               Altruck Idealease                Chicoutimi, PQ G7K 1E5         3 Oriente 126 Ciudad Otay            Tlaquepaque, Jal. 45527
                           21 Ardelt Place                  418/549-8830                   Tijuana, B.C. 22390                  333/668-5428
East Coast Idealease       Kitchener, ON N2C 2C8            Location Pinard                664/623-4100                         MICHOACAN
100 Urquhart Avenue        519/578-7040                     5360 Rue St. Roch                                                   Dazca Idealease
Moncton, NB E1H 8P9                                         Drummondville, PQ J2B 6V4                                           Madero Sur. No 500
506/862-0030                                                819/478-8186                                                        Zamora, Mich 59600
MORELOS                                      South America                     B.I.T. Idealease               Hanson Idealease               Idealease of Savannah
Mi Camion Idealease Cuernavaca               COLOMBIA                          22409 Thunderbird Place        2332 I-70 Frontage Road        300 Longwood Drive
Paseo Cuauhnahuac 7 Km. 12.5                 Idealease of Colombia             Hayward, CA 94545              Grand Junction, CO 81505       Richmond Hill, GA 31324
Progreso                                     Calle 11, #50-50                  510/264-5260                   970/243-7771                   912/964-5207
Jiutepec, Mor C.P. 62550                     Medellin, Colombia                Idealease of Los Angeles       McCandless Idealease           Idealease of Atlanta
777/320-4944                                 574/360-6161                      3620 E. Florence Avenue        4030 Club Manor Drive          326 South Marble Street
PUEBLA                                                                         Huntington Park, CA 90255      Pueblo, CO 81008               Rockmart, GA 30153
Puebla Idealease                                                               323/560-3882                   718/545-1166                   770/684-0775
                                             United States
Av. Reforma No. 2111                                                           Westran Idealease              CONNECTICUT                    Idealease of Atlanta
Bario de San Matias                          ALABAMA
                                                                               812 W. Washington Blvd.        J.T. & S. Idealease            1031 West Jackson Street
Puebla, Pue C.P. 72000                       Southland Idealease
                                                                               Montebello, CA 90640           130 Brainard Road              Thomasville, GA 31792
222/141-4700                                 214 10th Street South
                                                                               323/728-0111                   Hartford, CT 06114             229/551-0440
                                             Birmingham, AL 35233-1114
QUERETARO                                                                      Idealease of Los Angeles       860/249-8635                   HAWAII
Bajio Idealease Queretaro                                                      11341 San Fernando Road        FLORIDA                        Idealease of Hawaii
Ave. 5 de Febrero No: 9850                   Southland Idealease
                                                                               Pacoima, CA 91340              Sun State Idealease            91-230 Kalaeloa Blvd.
Ampliacion Jurica                            93 Ratliff Industrial Park
                                                                               818/834-6878                   41609 Highway 27               Kapolei, HI 96707
Queretaro, Qro 76150                         Decatur, AL 35601
                                                                               Westran Idealease              Davenport, FL 33837            808/682-8050
442/229-5900                                 256/350-5600
                                                                               3505 Pomona Blvd.              863/424-2411                   IDAHO
QUINTANA ROO                                 Coffman Rental & Leasing
                                                                               Pomona, CA 91768               Wallace Idealease              Lake City Idealease
AMSA Idealease                               4185 Ross Clark Circle NE
                                                                               909/444-2101                   2761 E. Edison Avenue          770 W. Amity Road
Av. Chichenitza No: 12 Z-2                   Dothan, AL 36303
                                             334/794-4111                      B.I.T. Idealease               Ft. Myers, FL 33916            Boise, ID 83705
Super Manzana 57                                                               6100 Redwood Drive             239/334-1000                   208/639-4854
Cancun, Roo C.P. 77500                       Ward Idealease
                                                                               Rohnert Park, CA 94928         Idealease of Jacksonville      Lake City Idealease
998/884-5766                                 2200 Michigan Avenue
                                                                               707/584-1610                   1881 Picketville Road          7011 South 45 West
                                             Mobile, AL 36615
SAN LUIS POTOSI                                                                Charter Idealease              Jacksonville, FL 32254         Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Rafedher Idealease                                                             265 West Mill Street           904/783-9822                   208/529-3140
Blvd. Salvador Nava Martinez S/N             Southland Idealease
                                                                               San Bernardino, CA 92408       Idealease of Miami             ILLINOIS
Zona Hotelera                                1563 Bell Street
                                                                               909/888-7715                   7227 N.W. 74th Avenue          Idealease of Chicago
San Luis Potosi, SLP C.P. 78390              Montgomery, AL 36104
                                             334/832-4102                      Idealease of San Diego         Miami, FL 33166                575 St. Paul Blvd.
444/818-2628                                                                   5255 Federal Blvd.             305/888-0111                   Carol Stream, IL 60188
SINALOA                                      Southland Idealease                                                                             708/865-1700
                                                                               San Diego, CA 92105-5710       Idealease of Orlando
Pacifico Idealease                           3540 Skyland Blvd.
                                                                               619/263-2251                   5221 Hwy. 40 West              Prairie Idealease
Calzada Aeropuerto No: 5777                  Tuscaloosa, AL 35405
                                             205/556-4343                      B.I.T. Idealease               Ocala, FL 34482                606 W. Anthony Drive
Las Flores                                                                     1505 North Fourth Street       352/732-8151                   Champaign, IL 61820
Culiacan, Sin C.P. 81140                     ALASKA                            San Jose, CA 95112                                            217/528-9505
                                                                                                              Idealease of Orlando
667/760-1050                                 Cascadia Idealease                408/453-7802                   4900 N. Orange Blossom Trail   Idealease of Chicago
Pacifico Idealease                           1301 Post Road
                                                                               Idealease of San Diego         Orlando, FL 32810              4655 S. Central Avenue
Adolfo Lopez Mateos No: 2360                 Anchorage, AK 99501
                                                                               160 Industrial Street          407/295-9777                   Chicago, IL 60638
Las Puentes                                  907/279-9591
                                                                               San Marcos, CA 92069           Ward Idealease                 708/496-7501
Los Mochis, Sin C.P. 81220                   ARIZONA                           760/761-0500                   139 Industrial Drive           Prairie Idealease
668/818-6040                                 McCandless Idealease of Arizona
                                                                               B.I.T. Idealease               Pensacola, FL 32505            1605 E. Pershing Road
Pacifico Idealease                           2626 N. 31st Avenue
                                                                               35 N. Amphlett Blvd.           850/474-9301                   Decatur, IL 62526
Carretera Internacional Km 1205 Nte          Phoenix, AZ 85009
                                                                               San Mateo, CA 94401-2902       Idealease of Miami             217/528-9505
Mazatlan, Sin C.P. 82159                     602/233-8080
                                                                               650/344-7192                   3787 Interstate Park Road      Effingham Idealease
669/983-3398                                 McCandless Idealease of Arizona
                                                                               Westran Idealease              Riviera Beach, FL 33404        1701 W. Fayette Avenue
SONORA                                       5102 S. Treat Avenue
                                                                               15555 Valley View Avenue       561/882-9050                   Effingham, IL 62401
Idealease del Noroeste                       Tucson, AZ 85706
                                                                               Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670     Sun State Idealease            217/342-9761
Periferico Sur No. 91                        520/746-1600
                                                                               562/404-1020                   8247 15th Street E.            Idealease of Chicago
Y griega                                     ARKANSAS                                                         Sarasota, FL 34243
                                                                               Donahue Idealease                                             37 W. 459 Keslinger Road
Hermosillo, Son C.P. 83290                   Carco Idealease                                                  941/355-7681
                                                                               2340 Westgate Road                                            Geneva, IL 60134
662/250-5860                                 2721 Midland Blvd.
                                                                               Santa Maria, CA 93455          Ward Idealease                 630/208-8500
TABASCO                                      Fort Smith, AR 72904
                                                                               805/614-0600                   4856 Blountstown Hwy           Idealease of Chicago
AMSA Idealease                               479/441-3200
                                                                               Idealease of Stockton          Tallahassee, FL 32304          211 South Route 83
Carretera Coatzacoalcos - Villahermosa 720   Diamond Idealease                                                850/701-0111
                                                                               1137 S. Stockton Street                                       Grayslake, IL 60030
Villahermosa, Tab C.P. 86140                 807 S. Bloomington
                                                                               Stockton, CA 95206-6579        Sun State Idealease            847/548-2500
993/310-3170                                 Lowell, AR 72745
                                                                               209/944-0909                   8108 N. Hwy 301                Idealease of Chicago-Huntley
TAMAULIPAS                                   479/770-1235
                                                                               Idealease of Modesto/Turlock   Tampa, FL 33637                11921 Smith Drive
Tampico Idealease                            Diamond Idealease                                                813/626-9285
                                                                               5843 N. Golden State Blvd.                                    Huntley, IL 60142
Autopista Tampico-Altamira km.               11401 Diamond Drive
                                                                               Turlock, CA 95382              GEORGIA                        847/669-4047
15.65 2102 KM de la zonia Laguna de la       N. Little Rock, AR 72117
                                                                               209/669-2244                   All Star Idealease             Centre State Idealease
Puerta Altamira, Tam 89600                   501/945-8460
833/224-1301                                                                   Donahue Idealease              1312 Blaylock Street           3313 S.W. Washington Street
                                             Diamond Idealease
                                                                               6551 Ventura Blvd.             Albany, GA 31705               Peoria, IL 61602
YUCATAN                                      143 S.R. 331 North
                                                                               Ventura, CA 93003              229/436-2461                   309/637-8483
AMSA Idealease                               Russellville, AR 72801
                                                                               805/644-3000                   Idealease of Atlanta           Prairie Idealease
Calle 86B No. 646, Av. Juarez                501/967-5800
                                                                               B.I.T Idealease                4675 Bakers Ferry Road         601 N. 4th Street
Centro                                       Idealease of Texarkana
                                                                               130 Lee Road                   Atlanta, GA 30331              Quincy, IL 62301
Merida, Yuc C.P. 97000                       1801 Trinity Blvd.
                                                                               Watsonville, CA 95076          404/699-5571                   217/528-9505
999/984-0290                                 Texarkana, AR 71854
                                                                               831/724-3861                   Mays Idealease                 Idealease of Chicago
                                                                               Riverview Idealease            1357 Gordon Highway            1212 Asche Avenue
Central America                              CALIFORNIA                        2445 Evergreen Avenue          Augusta, GA 30901              Rockford, IL 61109
HONDURAS                                     Gibbs Idealease                   W. Sacramento, CA 95691        706/724-2240                   815/484-4000
Cemcol Comercial Idealease Rent              3535 Buck Owens Road              916/371-3134
                                             Bakersfield, CA 93308                                            Idealease of Atlanta           Prairie Idealease
Km 5, Carretera a al Lima                                                      COLORADO                       1924 Joy Lake Road             401 S. Dirksen Parkway
Barrio Arenales, Sector Calpules             661/327-5222
                                                                               McCandless Idealease           Lake City, GA 30260            Springfield, IL 62702
San Pedro Sula, Honduras                     Westran Idealease                                                404/608-0970                   217/528-9505
                                                                               16704 E. 32nd Avenue
504/559-5899                                 1505 E. 223rd Street
                                                                               Aurora, CO 80011               Idealease of Atlanta           INDIANA
                                             Carson, CA 90745
                                                                               303/739-9900                   4571 North Buford Highway      Brickyard Idealease
                                                                               McCandless Idealease           Norcross, GA 30071             1116 W CR 450 N
                                             Gibbs Idealease                                                  770/300-0611
                                                                               136 Garden of the Gods Road                                   Brazil, IN 47834
                                             2712 South Fourth Street
                                                                               Colorado Springs, CO 80907                                    812/443-0407
                                             Fresno, CA 93725
Selking Idealease           Hawkeye Idealease           Idealease of Acadiana           Wieland Idealease              MISSISSIPPI                 NEW YORK
1850 W. Hwy 224             2420 K-Line Drive           2835 NW Evangeline Thwy.        800 Industrial Drive           Waters Idealease            H.L. Gage Sales
Decatur, IN 46733           Waterloo, IA 50701          Lafayette, LA 70507             Clare, MI 48617                96 East Plymouth Road       121 Washington Avenue Ext.
260/724-2166                319/233-8313                337/234-9425                    989/386-2600                   Columbus, MS 39703          Albany, NY 12205
Great Lakes Idealease       Centre State Idealease      Atterbery Idealease             Idealease of Detroit           662/328-1575                518/456-8871
836 Verdant Drive           16282 Hwy 34                524 Pamco Road                  5701 Wyoming Avenue            Waters Idealease            Idealease of Central New York
Elkhart, IN 46516           West Burlington, IA 52655   Lake Charles, LA 70615          Dearborn, MI 48126             110 Hwy. 35 Bypass          578 Conklin Avenue
219/522-2001                319/753-6539                337/433-0675                    313/584-7090                   Kosciusko, MS 39090         Binghamton, NY 13903
Sternberg Idealease         KANSAS                      Scott Idealease                 Idealease of Flint             662/289-6031                607/724-9125
8950 N. Kentucky Avenue     Dodge City Idealease        1000 MLK Drive                  113 S. Dort Highway            Waters Idealease            Salem Truck Rental
Evansville, IN 47725        2201 East Highway 50        Monroe, LA 71203                Flint, MI 48503-2892           65 Hwy. 19 North            1285 Randell Avenue
812/867-0077                Dodge City, KS 67801        318/338-9336                    810/234-5686                   Meridian, MS 39301-4157     Bronx, NY 10474
Selking Idealease           620/225-4177                MAINE                           Wieland Idealease              601/693-4807                718/328-1616
2807 Goshen Road            Diamond Idealease           Idealease of Maine              215 Hall St. SW                Truck Center South          Salem Truck Rental
Fort Wayne, IN 46808        346 N. James Street         2239 Odlin Road                 Grand Rapids, MI 49507         412 Highway 49 South        5001-2nd Avenue
260/482-3000                Kansas City, KS 66118       Bangor, ME 04402                616/241-4656                   Richland, MS 39218          Brooklyn, NY 11232
Idealease of Greensburg     913/621-1988                207/942-6753                    Schultz Idealease              601/932-3400                718/492-8600
1026 N. Lincoln Street      Roberts Idealease           Idealease of Maine              1400 South Stephenson Avenue   Idealease of Tupelo         Salem Truck Rental
Greensburg, IN 47240        1944 “A” North 9th Street   42 Wallace Avenue               Iron Mountain, MI 49801        1005 International Drive    9505 Avenue “D”
812/663-7111                Salina, KS 67401            South Portland, ME 04106        906/774-8900                   Tupelo, MS 38801            Brooklyn, NY 11236-9022
Brickyard Idealease         785/827-0336                207/775-6328                    Great Lakes Idealease          662/844-1161                718/649-8400
5730 Fortune Circle West    Diamond Idealease           MARYLAND                        3001 East High Street          MISSOURI                    Regional Idealease
Indianapolis, IN 46241      500 East 10th Street        Idealease of Baltimore East     Jackson, MI 49204              Diamond Idealease           2425 Walden Avenue
317/247-6631                Topeka, KS 66607            4901 East Lombard Street        517/783-2721                   3120 E. Cairo               Buffalo, NY 14225
Wiers Idealease             785/235-8711                Baltimore, MD 21224             Great Lakes Idealease          Springfield, MO 65802       716/681-5750
510 S. 500 East             Roberts Idealease           410/276-7373                    5316 Wynn Road                 417/831-9181                Champlain Leasing
Lafayette, IN 47905         5549 Chuzy Drive            Idealease of Baltimore          Kalamazoo, MI 49003            Archway Idealease           61 West Service Road
765/448-9950                Wichita, KS 67219           1800 Sulphur Spring Road        269/345-2183                   3701 Chouteau Avenue        Champlain, NY 12919
Wiers Idealease             316/838-7500                Baltimore, MD 21227             Idealease of Detroit           St Louis, MO 63110          518/298-3835
1631 W. Market Street       KENTUCKY                    410/247-5700                    31758 Enterprise Drive         314/773-3900                Regional Idealease
Logansport, IN 46947        Mountain Idealease          Furlow’s Idealease              Livonia, MI 48150              NEBRASKA                    1007 Lehigh Station Road
574/722-5656                5037 Route 1428             208 Market Street               734/422-1850                   Cornhusker Idealease        Henrietta, NY 14467
Selking Idealease           Allen, KY 41601             Cumberland, MD 21501            Wieland Idealease              3131 Cornhusker Highway     585/359-2011
3801 E. McGalliard Avenue   606/874-2051                301/759-9000                    274 W. Sherman Blvd.           Lincoln, NE 68504           Idealease of Central New York
Muncie, IN 47303            Tri-State Idealease         Del-Mar Idealease               Muskegon, MI 49444             402/466-8461                213 Terminal Road
765/282-2276                191 Parker Avenue           1300 W. Pulaski Highway         231/733-2157                   Cornhusker Idealease        Liverpool, NY 13088
UHL Idealease               Bowling Green, KY 42101     Elkton, MD 21921                Wieland Idealease              2601 E. Omaha Avenue        315/701-3090
635 Park East Blvd.         270/843-9031                410/620-4300                    3165 Wolf Road                 Norfolk, NE 68701           Salem Truck Rental
New Albany, IN 47150        Bluegrass Idealease         Idealease of Frederick          Saginaw, MI 48601              402/371-1440                196 Merrick Road
502/271-4123                101 Triport Circle          1301-A East Patrick Street      989/755-7907                   Cornhusker Idealease        Lynbrook, NY 11563
UHL Idealease               Georgetown, KY 40324        Frederick, MD 21701             Idealease of Detroit           502 E. Walker Road          516/599-0693
13450 Highway 135 NE        859/252-3512                301/663-6262                    23508 Groesbeck Highway        North Platte, NE 69101      Salem Truck Rental
Palmyra, IN 47164           Mountain Idealease          K.Neal Idealease                Warren, MI 48089               308/532-3200                58-80 Borden Avenue
502/271-4110                1404 New Highway 80 East    18970 Woodfield Road            586/771-6760                   Cornhusker Idealease        Maspeth, NY 11378
Wiers Idealease             Hazard, KY 41701            Gaithersburg, MD 20879          MINNESOTA                      4141 S. 80th Street         516/599-4093
2111 Jim Neu Drive          606/439-2323                301/258-7788                    Interstate Truck Leasing       Omaha, NE 68127             Hudson Valley Idealease
Plymouth, IN 46563          UHL Idealease               Idealease of Hagerstown         1900 Sorensen Road             402/331-8807                70 Windsor Highway
574/936-4076                4300 Poplar Level Road      12835 Salem Avenue              Albert Lea, MN 56007           NEVADA                      New Windsor, NY 12553
Great Lakes Idealease       Louisville, KY 40213        Hagerstown, MD 21740-3564       507/373-0653                   McCandless Idealease        845/562-0532
4849 W. Western Avenue      502/451-8360                301/790-2200                    Astleford Idealease            3780 Losee Road             Idealease of Plattsburgh
South Bend, IN 46619        Mountain Idealease          K.Neal Idealease                12541 Dupont Avenue            N. Las Vegas, NV 89030      4365 Rt 22 N
574/289-5531                205 US Hwy 25 East          5000 Tuxedo Road                Burnsville, MN 55337           702/642-8789                Plattsburgh, NY 12901
IOWA                        Middlesboro, KY 40965       Hyattsville, MD 20781           952/894-9200                   Idealease of Sparks         518/561-6770
O’Halloran Idealease        602/248-2588                301/772-5111                    Maney Leasing                  2255 Larkin Circle          Healey International Trucks
3311 Adventureland Drive    Bluegrass Idealease         Barco Idealease                 3204 Carlton Street            Sparks, NV 89431-1680       2 Taylor Avenue
Altoona, IA 50009           50 Mary Beth Lane           2407 North Salisbury Road       Duluth, MN 55806               775/685-6030                Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
515/967-3300                Somerset, KY 42501-3066     Salisbury, MD 21801             218/624-4855                   NEW JERSEY                  845/452-3600
Hawkeye Idealease           606/679-9486                410/742-3099                    Frazee Idealease               Freedom Idealease           Salem Truck Rental
2740 - 6th Street, S.W.     LOUISIANA                   Idealease of Central Maryland   32717 County Road 10           1922 River Road             191 Cabot Street
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404      Timmons Idealease           821 Baltimore Blvd.             Frazee, MN 56544-0158          Burlington, NJ 08016        West Babylon, NY 11704
319/364-2491                7605 Coliseum Blvd.         Westminster, MD 21157           218/334-3711                   609-499-5400                631/454-7888
Hawkeye Idealease           Alexandria, LA 71303        410/848-7400                    Fox Idealease                  Salem Truck Rental          NORTH CAROLINA
3665 W 83rd Street          318/448-6211                MASSACHUSETTS                   503 North Hwy 59               650 Commercial Road         Adams Idealease
Davenport, IA 52806         Timmons Idealease           Patriot Idealease               Marshall, MN 56258             Carlstadt, NJ 07072         3510 Jeff Adams Drive
563/326-4002                8008 Airline Highway        340 Mystic Avenue               507/532-5718                   201/372-0600                Charlotte, NC 28206
Hawkeye Idealease           Baton Rouge, LA 70815       Medford, MA 02155               Astleford Idealease            River Street Idealease      704/596-3500
1656 State Hwy 9            225/923-3450                781/396-2707                    3000 Broadway N.E.             600 South River Street      White’s Idealease
Decorah, IA 52101           Twin State Idealease        J.T. & S. Idealease             Minneapolis, MN 55413          Hackensack, NJ 07601        1701 N. Williams Street
563/382-8761                3385 Old Minden Road        268 Park Street                 612/378-1660                   201/641-2000                Goldsboro, NC 27530-1856
Idealease of Dubuque        Bossier City, LA 71112      W. Springfield, MA 01090        Fox Idealease                  Mid-Atlantic Truck Center   919/736-3860
1190 Roosevelt Extension    318/752-2340                413/732-2191                    13067 US Highway 71            525 Linden Avenue West      White’s Idealease
Dubuque, IA 52001           Southland Idealease         MICHIGAN                        Sanborn, MN 56083              Linden, NJ 07036            7045 Albert Pick Road
563/557-8170                3699 West Park Avenue       Wieland Idealease               507/648-3811                   908/862-8181                Greensboro, NC 27409
Great Plains Idealease      Gray, LA 70359              3550 US 23 South                Maney Leasing                  NEW MEXICO                  336/668-0491
2601 Bridgeport Drive       985/876-3000                Alpena, MI 49707                375 - 33rd Avenue South        Roberts Idealease           White’s Idealease
Sioux City, IA 51111        Southland Idealease         989/356-3464                    Saint Cloud, MN 56301          1623 Aspen Avenue NW        1924 Brentwood Street
712/252-3637                1001 Edwards Avenue         Wieland Idealease               320/251-9511                   Albuquerque, NM 87107       High Point, NC 27260
Fox Idealease               Harahan, LA 70123           430 E. Midland Road             Nelson Leasing                 505/217-3434                336/889-2121
2808 4th Avenue West        504/818-1300                Bay City, MI 48706              2700 SE Hwy 12                 Idealease of Las Cruces     Raleigh Idealease
Spencer, IA 51301                                       989/755-7907                    Willmar, MN 56201              1670 S. Valley Drive        1531 S. Blount Street
712/262-7644                                                                            320/235-2770                   Las Cruces, NM 88005        Raleigh, NC 27603-1531
                                                                                                                       505/541-4259                919/832-2873
Lilley Idealease                Jel Idealease                Tri-County Leasing           TENNESSEE                    Santex Idealease                Cascadia Idealease
1816 S. Weslayan Blvd.          431 Richmond Street          1575 Ferndale Avenue         Lesco Idealease              4300 Hwy. 90 East               1509 S. 22nd Street
Rocky Mount, NC 27803           Painesville, OH 44077        Johnstown, PA 15905          2601 - 8th Avenue            San Antonio, TX 78219           Yakima, WA 98901
252/977-3460                    440/352-0731                 814/288-1551                 Chattanooga, TN 37407        210/337-0500                    509/452-5515
Lilley Idealease                Idealease of Toledo          BCI Idealease                423/622-2141                 Longhorn Idealease
103 East Blvd.                  5320 US Route 20             134 Old Oxford Valley Road   Volunteer Truck Rental       6043 N. General Bruce Drive     WEST VIRGINIA
Williamston, NC 27892           Stony Ridge, OH 43463        Langhorne, PA 19047          626 Airways Blvd.            Temple, TX 76501                Mountain Idealease
252/792-4192                    419/244-9541                 215/750-2704                 Jackson, TN 38301            254/778-3648                    US 16 South
Triple-T Idealease              Power City Idealease         Noerr Idealease              731/422-3411                 Price Idealease                 Beckley, WV 25005
2715 Hwy 421 North              7277 Northfield Road         700 US Highway 22            Landmark Idealease           5033 US 271                     304/253-3366
Wilmington, NC 28402            Walton Hills, OH 44146       Lewistown, PA 17044-0587     4550 Rutledge Pike           Tyler, TX 75708                 Mountain Idealease
910/763-0411                    440/439-1475                 717/248-5429                 Knoxville, TN 37914          903/597-9363                    800 Coal Heritage Road
White’s Idealease               Idealease of Cerni Motors    Del-Val Idealease            865/546-9781                 RGV Idealease                   Bluefield, WV 24701
1700 Highway 301 South          5751 Cerni Place             1034 Bethlehem Pike          Diamond Idealease            1501 E. Expressway 83           304/325-8116
Wilson, NC 27893-3817           Youngstown, OH 44515         Montgomeryville, PA 18936    1750 E. Brooks Road          Weslaco, TX 78596               Mountain Idealease
252/291-0131                    330/652-9917                 215/641-5800                 Memphis, TN 38116            956/447-4584                    408 Goff Mountain Road
NORTH DAKOTA                    OKLAHOMA                     Five Star Idealease          901/345-6275                 R.L. Anderson Idealease         Cross Lanes, WV 25313
Nelson Leasing                  Roberts Idealease            1294 Strickler Road          Diamond Idealease            1131 Sheppard Access Road       304/776-5600
1716 Revere Drive               1645 West Reno               Mount Joy, PA 17552          1850 E. Brooks Road          Wichita Falls, TX 76304         Mountain Idealease
Bismark, ND 58501               Oklahoma City, OK 73106      717/492-0046                 Memphis, TN 38118            940/322-7845                    I-64 at Exit 175
701/223-7676                    405/235-1308                 Freedom Idealease            901/348-2722                 UTAH                            Lewisburg, WV 24901
Nelson Leasing                  Frontier Idealease           6601 New State Road          Cumberland Idealease         Lake City Idealease             304/536-2000
4235 W. Main Avenue             1023 N. Garnett Road         Philadelphia, PA 19135       1511 Elm Hill Pike           964 South 3800 West, Bldg B     WISCONSIN
Fargo, ND 58103                 Tulsa, OK 74116-2002         215/338-9025                 Nashville, TN 37210          Salt Lake City, UT 84104        Idealease of Central Wisconsin
701/282-2817                    918/438-2000                 Hunter Idealease             615/367-9453                 801/977-9333                    514 4th Street
OHIO                            OREGON                       350 Poplar Street            Tri-State Idealease          VERMONT                         Abbotsford, WI 54405
Power City Idealease            Brattain Idealease           Pittsburgh, PA 15223         920 West Main Street         J & B Leasing                   715/223-6361
2697 Gilchrist Road             1720 Fescue St. SE           412/781-2800                 Union City, TN 38261         51 Hercules Drive               Idealease of Northeast Wisconsin
Akron, OH 44305                 Albany, OR 97321             Five Star Idealease          731/885-9302                 Colchester, VT 05446            4249 West Converters Drive
330/798-0600                    541/928-3324                 1846 North 5th Street        TEXAS                        802/655-1000                    Appleton, WI 54915
Truck Sales Leasing             Brattain Idealease           Reading, PA 19612            R.L. Anderson Idealease      VIRGINIA                        920/996-4642
1700 Shepler Church Avenue SW   61320 Nels Anderson Road     610/374-4914                 1002 E. Highway 80           Goodman Idealease               Idealease of Central Wisconsin
Canton, OH 44706                Bend, OR 97701               Hunter Idealease             Abilene, TX 79601            17020 Patrick Henry Highway     1107 W. Clairemont Avenue
330/580-6800                    541/389-3850                 100 Hunters Way              325/677-3393                 Amelia, VA 23002                Eau Claire, WI 54701-6105
Miami Valley Idealease          Doran Leasing Company        Smithfield, PA 15478         Roberts Idealease            804/561-2141                    715/835-6211
11783 Reading Road              40275 Clark Lane             724/564-4292                 4354 Canyon Drive            Idealease of Tri-Cities TN-VA   Idealease of Northeast Wisconsin
Cincinnati, OH 45241            Pendleton, OR 97801          Five Star Idealease          Amarillo, TX 79109           3415 Lee Highway                611 Hansen Road
513/733-8510                    541/276-5515                 2751 McCoy Street            806/355-9771                 Bristol, VA 24202               Green Bay, WI 54304
Power City Idealease            Brattain Idealease           Williamsport, PA 17701       Longhorn Idealease           276/669-0311                    920/499-6200
13960 Brookpark Road            13101 N.E. Whitaker Way      570/494-1400                 4711 E. 7th Street           Highway Motors Idealease        Badgerland Idealease
Cleveland, OH 44135             Portland, OR 97230           Five Star Idealease          Austin, TX 78702             3185 N. Valleypike              3411 Bell Street
216/267-2272                    503/255-1684                 2818 W. Market Street        512/389-3891                 Harrisonburg, VA 22802          Janesville, WI 53545
Center City Idealease           Brattain Idealease           York, PA 17404               Southwest Idealease          540/434-6716                    608/754-8195
4200 Currency Drive             61 NE Columbia Blvd.         717/792-2277                 3722 Irving Blvd.            K.Neal Idealease                De Bauche Idealease
Columbus, OH 43228-3802         Portland, OR 97211           RHODE ISLAND                 Dallas, TX 75356             10025 Richmond Highway          535 Fanta Reed Place
614/876-3500                    503/285-9300                 Coastal Idealease            214/637-2356                 Lorton, VA 22079                La Crosse, WI 54603
Miami Valley Idealease          Brattain Idealease           2 Szydlo Drive               Idealease of El Paso         703/550-3613                    608/781-8840
7655 Poe Avenue                 1150 Hawthorne Avenue N.E.   W. Warwick, RI 02893         12283 Rojas Drive            Powell’s Idealease              Idealease of Madison
Dayton, OH 45414                Salem, OR 97303              401/784-3060                 El Paso, TX 79936            13260 Wards Road                3116 Commercial Avenue
937/898-3660                    503/581-1446                 Coastal Idealease            915/858-4644                 Lynchburg, VA 24501             Madison, WI 53714
Defiance Truck Idealease        Brattain Idealease           17 O’Keefe Lane              Southwest Idealease          434/821-5935                    608/246-5880
1100 Carpenter Road             1075 International Way       Warwick, RI 02888            1901 Pharr Street            Tidewater Idealease             Idealease of Central Wisconsin
Defiance, OH 43512              Springfield, OR 97477        401/784-3060                 Fort Worth, TX 76102         1146 Ingleside Road             2100 East 29th Street
419/784-5563                    541/747-2112                 SOUTH CAROLINA               817/336-0783                 Norfolk, VA 23502-5609          Marshfield, WI 54449-0753
Hill Idealease                  PENNSYLVANIA                 Carolina Idealease           Idealease of Houston         Idealease of Richmond           715/591-2591
47866 Y & O Road                Five Star Idealease          2580 Oscar Johnson Drive     9222 Wallisville Road        3064 North Boulevard            Badgerland Idealease
East Liverpool, OH 43920        2131 Hanover Avenue          Charleston, SC 29405         Houston, TX 77013            Richmond, VA 23230              11000 W. Silver Spring Road
330/386-6440                    Allentown, PA 18103          843/747-3040                 713/675-3465                 804/353-5555                    Milwaukee, WI 53225
Idealease of Lima               610/433-5167                 Carolina Idealease           Idealease of Houston         Highway Motors Idealease        414/353-4800
1120 Lima Avenue                Hunter Idealease             1619 Bluff Road              14201 Hempstead Highway      1814 Hollins Road               Badgerland Idealease
Findlay, OH 45840               174 Oneida Valley Road       Columbia, SC 29201           Houston, TX 77041            Roanoke, VA 24012               W 5241 County Hwy. KK
419/224-6045                    Butler, PA 16001             803/799-4948                 713/690-3212                 540/344-4488                    Monroe, WI 53566
Truck Sales Leasing             724/282-0641                 Carolina Idealease           Twin State Idealease         Highway Motors Idealease        608/328-8171
85 E. Longview Avenue           Ridge Rentals                350 East Campground Road     3016 S. Eastman Road         259 Tyson Drive                 Idealease of Central Wisconsin
Mansfield, OH 44905             1231 West Ridge Pike         Florence, SC 29506           Longview, TX 75602           Winchester, VA 22603            2531 Plover Road
419/522-9811                    Conshohocken, PA 19428       843/393-5887                 903/758-3351                 540/665-6447                    Plover, WI 54467-0345
Truck Sales Leasing             610/277-2000                 Carolina Idealease           Roberts Idealease            WASHINGTON                      715/344-2931
1301 Pike Street                Hunter Idealease             2520 South Highway 14        4510 Avenue A                Truck Leasing & Rental          Idealease of Northeast Wisconsin
Marietta, OH 45750              101 E. Main Street           Greer, SC 29651              Lubbock, TX 79404            2920 Grand Avenue               1695 East Green Bay Street
740/373-1081                    Eau Claire, PA 16030         864/848-0050                 806/763-8213                 Everett, WA 98206               Shawano, WI 54166
Hill Idealease                  724/791-2525                 SOUTH DAKOTA                 Southwest Idealease          425/258-2691                    715/524-3171
311 Center Street               Hill Idealease               West River Idealease         2105 N. Central Expressway   Husky Idealease                 Badgerland Idealease
Martins Ferry, OH 43935-1775    300 Alton Hill Drive         2530 Deadwood Avenue         McKinney, TX 75069           13123 - 48th Avenue South       1008 S. Sylvania Avenue
740/633-3011                    Eighty Four, PA 15330        Rapid City, SD 57709         972/569-8181                 Seattle, WA 98168               Sturtevant, WI 53177
Truck Sales Leasing             724/222-8680                 605/343-7575                 Witt Idealease               206/433-2800                    262/884-1300
3429 Brightwood Rd.             Five Star Idealease          Great Plains Idealease       4406 W. Highway 80           Husky Idealease                 Idealease of Central Wisconsin
Midvale, OH 44653               6100 Wattsburg Road          4511 North Cliff Avenue      Midland, TX 79703            824 North Thierman Road         6335 Packer Street
740/922-3412                    Erie, PA 16514               Sioux Falls, SD 57104        432/697-2241                 Spokane, WA 99212               Wausau, WI 54401
Truck Sales Leasing             814/825-6150                 605/336-3820                 R.L. Anderson Idealease      509/928-6300                    715/845-2244
100 Cleveland Road              Five Star Idealease                                       617 North Bell               Cascadia Idealease              Idealease of Central Wisconsin
Norwalk, OH 44857               1810 South 19th Street                                    San Angelo, TX 79603         2312 Milwaukee Way              2921 Highway 13 North
419/668-1644                    Harrisburg, PA 17105                                      325/655-7187                 Tacoma, WA 98421                Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
                                717/986-1500                                                                           253/572-8256                    715/424-2300
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Idealease has built its reputation in the transportation industry by showing our customers a better way to make
cost effective transportation decisions. Our goal is to play an important role in increasing our customers’
profitability and efficiency.

Since 1982, Idealease has steadily grown into one of North America’s most respected transportation companies.
Today, Idealease provides a full spectrum of transportation services. Our service portfolio includes truck leasing,
contract maintenance, commercial rental and logistics services. In addition, Idealease provides value-added
services such as fuel tax reporting, safety and compliance training, 24-hour roadside assistance, and a variety of
purchasing programs.

Our extensive North American coverage includes over 400 locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
Our customers range from small, local businesses to North America’s largest companies. Both local and national
customers benefit from more than $400 million in parts inventory, up-to-date diagnostic technology, and
unsurpassed expertise in vehicle spec’ing and maintenance. The Idealease Advantage is evident in our numbers.
Idealease services over 45,000 trucks, tractors and trailers throughout the continent.

The Idealease Story is a story of growth and success. Our corporate philosophy is simple. Our customers are
our business partners, and Idealease is dedicated to providing them with cost effective transportation solutions.

Many companies offer transportation services, but only Idealease is able to offer a full spectrum of
transportation services throughout North America. Whether your company is interested in full service leasing,
commercial rental, contract maintenance, or logistic services, Idealease can show you a better way to meet all
of your transportation requirements.

                 For more information about Idealease transportation services, call or write us today.
                 430 North Rand Road, North Barrington, IL 60010
                 847-304-6000, www.idealease.com

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